What kind of products are good for Bao Ma to choose a micro -business selection, how to find a customer source to expand the circle of friends

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  1. How to find a customer source
    How to find a customer source
    How to find a WeChat source
    Well: 〖D〗 〖5〗 〖0〗 3 〖4〗

    It today to share with you how to find a customer source, how can I better mine precision powder. For example, for example, you are making cosmetics, because there are more people doing this industry. You add a group of fans through various methods or software. You will find that these people are not your peers or other products. In addition, it is boring to chat purely, and few can become your precise customers.

    So where is our positioning standard? Where to dig again?

    First of all, you have to locate your product, different products of different products are different. For the current online shopping habits, most of the age positioning between the ages of 20-40. You can make a division. Who is your product target? What kind of state is you yourself, doing things with your ability. Where can the people go to find these people? OK Our other major communication software QQ, I think everyone understands this. I think anyone who reads this article now has QQ. It is easy to even apply one without applying.

    Thenate groups and fan groups, how can we dig? Let ’s take an example of Bao Ma Group:

    If you want to enter this group to dig out fans, then you must first re -understand and learn yourself because you are doing it There may be a lot of marriage or no baby, so you should understand some common sense about bringing children. What about boys? What about girls? The most topic is children. You have to interact with them before you can accumulate your popularity. In front of everyone, you can guide them to add your WeChat to your loyal fan. How to guide here to see if you can master the right to speak. Everyone believes that everyone believes in you so that you have the right to speak, and then guide the topics related to your product to communicate with each other. Note that it is not that you are not allowing you to advertise here. Here, everyone should not be in a hurry, don't advertise in the QQ group, or you will be directly kicked out by the group owner. You can have a few more trusts for a few days. A topic can be guided). Some people may ask me that I have n’t brought a child with some questions. I do n’t know what to do. Then I tell you that you can understand all of Baidu. Picking a few high admission rates and then told her. By the way, before you are adding groups, you must make the composite you want to set your QQ number content. Do n’t let the group owner look at you to advertise or have nothing to do with the group. How can the owner agree with you to enter the group.

    The method of adding accurate powder here. Today, I will share this one, because this success rate is relatively high.

    . The kind of WeChat group retired from each other. It ’s all WeChat, you add him, he adds you more. Determine the goal unless you sell XX software.

    It will continue to share with you in the later period: How to build the trust of fans; I think this is also a more difficult problem for most Weishang to feel, because this directly affects the transaction rate.

    So how to do it?

    1. Analysis of your target crowd, wherever people search, at this time, you must improve your exposure.

    2. When it is valuable, the trust of the circle of friends will be slowly established, so as to gain the trust of others.

    3. Do not think of making money from others first, providing others with valuable things first.

    . Do not advertise every day in the circle of friends. Do not exceed 4 daily. Do not have too many pictures, because you have to consider it for others. Too many pictures will waste others' traffic. Send a refined picture.

    5. Because everyone is numb now, the circle of friends provides real and effective transaction screenshots and feedback screenshots. The meaning of

    6. Keep learning, but there is a way to take less detours. It will be successful earlier than others. It depends on whether you want to do it!

    7. Practice and effort are necessary, and the opportunity is for those who are prepared! After mastering the method and skills, your practical effect will be more effective

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    The data from Baidu Map, the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  2. Wei: B1 9 9 9 11 23

    Mioshang is everywhere in people's lives everywhere, which is enough to prove the huge people who are now Weishang. How many people go to the ranks of Weishang every day. How many WeChat quotients were exited because they could not sell products. How do Weishang add people? How to quickly add friends. This is a problem that novices must solve.
    Xun marketing, especially WeChat friends circle marketing is actually not so godlike, and it is not so complicated. Compared with other marketing methods, there is actually no big difference. We can think of it as the online marketing method
    . WeChat, as one of the marketing channels, is actually the same as other marketing channels. It is nothing more than three aspects: product selection, promotion method, and customer maintenance. Let's talk about one by one, these seemingly mysterious WeChat sell
    Emotional strategy
    The people know what kind of person you are, and have a good opinion of you. This is suitable for you to use the good impression of others to sell some products. Slowly, step by step, do not send a lot of products a lot of products a day, so it is easy to make people disgusted.

    prestige: B19961123

    Post bar: A big post is actually a huge target customer group, you must be good at discovering. So you need to appear in these posts on weekdays.
    Blogs: Blogs seem difficult to bring benefits. In fact, if the vision is long -term, the blog is a very good tool. You have been with new articles on it for a long time. If you get a good ranking, many people will see your information.
    Weibo: Many grassroots Weibo fans have millions. So it is also a small wealth for Weibo. First of all, you want to cultivate Weibo fans, so do not advertise just when you go up. Try to post some topics that everyone is interested in.

    qq plus people: The reason why this piece is placed in the first one is because after this use, the effect is the best, and it is a way to achieve the effect in the short term. QQ believes that everyone is very familiar with it. Through the screening function of QQ and add people to find the target group you need.
    This: The things you sent every day in your circle of friends are too important. First of all, don't be too frequent. When you send more people to block the buyer, it is the buyer shielded or deletes your deletion of you. At this time, if you can change your place to think about it, you will come out for a complete
    . (But it doesn't matter. Deleting your instructions is not your precise powder at all. Delete it, but I am not the point I said. What I want to say is to use the circle of friends to train your friends and let them future in the future. Become
    your loyal fans or buyers)
    Step reading

  3. If you want to have a source of customers, you should do this! At the beginning, my WeChat friend was also twenty or thirty people. I wanted to be WeChat, too few people, what should I do? Later, I studied too many methods. Several methods have taken effect, and the effect is great. At this speed, it is difficult for business to be hot. But I did not use software, and the second did not promote it. Of course, I have my own method:
    Wei: DF15034
    The final analysis as follows:

    1. If I go to the active find someone to add, even if it is added, it may not necessarily. Buy my things. So, I took the initiative to add people. I gave up completely.
    2, my request is: I want others to take the initiative to add me, because others must buy me things, that is, the so -called precision powder, so that a customer is a quasi -customers, 10, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top Add 100 others to others, but we believe in: DF15034, so this is the idea.
    3, what should I do after adding it? At first I have to say hello to people, remember that I said hello instead of recommending your product. This is the minimum polite. It's wrong. (There is another reason that the child tube tailing and giving back to the stream is to kill Lou. It must be your prospective customer, so let's greet it first, but do n’t say much, otherwise it is easy to be disgusted; if you make other products, you will make other products. , Be sure to catch the customer’s psychology to do it)
    4, basically he will browse your information after coming in, and see the information before your circle of friends. The world order, the slow one takes 2-3 days, but it doesn't matter. After my calculation, basically a large part must be decided to place an order for several days, because the order does not need to be guaranteed and pay directly. Therefore, the buyer needs to consider time. This is also normal.
    5. What about this period of considering? The things you sent every day in your circle of friends are too important. First of all, don't be too frequent. When you send more people to buy it, you can block or delete the buyer or delete it When you can think about it, you can completely experience it. (But it doesn't matter. Deleting your instructions is not your precise powder at all. Delete it, but I am not the point I said. What I want to say is to use the circle of friends to train your friends and let them future in the future. Become your loyal fans or buyers)
    6, do not use any WeChat marketing software, automatic positioning, automatic adding people, this is useless. Everyone knows that it is easy to block the title. Blinds; the other is promotion, even more useful, saying
    what precise powder added is impossible. So don't spend money on this piece. (PS: Anyway, many people find me, and finally said that the software is deceiving, so believe it or not, it is good for you)

    although everyone's mood at first Don't worry, master your friends will increase.

  4. First of all, Weishang must give up active and add people and give up the acquaintance circle! Master the method and technique to network drainage! The network is a free platform. Thousands of netizens can see your products. So you can add your customers to your products! The promotion of the product is on the Internet and not the circle of friends. The circle of friends is just a trading platform, not a special session of advertising! Intersection
    , what is your avatar? Is it a small animal or a cartoon character or your baby? Not to say that the baby's avatar is not available, but the professional is more professional, you are not professional! If you want to send your baby's exhibits, you can share your love for your baby in the circle of friends. Bao Ma's attention, like -mindedness naturally trusts you more. Speaking of running questions, come back and continue. The avatar is best in your own photos. If you are a customer, you want to shop online, especially WeChat, do you want to know who the buyer is? If your existing avatar, if your existing avatar These kinds I said will only cause unnecessary doubts for customers! Intersection
    The people have not figured out what WeChat means, is it someone who sells things in WeChat? That's right, that's the straight point. But since it is selling things, we have to have an identity. It ’s like you have to find a supermarket, specialty store, shopping mall, and small shops on the roadside shops. Many people directly get a WeChat signal, and post the editor of the circle of friends. Is it a bit confused? I wonder what you want to do. If you take a few days of rest or the phone is broken, others think you are playing with you? So you are also a micro -business, and you need to position yourself. The following paragraph is very important. What do you think of yourself, others will think you are like. VIP140412
    This is a systematic thing, but the basic two points, what you need to do is to do it first, your WeChat avatar and identity must be changed first. It must be immediately raised. The WeChat friend circle is a strong relationship. If you change your identity casually, others will be disgusted. Well, then I ask a word first, and I say that the circle of friends is doing the business of acquaintances. In fact, is it a friend who really trades with you? No, but a person who seems to be familiar but not named. WeChat provides us with a relatively closed social network. We can communicate in a independent circle. It is a two -code thing. If a friend is a customer and the customer is God. According to this logic, will you still lose mercy when you see you God. Second, you make a change, not a degeneration. What can be concerned about? You send a circle of friends to let your friends know what you are doing. Why not directly clear your identity? Recognize you? If this is the case, it doesn't matter if you don't make it
    The portrait as much as possible, clean, and related to your product image, or if you are troublesome, then at least write in your signature. Understand some. Let's talk about the identity, why do we say that, different people do different things, and the temperament is different. If you are determined to be a professional WeChat business, then your circle of friends is a window, a window for your WeChat friends to understand you and interact with you, you need to understand what kind of merchants need. If I feel empty, I can give an example. Many of my agents, a large part of them are housewives (some are active and some are passive). In all, there are still pursuits and worthy of praise. However, the circle of friends is often full of short parents, full of complaints (complaining about the nature of women), full of many nasty soul soups. These are not bad, and some even resonate.
    , in most cases, it has nothing to do with the goods you are operating. From the perspective of consumer perspective, especially female consumers, almost all of them escape pain and pursue happiness. The sensual impact brought by goods is often more important than product effects. So real positive energy is very important. Some people will definitely say, my friends around me know what kind of person I am, what kind of personality, isn't this a intentional installation B, willn't it look fake? First of all, I need to tell you a cruel fact. The biggest regret of a person's life is that you can really understand that you still accept yourself. Very few. Second, what you do is WeChat, your WeChat friends are almost all your target customers. The attitude you need to put on is to show them. It is so -called that life is like a play, and it depends on acting skills. How can the audience enter the play? Third, the personality you said is difficult to change, yes. But what you change is not a personality, but a way of habit and doing things. For example, many men eat, drink and gamble, and finally blame their character. Women's Taobao losers are also blamed as character. Personality is natural. If these disadvantages are character, then how can your parents be brave? Essence When you slowly adapt to this identity, you will find that some of your bad habits will also change, such as laziness, such as carelessness, such as bad temper, micro -business can forge a person, many people have not yet noticed it.
    The micro -business has such a trouble, where the customer is not found, so you can only go everywhere to add people, and even the Internet is full of various adding software. This is understandable, because there are only more people, and the chance of finding customers will become larger, but if you add a lot of people, you still can't find a breakthrough, then you should think about why I add so many people. In theory, you open your mobile phone address book. If there are 200 people, who can see the name at a glance, it will not be more than half. If you can meet, it is estimated that half of it is cut off, and it keeps close, and then cut off half! Intersection

  5. I personally think that the peak tutorial is better. After learning can be added by accurate customers, the most important thing is that the method of Micro Business depends on the method of mastering your master
    . A celebrity said: When the tornado comes, a pig stands at the air outlet. Can fly. The raging micro -business now comes, just like a fiery tornado. However, not every micro -business friend who stands in this tide can fly. More, it may be overwhelmed. Why does this happen? I want to tell everyone: If Weishang do well, you can really make money, but if you have no professional methods and skills to enter, you may not only make money, but also Taking a lot of detours will cause you a lot. Wei: After 804, 439

    Is when it comes to how Weishang do it, some people will feel that it is not difficult to do Weishang. If you are such people, it means that your understanding and understanding of Weishang is only on the surface. But in actual operation, you will find that you can encounter many difficulties. For example, how to publish advertisements in the circle of friends will not be blocked or blacklisted by other WeChat friends, and at the same time, it can also play a good role in advertising. How to do the promotion of micro -business and so on. If you have such doubts in your heart, you will come to help you solve these problems. So how to do WeChat agent? How to find a source of customers, add friends?
    This that does not sell the product is directly related to the good or bad of the circle of friends. How does the circle of friends directly affect our business? To operate the circle of friends well.
    (Edit Personal Information)
    The comprehensive information information and a clear product appeal are the basic foundation for any marketing method. Do WeChat friends circle marketing, at least let the add friends see it Your avatar, name and signature. Can reflect what you do, and then see if the content of your circle of friends will help them.
    (don't swipe the screen)
    It to send a circle of friends in one day, it is best not to exceed 6 times.
    three (rely on text to move people)
    WeChat marketing is moved by your text. If you do not use text descriptions, just send pictures, you cannot impress others at all. A good product is to support it to support it, so as to have vitality. If you sell clothes, you can directly put your clothes pictures and clothes, styles, styles, and codes. Do you think it will be effective? You often do this. Your friends are bored. Friends who have a relationship or do not know, they will definitely pull you into the blacklist. Therefore, to do WeChat marketing, you must have a certain degree of text skills. You don't need your copywriting how good it is. At least you have to describe this product clearly and clearly.
    (multi -interaction and like)
    Multi -interaction is their circle of friends. You have to comment on them, why do you want to do this? Will he be very comfortable in his heart? Over time, it will have a good opinion of you. Will the chance of buying your product over time? A praise.
    (sharing value)
    The share value here is not only sharing your product, but also your personal life, such as more Baoma who is a micro -business, you can take some baby photos , Share the bit of your own life, don't let others think you are a lunatic who can only sell products. Share more about yourself, so that others will feel that you are particularly kind and willing to communicate with you.
    (time of release)
    The start of the new day at about 8 am in the morning, many users wake up and look forward to the content of the circle of friends, and more importantly, many people can browse on the way to work. At 11:30 to 12:30 at noon, this time for users to lunch or prepare for lunch breaks, it is also a busy morning. Many users will choose to use this time to send and receive information to interact with fans in the circle of friends. From 7 to 9 pm, many users have finished their meals and returned home to lying on the sofa or watching TV at home. It is also the most relaxed and boring time period for a day. The circle of friends is also a place for passing time.
    (Screenshot) Don't underestimate the screenshot.
    This use of the scenery of today to deal with future customers. The screenshot here refers to: the customer's payment screenshot, and the feedback screenshot of the product. As long as you use this screenshot, others will be easier to believe in you, so that your transaction rate will increase again. Chinese people prefer to follow the trend. If one person buys, you will follow many people to buy it, just like Taobao I have to pick the popularity of popularity and sell high, but I will not believe it without selling. What should I do if it is not good to buy it?
    [Remember]: The first circle of friends released in the morning must not sell your products, because others get up early in the morning to see you selling products, which will be very disgusted. The first article should be released, struggle, inspirational, and greetings. A beautiful day starts from your first circle of friends. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence
    On how to do WeChat agent? How to find a source of customers, add friends?
    1, these are all done, the following is to solve our customer source problem: no matter how good your products are, friends do what friends do There is no source of customers. Everything is nonsense. No one is used for you. How can we increase our source of our guests? This requires you to learn to drain, and friends who are interested in your products are the king!
    , 2, now there are many software software Add a lot of people, but do you think it is effective? Even if you add others, you may not buy your stuff. What we have to do is to let others take the initiative to add us. Such people are interested in your product, that is, Your precision powder, lead them to your WeChat, or on QQ, this is the so -called drainage!

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