1 thought on “Can the Hanshou car tube be on the card?”

  1. The Hanshou Car Management Office can get on the card. The National Fourth -standard used car can still be licensed in Hanshou. This can be rest assured.
    The vehicle qualification certificate is important, it is necessary for the vehicle brand. Now some car 4S shops owe the car certificate, which will delay your listing. Therefore, you should get a qualified certificate for the vehicle as soon as possible. You should communicate with the 4S shop and have a stronger attitude. Otherwise, the 4S shop will always be dragged for a few days.
    The note on the car management office:
    The license process of new cars to the vehicle management office first buy strong insurance and car and boat tax, then buy and purchase tax, bring your ID card and copy, qualifying certificate to the vehicle management office It usually takes half a day to apply for purchase tax, and it takes about half a day to check and select the number of vehicles. If the normal information is ready, it can be completed in one day.

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