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  1. Manufacturer 1: Hefei Zhongke Fire Flale Reserve New Materials Co., Ltd.
    It Hefei Zhongke Fire Flaleburbage New Material Co., Ltd. is a high -tech industrial enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, especially in the latest flame retardant materials. The influence is huge. Among them, wood flame retardants are one of the company's main products. The biggest feature of the wood -flame retardant produced by the company is that the flame retardant effect is excellent and the flame retardant performance is long -lasting. At the same time, the wood flame retardant produced by the company is a non -toxic and smoky environmental protection product.
    Manufacturers: Guangdong High -Energy Fire Resistance Fire Improvement Materials Co., Ltd.
    In Guangdong High -Energy Fire Resistance Refractive Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of various flame retardant refractory materials. As a flame retardant material widely used in various industries, wood fire retardant is the company's most representative product. The company has the most advanced production technology and equipment in the field of wood retardant in China. In addition to the excellent flame retardability, the company produced by the company also has excellent corrosion resistance and insect resistance, which can improve the service life of wood products.

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