Excuse me: Apply for drivers in Liuzhou?

I live in Liuzhou and have a driver's license. I want to apply for a driver and do n’t know how to apply?

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  1. 1. Log in to Shunfeng Driving Website
    The click "Driver Registration", familiar with the entry introduction process.
    2, online registration
    Click "Online Registration", fill in the registration information and submit the registration form. (After the online registration is submitted, if the review is approved, the notice will be received within 3 working days.)
    3, learning training materials
    Click "Training Information" to study related information carefully. After the online examination
    , after receiving the notice of the online registration review, you can click "Online Exam" to enter the online test system. The system will generate a test paper nearly 40 questions, and all answers can only pass the exam. If you do not pass the questions repeatedly until you pass.
    5, interview and scenario simulation and road test
    , the company will notify the interview and the road test in the form of a telephone or SMS, and apply for the employment.
    6, the Certificate:
    1 ID card, driver's license, 1 -inch photo.
    7, please be careful and dress up, you need to take photos of your mobile client. Single and driver -related items and installation of driver's software and activation.
    *The materials required for employment: ID card, driver's license, 1 inch photo, self -provided system 4.0 or more Android phone.
    This is the online registration process of Shunfeng. You can refer to it.

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