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  1. Does the courier franchise fee or a contract fee or part of the delivery fee, different express brands, different regions, different regions, different franchise bosses, different policies, different franchise fees and parts fees, specific negotiations between the two parties! If you sign a franchise contract with the courier headquarters or the courier branch, you do not collect the franchise fee (because the more distribution of the outlets), only the deposit (risk prevention and control), there are parts fees, and the subsidy policy of different regions is different! Different investment size in the area! Seeing how to do express, many people earn money in the express delivery industry, and many people lose money! Be sure to know the industry yourself!
    The note of franchise courier companies: 1. Most private express delivery is the franchise mode (except SF and JD Express as a direct business), and the franchise is divided into signing contracts with regional contractors and signing a joining contract with the headquarters or branches; 2 The interval is like a mountain, and there are many express expressways; the internal management punishment of the 3, 4, 4, and 1 express company are very strict. It is very detailed and the fines are very heavy; 6. 6. Great payment funds are large, because big customers are all monthly knots; 7. Whether joining express delivery is worth investing in the main factors: good express brands (national outlets, large customers are guaranteed), good regions (there are a large number of Taobao customers or customers or Corporate customers, universities, wholesale cities), courier, and management; It is difficult to make; , Late work (the headquarters access);
    Texing the courier company to Ganji.com or the people's network, 58 website to see the local joining recruitment information! Or go to the official website of each express brand to check the person in charge of each area responsible for recruiting joining, call to consult the franchise area and the franchise policy!

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