How can I meet the high -end network of the industry in the workplace and build their own valid connections?

4 thoughts on “How can I meet the high -end network of the industry in the workplace and build their own valid connections?”

  1. It is necessary to basic construction of high -end human networks. You must be high -end. Friendship is based on the basics of request. The relationship between human connections is good friends resources. You can enter the circle. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively improve your professional standards, and you need to have very high competitiveness in the field, or areas used by others. To help people enjoy the excellent product, as the saying goes, it is good to be a Liangshan and three gangs. It is erected by others, and good friends come together. Unless some people help you recommend it, or carry and help you, accompany you into a good social circle and enter a more service platform.
    The high -end, or it can integrate high -end. We know that the little ant can lift the items 4,000 times better than himself, but you make him raise a burger to lift him. The best way to understand a person is to seek help, but for the first time, it is not too inconvenient to be too inconvenient, just a meager power. In the other side of the other party, people want to show their hands. Afterwards, I must follow the work closely, and I will be familiar with it. In general, the person who helps you will help you again than your assistance. I think this is because helping people are also a project investment. It is not easy to throw away in the process of not gaining benefits.
    It, the overall goal of searching can be a business partner, or an elite in his own professional field, or well -known people, good friends, classmates. Participate in the rejuvenation party, wine bureaus, community forums, and class schools of high -end personnel. In fact, the class of our country is solidified, and each class is very different. As a normal person, you can only mix in the circle of ordinary people. It is really difficult to enter the higher class. Unless you are excellent, with your own schoolwork and insights, or youth and beauty, you are favored by others. Otherwise, you need to enter more class and make high -end relationships. It is difficult. r at everyone wants to rectify the characters, everyone has to bring themselves brilliantly. You can see which country you go to. There is a hospitality of the characters. We do n’t have any tricks. You can export the value of use. That's it. For example, if you can let the server quotation drop by 40 %, you may see that you can see BAT, and they must have this. Look at the official Tencent officials put the online server in Guizhou Province. Why? Cost -out, it is good for them! If you can have the benefits of high -end groups, you will have the opportunity to learn about high -end groups. In the past, I heard that a college graduate contacted these high -end storms, Sina Weibo, posted a private chat, leaving a message board, people selling cruise ships, and doing very well. In the short term, there will be very good economic benefits. It is not how to understand high -end, but how can they want you.

  2. You can accompany the leader to entertain, find a chance toasting the people present. When you eat together, listen with an open mind, and don't tout yourself, so that your own connections will become wider and wider.

  3. The workplace can be used to understand the high -end connections with the leaders, and then to maintain the connections by themselves.

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