5 thoughts on “I am a freezing food company. Is there a good sales channel or promotion method?”

  1. Marketing promotion can promote the faster development of enterprises, but the most important thing is product quality and after -sales service. If it is frozen food, it is recommended to do brand promotion, slowly accumulate interpersonal reputation, it is impossible to eat as fat people, and it is even more important to do marketing. When the positive effect on the Internet is good, it will drive others to buy consumption. Then, the recruitment area agent

  2. Small shop, supermarket shop.
    The people can use human sea tactics:
    The recruitment of a batch of batches of business, using reports and time. The size and time arrangement of things to accumulate company customers.
    In the preparation of advertisements
    Make the packaging company
    M several big customers. This is the facade

  3. I do frozen logistics. I have more than N frozen food dealers in my hand. As long as your product is easy to promote, it is not a problem.

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