How to enter your own public account

I have applied for how to get in the WeChat public account.

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  1. The method of entering its own public account is:

    Methods 1: Search for the official website of WeChat public account on the tourist, just log in.
    Method two:
    In the mobile phone WeChat, click the address book to find the public account, as shown in the figure:
    to find your own public account, enter the "villain head" icon in the upper right corner after entering the main interface Figure:

    The words "Enter the public account" will appear, just click to enter, as shown in the figure:

    WeChat public account is a developer or merchant applying on the WeChat public platform Application account number, this account is interconnected with QQ account. Through the public account, merchants can realize the comprehensive communication and interaction of text, pictures, voice, and videos of specific groups on the WeChat platform. A mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing method is formed.
    , as the representative WeChat tribe of WeChat interactive marketing online and offline, the first -purpose industry general templates and deeply customized WeChat platform development concepts are proposed. A open application platform for online and offline WeChat interactive marketing.

  2. 1. First of all, we turn on the browser on the computer Baidu WeChat public platform, find the official website of the WeChat platform, and click to enter the WeChat platform homepage.
    2, enter the homepage of WeChat platform, enter your account number and password, click on login. The account is your mailbox address when you register. The password is the login password you set.
    3. After the landing is successful, enter the main interface of the WeChat public platform.

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