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  1. Learning professional recommendation selection [Dane Education]. The agency is committed to the IT Internet industry to cultivate workplace talents such as software development engineers, test engineers, UI designers, online marketing engineers, and accounting. If you are interested, click here, learn free

    Dane Education Group is a comprehensive education group that spans the field of science and technology quality education and [IT Vocational Education]. Educational services such as vocational empowerment, integration of production and education, and school -enterprise cooperation. In the public welfare undertakings, Dane Education Group's physical strength, from the "warm winter project" of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 to the "Sunshine Plan" in 2011, and then to the "Spring Plan" for the smooth employment of college graduates during the New Crown epidemic in 2020, Dane Education Group has always adhered to the original intention of education, assumed corporate social responsibility, and is committed to allowing more people to get high -quality education services.

    In the relevant information about software testing agencies, recommend consultation [Dane Education]. The Dane Education Group lasted a year and cost tens of millions. It launched the innovative teaching model of "teaching according to their aptitude, grading and training". The direction of the same course, facing different audiences, provided employment, training, and only three -level teaching courses. "Teaching and grading of excellence" in differentiation "Differential teaching mode allows every student who comes to Dane to find a course that suits them. Dane IT training institutions, listening to the quota for a limited time.

  2. In the past ten years of Internet dividends, countless miracles have been born in the IT industry. The following is that all IT companies at home and abroad have become higher and higher. Position. Compared with other positions such as development, operation and maintenance, and products, the test has the characteristics of low entry threshold, relatively small pressure, good income, and high development potential. But even so, it is not to say that you can find a training institution (such as the Peking University Bird) on the outside now, and you can go to the job and employment. The current Internet companies, regardless of the large field or small field, are experiencing a cold winter. Recruitment testers are also more cautious. As a 12 -year software test engineer, I suggest that you can start from several aspects, and you may not really need to report to the training institution.

    The occupational interest in cultivating software tests
    Peter people feel that it is done simply to find BUG. It needs to master a lot of knowledge and skills. Some people feel very boring at work, and some people think that work is troublesome. Without this career development interest, I advise you not to enter.
    The tests need to master all aspects of technical skills
    Peter people say that I am not a developer and do not need to learn programming. Some people say that I am not a product manager and there is no need to understand the needs. Only by mastering more technology and business knowledge can we better play in the test work and find out more hidden bugs. Therefore, it is important to learn at least one programming language. Wait, only by mastering technology and business, so as to add weight to your employment.
    The test requires more project experience
    In the training institution, at most, it is only to learn some seemingly important technical skills, but the practicality is limited, especially the project experience is lacking. When recruiting, it is more important to be the interviewer's project experience. Therefore, friends who want to enter the industry are advised to find the opportunity to go to a regular company for internship, accumulate some project experience, learn from other people's management experience, technology, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, business, and business Knowledge, this may have the opportunity to be left, even if you cannot be left, you can add project experience and increase your employment probability to yourself.

  3. 1. It is important to choose a good training institution. Before that, it was best to consult a few training institutions to listen to their trial lectures, and comprehensively evaluate the lecturers, environment, actual combat and other aspects. It will make you achieve more effort.
    2. Each training institution may also be different in terms of time and expenses. There may be some closed classes of zero, or there may be some weekend classes. Those who want to switch to career may focus on issues such as time, cost, and learning effects.
    3, lecturer level. The lecturer is the soul of the training course, and in a broad sense, it is called an engineer of the human soul. Training is a process of spreading and transformation of knowledge and skills. The level of conversion rate mainly depends on the level and ability of the lecturer. Students first recognize and respect the teachers in order to be interested in the content of the teacher. It will become possible.
    4, professional ability. A good training institution needs a solid and solid professional and technical ability, and has long -term experience in training. In order to have a specialized attack in the surgery industry, give students more professional technical teaching, and obtain corresponding returns in future study and work.
    5, management. The reason why students apply for class to study is that on the one hand, they want to obtain professional technical teaching, and on the other hand, the study of class can restrain themselves well. This is essential for students with relatively poor self -control. Essence Therefore, the management level of a training institution is also one of the essential conditions for evaluating an institutional level.

  4. See if you want to do software test training or third -party software evaluation.
    It third -party software assessment, Zhuo Code software evaluation is good. You can do project acceptance testing, results identification test, product confirmation test, and test services for customers to deploy various complexity system testing environments in the company.

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