3 thoughts on “If e -commerce is closed now, what impact do you think it will have on the economy?”

  1. I found that many products are "renting". A friend has said this. Looking at the once bustling shops, I can't help but feel that the impact of e -commerce has brought too much impact on the offline physical industry.
    09 years, we only feel that the clothes industry has been greatly impacted by e -commerce. Now not only is the clothes industry, but also various industries such as clothing and transportation, but now they are inseparable from e -commerce.
    It has to admit that the development of e -commerce has brought us a lot of convenience, and we can buy all over the country at home. What online order is needed, no food can place an order on the community website. If you are hungry, you can place an order on the Internet and get home more than ten minutes.

    The live broadcast and cargo developed in recent years, the physical stores are even more worse. The convenience brought by e -commerce also causes physical stores, catering around the business district, computer mobile phones around the business district, computer mobile phones, mobile phones, and mobile phones. City entertainment, a large number of unemployed.
    It people say that when e -commerce closes, it can release a large economic market vitality. physical stores make the market look prosperous, drive employment, catering, entertainment and other commercial real estate, and will also improve the transportation industry in large quantities.

    Is don't understand, why should I close e -commerce to save the entity? E -commerce is not opened by the Chinese? Why do you need to harm the interests of the e -sector to benefit the entity? What if there is no e -commerce company without e -commerce companies? Can the quality of the entity's service improve today? There must be a reason for existence.
    This does this really have a certain truth, why?

    The recovery of the real economy can indeed drive a large part of employment. Drive the real estate recovery and supporting industries.
    but this is just on the surface, everyone has never been in the age of e -commerce. Imagine that the high rent, manpower, hydropower, decoration, etc. In the end, did not still pay for consumers? "One paving and three generations" was the characteristic at that time, and many shops were even more profiteering.

    The shop rental and transfer is even more scary. Find a good shop. As long as the quality and service are not too bad, it will not affect the income. Because either there is no such style nearby, or you can't find this, or you have to buy a lot of places, so it doesn't matter if the price is high. However, more people only consider how to save money. When wealth is held in their hands, we hope that there are diversified shopping channels to buy better and cheaper things.
    This culprit that really defeats our real economy is not e -commerce! Instead of high rent and huge profits. Although e -commerce has undertaken a large market transaction limit, compared with house prices and rent, it can only be said to be Jiu Niu Yimao.

    . Let's give an example: open a shop to sell clothes and sell 100 yuan for clothes, but you only sell 100 yuan a day. If the house price is less than half at this time, and even if your clothes are selling cheaper, you don't lose it, you can continue to open it. If you sell 200 pieces a day, aren't you profitable? Will the landlord be increased after watching you make money? Will you increase the unit price after rental? Is it a harsh phenomenon? This is the reality.
    The products that are tens of yuan can sell hundreds of yuan in physical stores. The development of e -commerce not only reduces consumption, but promote consumption. However, e -commerce is different. As long as you look for it with your heart, you will have your favorite price in front of you. This is why e -commerce is the most popular way of shopping in the majority of people consumers.

    If off the e -commerce, many things can not be bought around, then everyone's intention will decline. Even something, if it wasn't for e -commerce, I don't know if there is something to use. The closure of e -commerce, the courier company and the express delivery points in various places have to be closed. Online products are also produced by factories, especially rural vegetables and fruits cannot be sold online, affecting farmers in the agricultural orchard.
    The e -commerce just transforms the product to sell the product to consumers. Different, one is online.

  2. Closing e -commerce may cause economic collapse. E -commerce has now formed a mature industrial chain, driving upstream and downstream development of related industries, promoting employment, and opening up regional barriers in urban areas. People have used to start to rely on e -commerce models. Unless there is a more convenient model replaced e -commerce, the economy is likely to go backwards.

  3. E -commerce has become an important channel for commodity exchanges in today's society. If e -commerce is closed now, it will be very large to my country's economy. First of all, many e -commerce merchants will face the risk of bankruptcy bankruptcy. In addition, e -commerce platforms are more likely to cause huge economy The impact of the decline, and the industrial chain such as logistics, carton, and packaging will be greatly impacted.

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