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  1. Introduction: Modern catering industry, fierce competition, how to succeed in competition is a question of everyone. As the saying goes, state -owned national laws have family rules. In order to improve the overall level of catering management, provide all employees with hygiene, assured, comfortable, and high -quality dining environment and atmosphere, maintain and ensure the health of employees, and formulate this system.
    Mades to operate management 1. Special dishes, the kind of unforgettable type;
    2. Decorative style, characteristics, is different; It must be formal and neatly dressed;
    . If the geographical location is good, you can make some articles at the door to increase people's visual impact; if it is not good, do more advertisements
    5. Examination Competitors, establish files, learn their propaganda methods and dishes promotion methods.
    Mades to operate management 1. Positioning of market operation
    Market research and analysis, establish a restaurant place, first conduct market survey and do a good job of market positioning. Because both consumers of these two business markets are not the leading of the catering and consumer market, after the number of meals is determined, the "Market Operation Plan" should be formulated before catering operations, and the following matters should be considered. Position.
    1. Local diet habits: Including: the raw materials and ingredients of the dishes are purchased. Locals' requirements for dishes, acceptance of production methods, and price acceptance capabilities.
    . The form of dining personnel; what kind of state is the consumption structure of the local consumer market, it is a business banquet or public fund consumption or a family banquet.
    . The layout of the dining environment, because after a few years ago, after the "SARS", people have more demand for the dining environment, especially whether the air circulation, dining space and daily cleaning of dining environment have sufficient measures.
    . The traffic method of dining staff; this point is particularly important, and it also determines the location of the geographical location of a restaurant to be conducive to consumers' convenient dining.
    In summary, it shows that a restaurant can only meet part of the customer needs. It must analyze its own ability conditions, analyze the local market's threatened competitors to the restaurant, and carefully determine which class of the customer leading group of this restaurant is the restaurant. Essence
    . The layout of the operating venue
    In the above factors, the venue of the operating venue must be deployed. When the layout, the content of the work must be considered:
    1. The equipment of the kitchen equipment Configuration and dining position ratio;
    2. Sanitary epidemic prevention facilities, equipment configuration;
    3. Cooperation of kitchen cauliflower and floor service;
    . water, electricity, lighting Introduce and control;
    . The personnel of the personnel
    The or not, the restaurant industry is successful. After the hardware has become a final game, it depends on the manager of the restaurant. The restaurant should organize personnel at all levels after determining its own business positioning and the layout of the venue. How to make the restaurant operate? This is an employment problem. Employers must first formulate employment plans to choose and use them with their purpose. Formulate a manpower and organizational structure suitable for this restaurant. The content is:
    1. Each employee has its own job name, rank, cooperative personnel, work responsibility scope, work quality standards;
    The affiliation relationship and the implementation of the working method of the responsible system are implemented in a step -by -step report;
    3. The wages and income of each position and the corresponding incentive mechanism;
    . Establish a strict training plan, Including daily training and planning training;
    5. The concepts of external customers and internal customers must be correctly established. Internal customers are the front -line employees who directly serve guests. As management and second -line departments, they serve internal customers (first -line employees). After the work of "internal customers" services, we can do a good job of external customer service.
    6. It is necessary to fully understand the significance of 80 and 20 theories to the catering industry. That is, 80%of the profit is generated from 20%of products; 80%of the problem is from 20%of employees; 80%of management (operation) suggests from 20%of managers. Therefore, it is necessary to operate a good restaurant depends on 20%of managers and 20%of good products. To this end, the industry is mainly authorized to 20%of managers. First of all, it is necessary to share information with managers, including cost, gross profit, cost and market share, so that managers can make more constructive suggestions. Secondly, there must be a limited authorization, that is, within a certain scope, under what circumstances, managers at all levels can determine the problems that occur on the disposal without having to ask for instructions in advance. Of course, to report afterwards to explain the situation and the effects after disposal.
    . Management system
    The management system for catering is the life of a restaurant. Today's society is the era of knowledge economy, and management is increasingly valued by enterprises. The level of management directly affects the operating efficiency of the restaurant. Therefore, "management of benefits" is the last word. When formulating the daily management system, the following three matters should be focused on.
    1. Human resources: including: employment system, salary system, incentive system, etc.;
    2. In terms of business sales: including sales objects, promotion methods, dishes characteristics, service characteristics, innovation requirements;
    3. Financial costs: including procurement systems, cost control methods, and asset management systems;
    The really achieve "everyone has positions, do things with a basis, goals, and work benefits" according to the above three points. "
    . Operation
    The operating in the catering industry usually has the following seven aspects, namely: operating income, direct operating costs, human and human resources costs, energy costs, equipment maintenance costs. Whether the restaurant's operation is favorable, Guan Jian is the performance of the management of the first six aspects of management. And doing a good job of business operations is an important key to whether catering can succeed.
    In the formulation of the operation plan, it is necessary to conduct an effective comprehensive investigation of the catering market in the region in advance, and obtain the first -hand detailed information based on the above content. Then calculate the business guarantee point of the restaurant to formulate various operating indicators such as operating income indicators, cost indicators, profit index, and various business indicators such as actual business income indicators, cost indicators, profits indicators, and profit.
    6. In terms of marketing and promotion
    1. Establish popularity, increase the influence and credibility of the restaurant in the local catering market
    To achieve a "crazy bombardment" promotional offensive on the local media, after a period of time, it can regularly organize some public welfare promotions or publicity activities. Such as: condolences to the local garrison, the elderly, and blood donation for free. Or some commemorative festivals, such as: Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Nursing Festival and other festivals to hold some big promotions for benefits. In the name of this event, local media are invited to give news reports to play a role in the establishment of soft advertising and the establishment of the positive image of the restaurant.
    2. Kitchen special offer
    The kitchen can launch some special dishes or special dishes every week or monthly to attract or stimulate customers' consumption.
    3. Gifts or vouchers
    The restaurant can be made and give away small crafts, so that customers can feel that eating at the restaurant can receive a beloved gadget in addition to enjoying a multi -level atmosphere. This can not only play a role in propaganda, but also improve the grade of the restaurant. In the distribution, it can also determine the value of the gift according to the level of consumption.
    4. Establishing and collecting customer source files
    Coustically recorded the customer's preferences, taboos, birth months of birth, and company celebration. At that time, the congratulatory letter is issued in advance to strengthen the connection with the diners, so that we can have a group of stable customers. It can be said that if 3,000 customer sources files are established; 3000 Except 360 equal to 8.3 people/times, and if these 8.3 people will definitely bring another source of customers.
    5. Create a good dining environment
    The good dining environment and atmosphere can also attract guests to spend. Every time the guests come to eat, they have a pleasing and refreshing feeling.

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