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  1. As the national living standards continue to improve the development of the catering industry rapidly, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of catering. This article is a selection of essays about catering survey reports for everyone.

    The essays of Catering Survey Report:
    1. Summary

    The fast food as the vanguard of the Chinese catering industry today, in order to adapt to popular consumption level, strong rapid response ability, etc. The characteristics are increasingly favored by consumers, and gradually become the main force of the catering market. China's social and economic stability development and the continued improvement of people's living standards will make the development environment and conditions of the fast food industry more mature. Market demand will be further enhanced, and the development prospects of China's fast food industry will be wider.

    I prepared to open a fast food restaurant at the European and American colleges, made a market survey questionnaire, and obtained useful information through questionnaires to help us build and operate fast food restaurants.

    . The background of the survey

    The fast food industry in China started late. With April 1987, KFC fast food chain store entered the Beijing market as an opportunity to unveil the rapid development of modern Chinese fast food. The prelude. After years of development, China's fast food industry has grown rapidly, and its market share has continued to expand. In the context of 78%year-on-year national product value in the 1990s, China's fast food industry increased rapidly with a 20%annual growth rate, and the industry profit margin was between 15%-25%. The fast food industry became the sustainable development of the catering industry. Important forces and new economic growth points.

    This Chinese fast food industry has been produced so far. The overall development trend is good, which has adapted to social development requirements. The fast food industry has continued to develop and the market has steadily increased. Starting from 20__, the golden period of China's fast food industry has arrived, and it will gradually spread to the country with large cities such as Beijing and developed areas, and it will gradually spread to a mature development stage. The fast food market in 20__ years can be described as hot spots, Chinese and foreign fast food companies have been upgraded, and the development momentum of the fast food industry is good. Many companies have begun to enter the stage of expansion and speed up. For catering companies, chain is the main means of expansion. The development of the chain of the year in 20__ The development of the chain of the year has appeared, and the form of joining is more diverse. In addition to joining and direct business, the hosting model has become a new choice for many companies.

    The social and economic stability development and the continued improvement of people's living standards will make the development environment and conditions of the fast food industry more mature. Market demand will be further enhanced, and the development prospects of China's fast food industry will be wider.

    . The purpose of the survey

    In to understand the customer's consumption range and market conditions, to locate the price, market and business methods.

    . Investigation method

    The research method of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis

    . Investigation process

    A total of 10 valid questionnaire records were received

    6. Data analysis

    . Will you dine because of the promotional event of the new restaurant?

    2. The factors that affect your choice of fast food are?

    3. How often do you choose fast food?

    4. What is the main thing you choose fast food? Time to dine?

    5. Your consumption amount is about?

    6. What are the main reasons for you to choose fast food?

    7. Where do you usually choose fast food?

    8. Which meal do you personally like?

    7. The survey results

    It can be seen that 50%of people choose fast food at least once a week, and students aged 18-25 have the highest frequency. Among them, breakfast and lunch account for 50%and 40%. The store decides to focus on breakfast and breakfast on the basis of the day of business. In Chinese food, most people consume each time less than 10 yuan and 10-20 yuan, breakfast pricing is 6 yuan, lunch price is 12 yuan, dinner pricing is 8 yuan. 70%of people choose fast food because it is convenient. In the faster and faster social rhythm, this is the characteristics and advantages of fast food. 80%of the teachers and students in schools, indicating that we choose the school's geographical location correctly. People who like Chinese fast food account for 50%, and 40%of those who like Western fast food. Our decision to choose to choose Chinese fast food, supplemented by Western fast food.

    The teacher and students are too late to eat in the morning, so whether the meal is convenient and fast when choosing a restaurant to become the primary consideration. In addition, consider more prices, rich varieties, health and service quality Essence Most people eat for promotional activities. From the above, we can basically determine that the market for our operating projects is broad and the prospects are very good. Now more and more people are more cautious about diet, and they also pay attention to the quality of the dishes. Therefore, we must improve the quality of our dishes, especially the sanitation of dishes.

    In order to increase our turnover, we will regularly hold special discount activities. Send a small gift to customers after the festival.
    The essay of Catering Survey Report:
    The guide

    In research time: __ _ 月
    n n n
    Ilva survey method: field inspection, internet, text

    This content: Chinese restaurant

    survey purpose: understand corporate culture, Chinese trial catering culture, hotel restaurant, restaurant restaurant Internal design, whether to meet the requirements of public catering space use functions, spiritual functions, adaptability and other requirements. Through investigations, on -site inspections, and specific analysis of specific cases, add knowledge about commercial space design, further understand and understand the issues that should be noted, and lay the foundation for the next Chinese restaurant design.

    The basic situation of the topic introduces modern Chinese food in history and tradition. Otherwise, you cannot survive. The content of Chinese restaurants has become more and more rich in the potential of the Chinese restaurant industry. The development of tourism, especially the development of international tourism, has made great innovations in the operation of Chinese restaurants, especially in cultural services. Under normal circumstances, there are four types of Chinese restaurants:

    1. Consumption: Simple consumption in stores such as eating, hot and cold drinks and special foods.

    2. Entertainment: Provide free services such as mahjong, chess and cards, tea arts, raffle activities.

    3. Event: host various banquets, red and white happy events, and other activities.

    . In terms of business content, Chinese restaurants can be divided into about cultural, commercial, cultural and commercial mixed types, self -affirmation, and a bee type.

    The three -tone research introduction

    The visual location: Xiao Nan Guo

    Cultural background: The headquarters of Xiaonan Guo Catering Holdings Co., Ltd. One of the largest Chinese meal chain restaurants in China's mid -to -high -end market.

    regional functions: private rooms, deck areas, scattered area, front desk, kitchen, bathroom, employee locomotive lounge

    regional analysis: main floor.

    The front desk: supply silver or ordering to welcome the front desk manager to handle things.

    The kitchen: The chefs make delicious dishes for guests. Card area: For the preparation of the partner for three or two, the fun is stronger and semi -private.

    Star area: prepares for dining space for people who do not have too many needs.

    Burtoles: For family dinner or large -scale meal preparations, the privacy of the guests makes the guests more relaxed and free.

    The bathroom: convenient for guests and service staff.

    The employee changing room: work space for employees.

    The decoration style: Chinese and Western combined restaurants

    The visits place: Paradise Bird

    R n regional functions: private rooms, scattered seats, front desks, kitchens, bathrooms, employee dressing rooms

    areas of area analysis: Together, the positioning of the scattered area as the main room is as a commercial restaurant as a commercial restaurant , Pursue the highest interest.

    The front desk: supply silver or ordering to welcome the front desk manager to handle things.

    The kitchen: The chefs make delicious dishes for guests.

    Star area: prepares for dining space for people who do not have too many needs.

    Burtoles: For family dinner or large -scale meal preparations, the privacy of the guests makes the guests more relaxed and free.

    The bathroom: convenient for guests and service staff. Employee locker lounges: work space for employees.

    The decoration style: Modern Chinese restaurant is mainly based on quality, but it also creates profits with commercial operations. Therefore, it is also operated by the favorable projects such as ice tea, wine, meals, etc., similar to the tea restaurant. Different areas are divided into different areas with green vegetation as a partition, which hinders sight, and play a privacy. In addition, the private rooms are set up to meet the pursuit of high privacy.

    The decoration style: Modern Chinese restaurant

    four topics inspection summary

    Summary: Plane layout is reasonable. Because of the lack of light in the private room, the light is used to deal with it, which not only solves the problem brought by insufficient light, but also makes the indoor environment richer and diverse, adding a trace of glory to the room. The environment is relatively quiet and elegant, and it can also be used by business people to negotiate and exchange work, but the sound insulation performance between the private room and the room is not good.

    If: Most restaurants are just catering services without considering the needs of guests. Some high -end customers have their own unique taste and hobbies. The restaurant cannot be satisfied one by one. The reasons for seizing these consumer groups, we want to provide guests with special special services, facilitate high -end consumer groups, vote for it, and provide services.

    The five theme thought positioning Chinese food culture has been circulating in China for thousands of years. There are many excellent places for development so far. China is the birthplace of Chinese food culture. The connotation of Chinese food culture is actually a specific manifestation of the connotation of Chinese culture. Talking about Chinese food culture must be based on Chinese and Han culture. Chinese is known as the state of etiquette. The spirit of Chinese food culture and the combination of Chinese cultural connotation and etiquette formed by a cultural phenomenon with distinctive Chinese cultural characteristics. It can also be said to be a etiquette phenomenon. For mid -to -high -end consumer groups with a stable economic foundation, for leisure and entertainment, business talks, Chinese restaurants are a good choice. The environment is quiet and relaxed by physical and mental. Middle -aged people with mature and stable ideas will be more willing to spend their leisure time on Chinese catering. Chinese food is combined with ancient Chinese religious beliefs. The use of Chinese style in Chinese restaurants is taken for granted, but the application of Chinese elements that has not been carefully designed often appear messy and rough and not angry. The space I designed covers an area of ​​about 540 square meters. Its design levels are clearly staggered. The tortuous corridor divides the indoor space into several pieces. The combination of Chinese style and Western modern design, the old and new combinations are properly matched, giving people a small fresh feeling. To achieve the best aesthetic effect under the premise of using the overall design.
    The essay of dining and beverage survey report three
    . Overview

    With the development of the economy, people's appreciation levels increase, and the requirements for the dining environment of the catering industry are getting higher and higher and higher and higher This also makes the indoor space and the catering industry inexplicable. In order to better learn the restaurant space and seize the overall trend, I conducted an in -depth investigation of the restaurant.

    . The purpose of the survey and content

    (1) Research purpose

    1. Understanding the restaurant environment.

    2. Master the restaurant's space to have a preliminary understanding of the creation of the dining environment.

    (2) Research content

    1. Go to the field for inspection, select the school Runxing Restaurant, go deep into the restaurant, and carry out field investigation activities.

    2. Relying on the professional knowledge of the learning, collecting, refining, and analysis of information to provide data and data support for the majors you have learned.

    3. View related books, search for materials, and combine what you see, hear, and want to practice with practice.

    (3) Survey time:

    20 __. 8.24-20 __. 8.27

    (4) Survey method

    field inspection method, data inquiry method

    . The basic situation of the survey

    (1) Overview of restaurants and analysis

    Restaurant refers to the restaurant refers to In certain places, facilities or public catering houses provided food, beverages, etc. openly to the general public. Catering space is generally divided into three major areas: catering function areas, production function areas.

    Runxing restaurant is the restaurant closest to the teaching area, which is convenient for students to buy food after class. The food -selling area in the north is 4M, and the meal -selling area is 3M from the dining area in the east. Even the peak time is enough to pass the students.

    1. Dining function zone:

    (1) Facial and entry -exit function areas: there are entrances in three directions in southwest, southeast, and north. The overhead stairs on the building.

    (2) Waiting functional area: It is mainly to welcome students' arrival and students for waiting, resting, and waiting for students.

    (3) Dining function zone: The dining function area is the main key functional area of ​​the catering space. There are 13 rows of eight people in the dining area, and there are 93 rows and eight rows in the dining area. There are 93 rows and eight rows. There is a 130cm aisle between the fifth and sixth columns. So it is inconvenient to pass through.

    (4) Supporting functional area: There are two tableware recycling places in the north of the dining area, a balcony near the entrance near the southeast. To store garbage.

    (5) Service function zone: The service function area is also the main functional area of ​​the catering space. It is mainly to provide students with the functions of dining services and management.

    2. Making functional area:

    The production function area is the main key functional area of ​​the catering space, and it is the heart of food production in the entire restaurant. There are 15 catering windows on the restaurant, which are distributed in the east, north, west, and south of the restaurant. Because the area is small, the lighting is sufficient.

    (2) Dining the problem and solving the problem

    1, table, chair arrangement

    (1) Dining table, dining chair size form: Two Human table, four -person table, multi -person table

    (2) Finding problems: The seat arrangement inside the restaurant is unreasonable, the dining area tool 5 is considered to consider the data in the data in the data There are 93, there are 13 rows in the eight -seater, and there is a 130cm aisle between the fifth column and the sixth column. The table distance ranges from 50cm to 110cm.

    (3) Solving problems: Restaurant tables and chair arrangements involve not only the overall layout effect, but also the utilization rate of the meal. When the four -person dining table, when four guests are used, their utilization rate is 100 %. However, when only two guests use, the utilization rate drops half. If most of the dining tables in the restaurant are full, the dining rate is not high. Therefore, the configuration of dining tables of various sizes is worth studying. According to the survey and analysis:

    ① Generally among the students who enter the restaurant for dining, the pairs of the pairs occupy most people, and the meals and three people with more than three people account for a small number of people. The number of two -person table is added.

    ② The standard -sized square table is recommended, so that when the table and chairs need to be changed, they can be spliced ​​to a six -person table or eight -person table.

    ③ the number of eight -person tables is too much to reduce the number. Because of the small problem of the restaurant area and the large amount of people, the possibility of the collective dinner in this classmate is low. The form of four -person table splicing form can improve the utilization rate of the dining table and adjust it randomly. ④ The distance between the seats should be controlled at a distance of one meter for easy dining.

    2. Restaurant service, supporting functional area

    (1) Original function of the dining area: There are two tableware recycling places in the north, and there is a balcony near the entrance near the southeast. It is stored in cleaning supplies. There are 4 trash cans outside the balcony to store garbage.

    (2) Finding problems: The placement of the functional area of ​​the restaurant is unreasonable and the utilization rate is not high. The layout of Runxing Restaurant has a symmetrical layout. There is a door in the east and west squares, but the recycling of tableware is located near the restaurant window. According to the habit of dining, leave the restaurant to export after the meal. UV disinfection tableware needs to be changed in the location and number of restaurants.

    (3) Solution: Symmetric layout of the restaurant, pay attention to the symmetry of the placement of the functional area supplies. Because the restaurant has two doors in the east and west of the restaurant, the tableware is placed near the door. Provide convenience for customers. UV disinfection tableware should be located near the restaurant's meal -selling window, with 3-4 dining cars.

    (3) The selection of the use of restaurant materials and the choice of furniture furniture of catering space

    soft decorations in the restaurant, such as tablecloths, napkins and curtains, should be as thin as possible Chemical fiber materials, because of thick cotton spinning fabrics, can easily adsorb the smell of food and are not easy to dissipate, which is not conducive to the environmental hygiene of the restaurant; flowers can regulate the psychology and beautify the environment, but do not flowers and green, make people boring and dry and dry and dry. Affect appetite. Small -area restaurants use low and horizontal furniture to make the space look spacious and stretched; large -area and high -air spaces with high -back and colorful furniture to weaken the empty sense of emptiness.

    (4) Greening

    It greening is a decorative method that is often used in interior design. Almost all catering spaces have green makeup. It has obtained people's youth in its puzzled form, many varieties and fresh green. The use of greening in catering space is widely used. There are potted plants that are used to embellish "blank", a green belt for limited space, and tall trees for "connecting" space ...

    (5) The application of the lighting of the restaurant

    The light source of the restaurant comes from two aspects: natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting mainly refers to the light and the sky, and artificial lighting includes various power lights.

    (1) Natural lighting

    Natural lighting is a lighting method that introduces natural light into the room. Natural light has the characteristics of brightness, spectrum, and connected to the natural scenery.

    (2) Artificial lighting

    If artificial lighting is through various light indoor space, including strong light, weak light, cold color, luster light, adjustable illuminance and light Color lighting and so on.

    The lighting method includes: general lighting, partitional general lighting, local lighting, and hybrid lighting. Restaurant lighting mainly adopts three methods: general lighting, hybrid lighting, and local lighting. Generally, lighting is the overall lighting of the restaurant's room. Regardless of local lighting, the lighting method that makes the dining environment and the illumination of the desktop roughly evenly. This is the lighting method that is simple in style and relatively popular restaurants. The lighting of the restaurant must also be sufficient, highlighting its bright and simple space characteristics. The lighting of the restaurant must be more moderate, the illumination is too high, everything is clearly visible. In the eyes of the public, people feel that the lack of privacy is too low and cannot meet people's dining needs. The best way is to follow the functional area.

    (6) The importance of color matching for the restaurant

    The color is silent and speechless, but it can be precipitated in a person's heart through the human eyes into a mood The emotional effect of colors cannot be ignored. Good colors can bring a wonderful color environment and a poetic atmosphere, and the failed color matching will make the entire environment uncomfortable. Blue brings a sense of tranquility and elegance, and people want to get rest for a day; the lively orange color stimulates people's appetite, but also makes customers who stay in this environment for a long time and shorten the dining cycle. The green wall makes customers feel peaceful and comfortable, and the red desktop makes customers eat quickly. Therefore, color matching and use will also increase the utilization rate of restaurants.
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