5 thoughts on “How to do the curtain business?”

  1. To do a good job of curtain business, promotional activities are the most effective way, and it can also increase the turnover.
    Maising activities include special promotion, festival promotion, store celebration promotion, new project promotion promotion, etc.
    The precautions for promotion:
    The products that cannot be used for promotions with poor products, it is best to use products suitable for different sections as promotions. Do not use good products and services for promotion. It is best to use the product with inventory backlog or the advantages of neighboring stores to do special promotions for the disadvantaged project of your own store.

    The curtain fabric shop must design the image of the store and the atmosphere of the store in accordance with the characteristics of the area in the area to cater to the local consumers. The purpose of enjoyment.

    The decoration and layout of the curtain fabric shop should first have its own characteristics. Often, it is your distinctive attracting customers; secondly It feels like a guest.

    Finally, the clerk's neat dress, polite talks, rich professional knowledge, etc. are very important.

  2. It is best not to consider the saturated industry, such as catering, clothing bags, and these people. It is better to meet the needs of young people. After all, young people are the main consumer groups, and this group of people is large. If you open an animation store in the city of commercial streets, it is okay to open an animation store in the city.
    The anime store has become the choice of many entrepreneurs. They fancy the huge market and infinite potential of the animation industry. Many young people want to use small capital to open the road of entrepreneurship. This is impossible in the traditional industry. It is difficult to stand up in the face of fierce competition without a large amount of funds. Small capital can be done.

  3. I just came from the curtain-Sosou online school, and now I am selling and selling it. If you have any questions, go to the curtain network to search for search. 1 Beautiful price! 2. Binding sales, reaching sales consensus with other building materials providers and furniture vendors to achieve win -win ~! 3. To make activities, you need to make a characteristic. The Indo -Symposciences also need to sell on -site sales in many places in the crowd.

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