4 thoughts on “Does the "Shanghai Celebrities", which has become more and more recent, exist?”

  1. I don't know if everyone has found that there are more and more rich people now. Perhaps it is not as developed by the Internet before. Now we just see what we have not discovered before. Let's talk about the incidents of "Shanghai Huayuan Group" together.
    This TV series "Thirty Thirty", repeatedly rushed to the hot search, what made me remember is that Gu Jia was out of the photo because he did not memorize his brand bag. These two things. Art comes from life and is higher than life. It turned out that something that was even more surprising than TV happened in reality.
    baby also got hot search, just because of the problem of the picture of the photo. Everyone said that the original star is just the most inconspicuous position in the top lady circle in Shanghai. Of course, BABY also explained the incident, saying that it was just to eat with good friends, and she and her friends were very simple. What we want to talk about is the "ladies" things. When talking about shopping, we are the most familiar to a shopping app. I believe that many people have heard of this software even if they do not buy things on this software. Simply put, it is cheaper for everyone to fight together. However, the "Shanghai Celebration Group" is a brand -name brand, the price is spread, and things are used together. It only takes a few hundred dollars to enter such a group, enjoy brand names, and enjoy life. Speaking of which, it is not possible to do so, you can enjoy what you ca n’t enjoy before.
    The talk about this, I have to be surprised by their wisdom. It turns out that as long as the number of people is enough, the brand is very close to us. This is also a relatively fresh idea. You can try it. I remember the most outrageous thing to share a stockings, although this stockings are famous names. In fact, these things are also normal, and everyone occasionally buy things. It's just that this group is not just such a thing.
    does not exaggerate the "Shanghai celebration group" but just swollen face. Are you a lady in this group?
    It can talk to the people on the upper level, have you become friends? In fact, only this name and them feel that they are ladies. In fact, she is still her. This circle has not changed, and even the "interested" people gathered together. No matter how serious, I actually lost my friends.

    The real ladies, I think most of them are as everyone thinks: knowledge, noble, elegant, not sticking to those external items.
    The "ladies" in the group mostly think about how to find a rich "friend" and how to show their rich life in the circle of friends. Will this be "lady"? There is only one answer.
    The a female guest said that in many years ago, a female guest said: I would rather sit in the BMW and cry, nor would I sit on a bicycle and laugh. There is actually a long time. A few years ago, I often heard that there are houses and cars when they get married. Now, there will be many short videos that girls will be materially material.
    It this kind of video is difficult to say whether it is good. To say that it is not good, it feels that it will affect other people. Perhaps the person who has not planned to do this did because of such videos, or it might think more because of this video. It's hard to say right or wrong. It's really difficult to distinguish between true and false.
    Actually, I think the "Shanghai celebration group" is just a microcosm of social phenomena. However, again, there are more and more women who are now independent.
    If various industries will have girls like girls.
    It is like Dong Mingzhu of Gree Group, "Queen with the goods" Wei Ya, CCTV famous host Dong Qing, and Nobel Tu Yu, who won the Nobel Prize in the 21st century, and so on. These things are countless. The incident of "Shanghai Landscape Group" also tells us to a certain extent that what we see is not necessarily true. Maybe you see someone else's all kinds of luxury accessories, but you don’t know exactly what this thing belongs to. To some extent, some people's pressure was reduced. Maybe this is what is blessed by blessings, and the blessing of blessing.

  2. I think it is true, because life is like a play, the drama is like life, and many things on the Internet come from life.

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