How to build an emerging industrial cluster with a complete industrial chain and a complete supporting system

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  1. 1. Build an industrial system, strengthen cluster development
    The composition of the modern industrial system is independent, but an industrial cluster with a sound industrial chain, a complete professional collaboration mechanism, and a strong competitiveness. Joint development, and there are three more industries to promote each other. Strengthening industrial agglomeration and development, the first is to realize the association and combined development of various industries in the county. Leading industrial production technology is advanced, with a high growth rate, and a strong industrial correlation, it has a strong role in the development of other industries and the entire regional economic development. The development of other industries should actively do a good job of professional division of labor and collaborative facilities in accordance with its own characteristics, combine the guidance of the leading industry, extend the industrial chain, and form mutual support and support industrial clusters. The second is to achieve the coordinated development of various industrial parks. The modern agricultural industrial park is the basic link of cluster development. Industrial agglomeration areas and professional industrial parks are the key points of cluster development. The business center district is the strategic focus of cluster development. The coordinated and balanced development of various industrial parks can strengthen the connection of three industries. Form the industrial development pattern of mutual promotion, interaction and complementarity. The third is to achieve the development of low -carbon environmental protection in various industrial parks. Adhere to the primary position of ecological environmental protection in the development of industrial development, and take the goal of "building ecological livable counties" as the requirements and standards of work, forming a long -term mechanism for optimizing economic development, and forming a consensus of the whole society to participate in environmental protection.
    . Optimize the investment structure and improve quality and efficiency
    In recent years, the county's fixed asset investment in our county has always maintained a rapid growth trend. The investment growth has remained above 20%. Essence Due to the rapid growth of many years, the total investment is close to the total GDP, the upward space of investment increase is narrowing, and the continuous growth pressure is displayed. Therefore, the adjustment of the investment structure must be promoted to improve the economic and social benefits of investment. The first is to optimize the investment structure. Accelerate the construction of a strategic emerging and high -tech industry system, and accelerate the cultivation of emerging high -tech industries into a leading industry and pillar industry. Taking the industrial industrial agglomeration platform as the carrier, vigorously develop high -tech industries such as biology, medicine, and new materials. Taking the service industry industrial agglomeration platform as the carrier, guide social investment to the tertiary industry, and develop productive service industries such as finance, modern logistics, research and development, e -commerce, law, consultation, accounting, etc. Consumer services such as leisure. Taking the agricultural industry agglomeration platform as the carrier, accelerate land transfer, extend the production and processing chain of agricultural products, and improve the benefits of land production. The second is to promote the progress of project construction in each agglomeration area, and to grasp the production and production of the completion of the project. Accelerate the early work of key projects, implement the construction conditions, strive to start construction as soon as possible, and start the withdrawal mechanism for the long -term dragging project. Adhere to the implementation of the enterprise to track the service system, solve problems, actively support, promote the project in the project as soon as possible, achieve production, and transform investment into productivity and economic and social benefits as soon as possible.
    . Pay attention to scientific and technological development, strengthen innovation driver
    The as a key to economic and social development with the profound changes in economic growth methods and the key to competition development between regional competition. The improvement of industrial level and competitiveness must rely on scientific and technological progress, improvement of labor quality, and management innovation, and to solve the elemental, structural contradictions and problems of economic development with scientific and technological innovation. The first is to guide enterprises to increase investment in technological innovation, support enterprise construction research institutes, engineering technology centers, and various R

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