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  1. Wuxi Baoneng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is located in the hinterland of the Chinese Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the largest stainless steel distribution center in China. It is the core agent of Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Zhangjiagangpu Xiang, Shanghai Baosteel Group, and has established long -term strategic partnerships with large domestic and foreign steel factories such as Jiu Steel, Lianzhong Ningbo Baoxin, Qingshan Holdings Fujian Hongwang, Delong, Dongte and other large steel mills. The product covers all series of stainless steel.
    The company specializes in sales, processing and technical services for stainless steel products. The main operating materials are 201, 304, 304L, 304D, 310S, 309S, 316L, 2205, 2507, 904L and 400 series. At the same time, our company introduces first -class processing equipment, which can be cut, grinded, machine processing, welding, molding and other processing methods, which can meet customers' diverse processing requirements.
    This of our deep -rooted stainless steel industry for 12 years, and has formed its own brand characteristics, and is entering a brand new stage of strategic development. We seek truth and pragmatism, forge ahead, establish enterprises with sincerity, and believe in strong enterprises. In the concept of "the market is the sea, the enterprise is the ship, the quality is the sail, and the person is the helmsman", starting from the "heart", serving the majority of customers.

  2. Stainless steel pipe decorative pipe manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Foshan, Guangdong
    The seamless pipes are concentrated in Wuxi,
    The Liaocheng in Shandong.
    This is mainly a few distribution sites, there are too many manufacturers, there is no way to list,
    If it is stainless steel decoration pipe manufacturer, I recommend Foshan Fuhang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. 18022 721783

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