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I just bought a new house, and now I am anxious to find a decoration company. Who can help introduce some good decoration networks? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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  1. The decoration forum is mainly provided to designers and owners on the Internet to communicate and discuss, and a platform for interactive interaction to interact with designers and owners. Of course, the owner can also ask his questions about the decoration in the forum, so as to pass professional designers A communication place to satisfy the owner satisfied. The best decoration forums in Wuhan are: Wuhan home improvement online.

    Wuhan home improvement online network is currently a strong overall decoration service provider in China. It implements the "multi -brand strategy" to meet the different home consumption needs of the public. Search for keywords in major search engines (such as Baidu, Yahoo, Zhongyou, etc.) are all ranked first. In addition, its strong on -site search engine can search for product libraries, corporate libraries, model houses, supply and demand information, design gallery, and home improvement information. Its powerful corporate membership background management function can independently manage and update the company's information and product information. It is an e -commerce service platform with complete framework, rich information, and powerful functions.

    Mo how to choose the decoration forum:
    1. First look at the qualifications and scale of the decoration. Now the online decoration forum is mixed. It is difficult for everyone to distinguish the reputation of the decoration forum. It is necessary to find a rest assured and peaceful decoration forum. It is best to choose a well -selected decoration website with good quality, large scale, and excessive brand.

    2. Seeing the registered designer in the decoration forum. After reading the forum, you must communicate with the designer to discuss your units and determine whether the designer's ideas and ideas are acceptable. The designer is a pivotal role in your entire decoration process. Finding a careful, responsible and creative designer can save a lot of intentions for your decoration.

    3. Finally look at the service and management of the decoration forum. A good decoration forum will definitely have a standardized service and rigorous management system. It should be reasonably connected and strictly controlled by home improvement services in various aspects such as design, engineering, after -sales, etc., and provides thoughtful services for the owners all over the weather; The entire renovation of materials and construction to later services, uniformly accept all customer issues in each decoration link, internal coordination, quickly handle, so that customers can feel more intimate and relaxed decoration journey.

    The Wuhan decoration forum, it should have some reference significance for decoration. There are also a lot of popularity, but as the owner, you must have the ability to discern. Do not blindly believe in some of the speeches of the forum, because many of them are pretending to be the owner's speech. Therefore, if you want to decorate, the most important thing is to believe your eyes, believe in word of mouth, and look at more comparison to find a satisfactory decoration company. It is recommended to go to Wuhan home improvement online. The decoration companies above are quite good. After all, it is a member of the big company.

  2. I am annoyed by room X, room X, and X meaning, and it is okay to pull these.

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