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  1. 1. How to prepare group noodles. Don't want to highlight yourself too much, so you don't have 100 % self -confidence. Don't grab the role as soon as you come up. Instead, you must learn to seize power gently. For example, 7 crowds, your fifth speech, there is no rush to the role. You have to control the time, and pay attention to time silently. When the time has passed one third, he said: Everyone, we have sufficient discussions on ***. Everyone must know that we are here to interview today Market posts are not product posts, so I suggest that we summarize the discussion just now.
    You need to summarize and record in advance. First of all, you show the interviewer that you have the concept of time. You control the time, which is Timer; second, you have the rhythm and focus of the discussion. As long as you keep this way later, you will find that you have quietly become a leader; in the end If you discuss each part, you will summarize the records in a similar way, then you will become a reporter in the end, because you record the summary of each part on the paper.
    Igly, you will find that in this group, all three important characters are gently occupied by you alone. If you can make a few good views, your group will be very stable. Another a few suggestions: First, the group must highlight yourself, but you must also pay attention to the cooperation of the team. If the teammates put forward a good point of view, then expressed support for the first time and strive to promote the discussion instead of arguing that they are arguing about themselves. How good is IDEA. The speeches of the group must be fine and logical. Do not speak nonsense.
    2. How to prepare professional noodles. It is probably divided into the following parts to prepare for the interview question: self -introduction, the approximate situation of the interview company and the recent events, the understanding of the interview position and the relevant knowledge and examples, the combing of past internships Sworing interests. The inspection dimension is divided into two major items: the ability reflected in the past experience and the relevant potential of the question and answer questions.
    3.hr to prepare. It mainly depends on the personality, work motivation, etc. of job seekers. Interview sales are very simple. If you have the courage to pay for the first month, then I believe that no matter what sales you apply for, the other party is willing to accept you. At the beginning, the first job I was looking for part -time jobs in the employer was real estate sales. At that time, the boss talked a lot to me, and let me go home to give myself a telegram. I probably understand the meaning of the boss. Then I told the boss decided that I just wanted to find a job now, so that I would learn it first, not afraid, I am afraid that there is no platform. I do n’t want this month's salary, but if I am lucky, you still have to give me a commission. Then I went to work in the afternoon.

  2. The general commonality is their business, and they are unwilling to work overtime, and their requirements for the basic salary are particularly strict. There is no way to accept it. There is no basic salary or a particularly low base salary.

  3. In the interview sales staff, the common commonality is that the ability to resist pressure is strong. They will have a lot of requirements, unwilling to work overtime, and they will also pay the base salary particularly high. They need to equip them with a lot of materials. He has a headache, and you need to pay a lot of wages.

  4. The communication ability is very strong, and the business skills are special. I also work very hard, very serious, and unremitting, have a strong sense of responsibility, very passionate, have a good mentality, and have strong pressure resistance.

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