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  1. The rich agricultural resources in Laqiao District are traditional agricultural regions. It is an important base in China. It is "National Super Grain Production Area", "Oil Production Area", "Based on the Production Base of Rhin -free Agricultural Products", "National Green Agricultural Demonstration Zone", provincial "pigs out of the county (district)" Qiangxian (district), Fuli Jiji chicken, tug -frying rice, Le Shiyu and other specialty products are well -known, enjoying their reputation for a long time. In 2008, the food output in the region reached 10.478 million tons, the total output value of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery in the region was 7.109 billion yuan, the food output of the whole region reached 1.0478 million tons, the output of oil crops reached 37,500 tons, the cotton output reached 9,146 tons, the total meat total meat, and the total meat was meat. The output is 104,800 tons.
    If agricultural industrialization, as of the end of 2009, there were 101 leading agricultural industrialization enterprises in the region, including 3 provincial leading enterprises, 38 municipal levels, and 60 district -level agricultural products. Tons, output value exceeded 1 billion yuan. The construction base was 461,000 mu, and 152,000 farmers were driven. There are 103 farmers 'cooperative economic organizations, 14,000 farmers' brokers and members, two provincial -level wealth leaders, and 1 national agricultural special talent. A dry fruit base, radish base, potato production base, fan processing base, board processing base, large shed vegetable planting base, snack food processing base, hemp chicken breeding base, duck farming base, etc. It was rated as the "National Green Agricultural Demonstration Zone" (only 50 nationwide), with 2 provincial -level brand -name agricultural products, and 5 agricultural products who have participated in Anhui Youyou; 17 of which have passed quality certification, including 1 organic food, green food 2 One, 14 non -rigorous agricultural products; 3 green foods, 2 non -rigorous agricultural products, and 150,000 acres of wheat green food raw materials base; 14 agricultural standardization demonstration zones have been established, including 1 national level, 3 municipal levels, 3, and 3, and 3, and 3 municipal levels. 10 district levels. Five products of solving the seedless watermelon, Chu Lan Baizhuang brand radish, Fengfa cards, sweet melon, Yongan brand potato and Shaoyang brand onion have been certified by the country's non -public agricultural products; Qianshan brand sweet glutinous corn and special powder have won the title of provincial green food. Development status
    The eve of liberation, the industrial economy of Laqiao District is quite weak, with a small product type and low quality. In 1949, the total industrial output value of only 4.72 million yuan, the industrial was almost blank; by 1978 The foundation is relatively weak. After the reform and opening up, the industrial economy has developed rapidly. By 2009, industrial enterprises above designated size in the district of Laqiao District have developed to 191, and a number of large -scale backbone enterprises of six large backbone enterprises of food processing, machinery manufacturing, textiles, chemicals, building materials, and plates have been cultivated. In 2008, all industrial added value achieved 1.6 billion yuan, and the total output value of all industrial industries reached 8.62 billion yuan. The contribution rate of industry economy reached 56.6%, driving economic growth by 8.5 percentage points. Industry has become the main force for the economic growth of Laqiao District to drive economic growth.
    In 2008, the region completed 4.62 billion yuan in fixed assets. In 1949, fixed asset investment was only 60,000 yuan, and in 1978, it was only 4.25 million yuan. The investment structure has gradually optimized, and has saved energy for the economic development of the region and strengthened development.
    If industry composition
    The food processing industry: The food industry is the largest industrial industry in the district, accounting for about one -third of the total industrial output value of the region. There are about 150 food industry enterprises in the region, of which 61 companies above designated size. Mainly divided into four categories:
    Ovilled beverage wine: represented by Ante Biochemical and Chengzhi Company, which has 150,000 tons of production capacity per year; For representatives, it has 20,000 tons of production capacity.
    The agricultural and sideline products processing: The region has 41 agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises above designated size. The main products are flour, noodle products and edible oil. Among them: 26 flour and noodle product processing enterprises, and the daily processing processing wheat capacity is 2,500 tons. In 2009, more than 200,000 tons of flour are processed by enterprises above designated size; Machining cottonseed and rapeseed capacity of 45,000 tons.
    three is roasted chicken food: it is "the hometown of Chinese roasted chicken". It has more than 60 roasted chicken processing companies such as Liu Laoshi's roasted chicken and Huixiangyuan roasted chicken, of which 5 companies above designated size There are more than 1,000 people in Fu Li chicken chicken. Nearly 10,000 people engaged in the production, transportation and sales industry in the roast chicken, and the annual output of roast chicken reached 13 million. Essence
    Fourth is casual food category: mainly represented by the spicy food industry group in Zhizhuang Township. There are more than 20 snack food processing enterprises, including 17 companies above the designated size of Jindi Food, Jiale Food, Yongle Food. Essence
    The chemical chemical fiber industry (including pharmaceutical manufacturing): chemical and chemical fiber industry is the traditional advantageous industry of our district. After years of development, it has formed an industrial cluster with Ant Biochemical and China Yuan Chemical as a leader. enterprise.
    The textile and apparel industry: represented by Zhuxianzhuang Light Textile Industry Concentration Zone. There are more than 30 textile and apparel companies in the region, including 18 companies above designated size and about 5,000 employees. There are more than 400 machines and about 3,000 (sets) of various sewing equipment. It can produce about 50,000 tons of cotton yarn throughout the year, about 7,000 tons of non -woven fabrics, about 18 million pieces (sets) in clothing, and about 12 million meters. The main products are: cotton yarn, non -woven fabric, white gray cloth, clothing, etc.
    The mechanical manufacturing industry: The machinery manufacturing industry is a traditional advantage industry in our district. It has more than 30 machinery industry enterprises such as Anhui Bridge, Baolong Electric, Longhua Mining Machinery, Xinyuan Mechanical and Electrical, including 24 companies above designated size. About 5,000 personnel. The main devices are: CNC vehicle, vertical lathe, ordinary lathe, universal grinding machine, milling machine, plane, etc.; There are many mechanical products, there are more than ten series of nearly 100 products.
    Forind board materials: represented by the processing area of ​​Shunhe plate processing, there are more than 300 forest wood board processing enterprises in the region, of which 21 are of the enterprises above designated size. It has many leading enterprises such as Oasis Human Board, Dongda Wood Industry, Dongping Wood, Dongping Wood, Su Bei Wood, and Iwa Wood. , Floor substrate, etc.; Some companies have passed ISO9000 product quality certification and ISO14000 environmental protection management certification, and products are selling well at home and abroad.
    The new building materials industry: new building materials industries represented by new cement, vermiculite bricks, and plastic pipes have 22 enterprises above designated size such as Mingli Cement, Bailong Group, Jinyuan Building Materials, and Xianzhu Industry and Trade.
    The coal power industry: It is mainly based on gas and coal. The coal quality is excellent, the coal seam is stable, and it is easy to minimize. At the end of 2009, the district had 9 pairs of mines, including 3 pairs of mines under construction. Among them, there were 8 large -scale mining enterprises in the province and 1 local small coal mine enterprise (an annual output of 60,000 tons); 5 thermal power plants, each year The power generation is 400,000 kilowatts. By the end of 2009, there were four major economic parks in Laqiao District:
    The Economic Development Zone of the Qiaoqiao. Planning covers an area of ​​8.1 square kilometers and is located in the northern part of Laqiao, and is integrated with the second phase of Tongshan Economic Development Zone. The National Highway 206 and the Beijing -Shanghai Railway in the development zone run through the north and south. The 301 provincial roads communicate with east to west. The exports of Lianhuo Expressway and Beijing -west to the west to Beijing will be less than 10 kilometers. It is 30 kilometers from Xuzhou Guanyin Airport and 210 kilometers from Lianyungang, Haikou. It is only a 20 -minute drive from Xuzhou City, and the traffic is very convenient. The area has the Tao Shanji Railway Freight Station to facilitate the development of the warehousing and transportation industry. There are currently 40 companies stationed in the enterprises. The industrial structure led by machinery manufacturing, fine chemicals, agricultural and sideline products, board processing, and modern logistics has been initially formed. The industrial concentration and industrial cluster effects are becoming increasingly prominent.
    Muzhou Circle Economic Demonstration Park. It is located in the east of Suzhou City. The first phase of the planned area is 20 square kilometers, the core area covers an area of ​​about 4 square kilometers, and the planned area is 70 square kilometers in the future.
    The rural industrial demonstration park. It is located in the east of Fuli Town. The main area is located on the east of the Beijing -Shanghai Railway and both sides of the 302 provincial highway. The planned area is 6 square kilometers. Focusing on the expansion of "China's First Chicken", "Anhui First Power", and "Anhui First Side", the chain is extended, and the four major circular economy industrial systems are constructed. Essence
    Zhuxianzhuang Light Industry Concentration Area. It is located in Zhuxianzhuang Town, 10 kilometers east of Qiaoqiao District, Suzhou City. It covers an area of ​​6,000 acres. The overall planning is integrated with Zhuxianzhuang Town. Industrial bases dominated by agricultural product processing and textile and clothing industry. After years of development, a number of leading enterprises such as Suzhou Three -dimensional Non -Woven Company, Suzhou Longfu Textile Co., Ltd., and Anhui Oasis Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have emerged. , Building Materials and other famous products with market competition advantages.

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