4 thoughts on “The industries in Chengdu are the best now”

  1. The IT industry

    Cuchroma has a cost advantage. Although the house price in Chengdu has a well -spraying trend after the purchase restriction policy, the basic housing prices are still within 20,000, and rental housing has many advantages compared to coastal cities. The software outsourcing industry is a talent gathering industry. It requires a large number of programm apes and code farmers, product design, product testing and other personnel. If these personnel must work properly, they must first solve the problem of survival and life. The cost advantage is relatively obvious.

    Congdu has industrial advantages. In recent years, Chengdu has spent a lot of effort in the introduction of software projects and software talents. Ant Financial, byte beating, Tencent, iQiyi, OPPO, Shang Tang, FACE , and other Internet giants have settled in Chengdu; local star companies; local star companies Hundreds of words, truck gangs, 23 Rubik's cubes, etc. are also booming; there are also powerful traditional industry research and development centers, Huawei, H3C, China Power Department ten, China Power Department, 30 Australian and New Banks, EMC, also, also Choose rooting Chengdu. The industry advantage originated from the industry advantage and originated from the leading role of the vanguard. It is believed that under the influence of these star companies, the Chengdu software outsourcing industry will have more room for expansion.

    It Chengdu has geographical advantages. As Chengdu's second airport settled in Jianyang, Chengdu, it is also known as Chengdu Tianfu New District, and Chengdu's geographical advantage is more obvious. As a major town in western my country, Chengdu is trying to open up the land passage-Rongou High-speed Railway, and the air corridor-Rongou route. The steady stream of talents and items will realize the interoperability between Chengdu and Europe. Chengdu, as a bridgehead, has a unique advantage.

  2. Chengdu is currently in the electronic information industry, biopharmaceutical industry, chemical chemical industry, furniture and shoe manufacturing industries, animation and media industries, convention and exhibition industries, aerospace industry, and tourism and catering industry, and steadily laid out Chengdu as the top ten as China as China. The status of the city and the status of the central cities in the western region.

    The main industries in Chengdu. Electronic information, machinery (including cars, aerospace), food (including tobacco), medicine, metallurgy building materials, petrochemical industry.

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