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  1. The development of the Internet has brought new retail models, and online shopping has become an indispensable part of modern people's lives. In recent years, e -commerce has developed rapidly in my country. At first, major comprehensive e -commerce platforms have solved the difficulty of consumers' "where to buy". Today, the rise of vertical e -commerce, live e -commerce and short video content e -commerce has begun to be in beauty. The industry solves the difficulty of consumers' "what to buy". Blogs personally get started to experience various brand products and grow grass to viewers.
    The makeup e -commerce companies use every trick, whether it is Douyin, Kuaishou and Taobao live sale, or the shared grass of Xiaohongshu has attracted a large number of loyal users. As the consumer army of generations gradually occupy the market, the development of beauty e -commerce companies will be more diversified, and the addition of capital has made the development potential space for beauty e -commerce enlargement.
    Stime makeup e -commerce industry's main listed companies: Li Renli Makeup (605136), Yiyang Yichuang (300792), Ruo Yuchen (003010)
    Core data of this article: Chinese beauty e -commerce penetration rate, penetration rate, The size of the Chinese make -up market, the sales of the entire network of China ’s entire network
    -diversified development of the form of beauty e -commerce, the epidemic promotes the" live broadcast "to the next level
    in 2020, a sudden epidemic has broken the epidemic situation. The rhythm of everyone's life has also forced many living habits to turn into "online". This dark sky has changed many industry formats and formed a new retail model. As a result, e -commerce in my country has entered a new stage of development; form. In fact, my country's live broadcast goods were founded and used by Taobao as early as 2016. Video Amway appeared on video websites such as Station B a few years.
    Ir than the rapid development stage of the mobile Internet, and the changes in streaming media forms in the 2020 epidemic, and the changes in streaming media forms have now become one of the hot sales methods of various platforms. The rapid growth of medium to become a young but much watched format. From the perspective of categories, cosmetics are important sales categories of live broadcasts. Industry analysts believe that live broadcast help cosmetics category continues to grow high.
    -"Black Swan" stretch online consumption, increased the penetration rate of beauty e -commerce
    The "black swan", which has greatly changed people's lifestyle, affecting people's consumption Way. Can't go out to make consumers watch videos and live broadcasts at home, especially since 2019, the rise of social media e -commerce and beauty -related KOLs, e -commerce of beauty products provides consumers with more convenient and widespread options for consumers Essence
    2020 2020 sales sales have reached high, of which Tmall's sales exceeded 490 billion yuan, and JD sales exceeded 270 billion yuan. Star map data shows that Double 11's full -network beauty sales were 15.4 billion yuan, an increase of 38%year -on -year; Chinese consumers have turned the "retaliation" consumption of the later period of the epidemic to the e -commerce platform.
    The first comprehensive e -commerce platform solved the difficulty of consumers' "where to buy". Now the rise of vertical e -commerce, live e -commerce and short video content e -commerce has begun to solve consumers "buying The difficulty of what "what" bloggers personally experienced various brand products and plant grass for viewers. According to data released by Euromonal, the penetration rate of e -commerce channels in my country has also steadily increased from 10%in 2012 to 32%in 2019.
    -"Yan value Economy" has increased demand for the beauty market. E -commerce solves the difficulty of supply and demand
    In the era of "face value", Volkswagen's attention to appearance and face value increased. Product demand to improve appearance also increases. As the consumer army of generations entered the market, these powerful demanders have accelerated the growth of my country's protection and cosmetics industry. According to data released by Euromonatte, my country's makeup market has continued to grow. From 181.4 in 2012 The 100 million yuan increased to 59.62 billion yuan in 2020; and the growth rate increased by more than 30%for two consecutive years before the epidemic attacked the global economy.
    In the analysis of iResearch research, in recent years, the number of beauty brands in the industrial industry operating industry in China ranks first, followed by the number of services for clothing and 3C home appliances, which has a significant lead in other categories. In addition to the demand for beauty brought by the "face value economy", the increase in beauty e -commerce also solves the difficulty of buying products and helping the brand for promotion because of the beauty e -commerce company. The demand for makeup e -commerce is increasing.
    The service demand for beauty e -commerce is the highest due to: First of all, there are many brands and mixed brands in the market today, and many domestic products have also emerged. In the past two years, domestic cosmetics have already made a place in cheap cosmetics. , Domestic and foreign brands are competing for the cake of the beauty market, and the competition is fierce;
    is because of the diversification of cosmetics products and the rapid update speed, and the market depends on the iterative speed of the product. It is not high and belongs to the consumables. If the quality of the product itself passes, the repurchase rate of this product is easier to reach. These reasons have created the rapid development of Chinese makeup e -commerce.
    In relevant data of the industry, please refer to the "Analysis Report of the Market Prospect Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Planning of the New Retail Industry in China".

  2. The 01 House epidemic has spawned the "home economy", and various industries moved their business to online to start the "fancy cloud construction". It is worth mentioning that during the recovery period of warm spring, under the orderly re -production and re -production of the country, the consumption popularity of the "home economy" affected by the isolation of the epidemic home is still unreasonable. Consumption recovery, the shopping cart released the positive signal first.
    "House Economy" has a live broadcast.
    In the latest data released by Taobao, facial essence, lotion cream, beauty body, hand cream, body care, hair cleaning and other categories have increased significantly.
    The number of transactions brought by the live broadcast to merchants increased by more than 160%year -on -year. In March, the newly launched merchants increased by nearly three times year -on -year, and live broadcasts increased by 190%year -on -year.
    At present, live broadcast e -commerce is undoubtedly a high purchase conversion rate, which has become the most popular model. Beauty has gradually become the largest penetration category of Internet celebrity e -commerce.
    02 Under the impact of the epidemic, consumers' self -care consciousness is constantly stimulated, and the awareness of maintenance has continued to improve. Skin care, makeup, sun protection, individual care and other products are moving towards the direction of "maintenance". The Kaidu Consumer Index pointed out that consumers' demand for nursing skin care this year will be more prominent, and the demand for skin care products that mainly do skin health and stability will increase faster.
    The skin care makeup is becoming more popular, injecting the skin care concept into makeup, adding plant extraction essence, essential oil, Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, antioxidant ingredients and other skin care to the makeup. New trend of consumption.
    Ali's mother released the "Four Industry Consumption Trends: Re -Reading Consumer" insight report pointed out that consumers also have more and more delicate demands for makeup products. The year -on -year increased by 187%.
    At the same time, the demand for skin -based sun protection continues to grow, and the market has begun to take shape. Tmall International United Kaido Consumer Index released the "Decoding Chinese Consumer New Sunscreen Age" report states that the growth rate of skin care products in 2019 is significantly growth, with a value growth rate of 19%, which is two times the overall growth rate of sun protection categories. Essence
    The new middle production is the core consumer group of skin -based sun protection. Moisturizing and moisturizing is the basic appetite of skin care, and the growth rate of anti -aging demand is the fastest.
    The washing market is being upgraded to the maintenance market. The concept of "skin care" type has penetrated hair care. Consumers' scalp care steps have become more detailed, as well as healthy scalp health like the skin of the facial skin. Shampoo has ushered in the revolution in recent years, and has opened the era of amino possis.
    03 Cardon epidemic enhances consumers 'self -health awareness, and the new theme of "healthy" adults' lives. The new generation of consumers is highly sensitive to health, and began to seek comfort from self -care and health, hoping to gain strength from it.
    The pursuit of physical and mental health will continue to affect beauty and personal care categories, especially those products that can help consumers to achieve their skin health goals.
    es more and more consumers advocate natural health. Beauty nutritional products have advantages in safety, health, and naturalness. The trend of consumption upgrades of categories is obvious, and its strength cannot be underestimated! The demand for oral beauty is gradually diversified, and anti -sugar, wrinkles, and anti -aging have become the top category of consumption growth in anti -aging products.
    At the same time, "food supplement" beauty health products are quickly seizing the shopping cart after 90/95, and the younger generation is becoming the backbone of the oral beauty market.
    Tmall justice and Super ELLE launched the "Large Disposal Disposal Scenes of the Early Period of the 95th". Sugar pills and so on.
    04 Since the epidemic, consumers are looking forward to "recovery", longing for "healing", and enjoying the healing time of self -reward. Personal care has become a good way for consumers to decompress, and products that can relieve tension under the epidemic are favored.
    Peng Minte shared the point of impact on the epidemic situation on the consumer market: During the period of fighting the epidemic, consumers would urgently need to seek the happiness of life. Consumers will spend more time to care for themselves, such as doing a delicate skin care at home and so on.
    At the same time, people's "skin care rituals" are moving from the face to the whole body. Necks, hands and arms, legs, feet, and back ... Local care becomes more refined, and the skin care project of contemporary exquisite youth extends to all details of the whole body. Categories such as neck cream, body scrub, and hand and foot film are detonating the market. Young people have fully opened a new era of the entire step of body care!
    The reciprocating tide, the charm of lipstick, eye makeup, nail polish and other products remains unabated. On social media, topics such as "mask makeup", "re -work -hearted makeup", and "half -face makeup" have become popular discussions.
    05 Light streamlined life brings good, innovation and opportunities. After the epidemic, "light life" became a new trend advocated by people, and also brought some "subversion" to beauty. The complicated skin care process is "falling out" and streamlined skin care at the time. The increasingly rational consumers realize that "minimalist skin care" is no longer just a superficial skin care process. Behind the complexity into simple, it means faster, safer, and more effective.
    INING's prediction in "2030 Global Beauty and Personal Nursing Trends" predicts that simplifying skin care and carefully selected products to encourage consumers to streamline the process of slow beauty will occupy the upper hand.
    The concept of "zero waste" is deeply rooted in people's hearts. This epidemic has made consumers aware of the awareness of ecological environmental protection. As Yingmint pointed out that in 2030, the products and services should focus on zero waste claims that the concept of "zero waste" in product composition will be replaced by zero waste, and even the concept of "zero waste" will be favored by consumers.
    The Japanese Shiseido Group will officially launch a sustainable high -end skin care brand BAUM on May 30. This brand will focus on the "power of trees" and based on the concept of "symbiosis with nature". More than 90%.
    In addition, in terms of product packaging, the brand will also use renewable wood to implement its sustainable theme. Picture (the brand focuses on natural environmental protection, focuses on "the power of trees", and promotes the sustainable concept of "coexisting with nature".)
    In the cosmetics industry, the momentum of sustainability, green, and environmental protection is becoming strong. More and more consumers are willing to pay for morality or value, asking brands to make practical changes, and many brands that have promised to reduce environmental hazards by re -considering their packaging or production processes are praised.

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