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  1. In 2003, Yili was the top of the dairy, and its marketing strategy deserves our research.

    . The marketing strategy of Yili Company

    1. Product strategy

    Illi is the first listed company in the country's dairy industry. Stocks have raised a large amount of funds. Zheng Junhuai, chairman of Yili Group, believes that although capital is an important factor in promoting Yili's development, it is the key to maintaining the speed of product quality for the quality of product quality. As we all know, there is a lot of profit temptation to restore milk, but Yili's promise of no restoration of milk has established a healthy and reliable corporate image for consumers.

    "Using global resources, doing a Chinese market", this is the slogan of Yili for many years. In Yili's view, the key to survive and development in the competitive dairy industry is to control the two ends of the chain -the one is the source of milk and the other is sales. Inner Mongolia has a unique natural resources for developing dairy industry. However, resource advantages are not the same as economic advantages. Ranch, dairy, processing, and market are an organic chain. To reach the top economic advantage, it must be transformed and integrated.

    Ili first used heavy punch to speed up the construction of milk sources. Since the mid -1990s, it has invested more than 200 million yuan to build 360 standardized milking stations, built 15 professional regions of dairy breeding, and distributed 130 million yuan to farmers. 40 % of the year's growth rate. Yili has created a new model of milk source development of "decentralized breeding, concentrated milk, high -quality and high -quality, and comprehensive services", forming a community of interests that depend on each other, breathe, and share fate with tens of millions of milk households, forming milk stations Echoing a good pattern of the breeding community and the simultaneous growth of scale and benefits.

    The pure milk and yogurt will still be the mainstream products of the market in the future. Yili has a relatively obvious advantage in regional, personnel structure and channel construction. The mainstream liquid milk will have more room for rising for two or three years. Marine milk, high magnesium, high calcium, high -dimensional milk, etc. are still in the stage of manufacturing concept or establishing an image. Therefore, we believe that on the basis of the guarantee of milk sources, we must first recognize the development trend of the dairy industry and confirm whether the main direction of the main attack is always warm or fresh milk. At the same time, starting with the development of differentiated products as the new profit growth point of the enterprise.

    2. Channel strategy

    Channel changes are developing in the direction of flatness: to reduce distribution links and reduce distribution management focus. This means that the factory conducts direct sales of retail terminals and establishes milk stations itself. Yili can't do this at present, because it also needs to use the financial resources of the dealer and the sales network to further develop the market. Therefore, in -depth distribution of Yili on the basis of the distribution system: it is to fade a batch, strengthen two batches, and establish a strong two batches of strong two batches The distribution system usually operates the distribution of distribution in the area.

    The dominant retail terminal of liquid milk is chain supermarkets, hypermarkets and community milk stations. Supermarkets and hypermarkets can bring brand improvements to enterprises and expand sales; community milk stations can lock customers and improve cash flow; as far as the channel itself compares, community milk stations are special channels for enterprises. Customers rarely receive competitive products. Interference can ensure the stability of customer sources and product prices, but it takes a long time to build such a channel. Faced with the gradually forming direct marketing model of family sales, telephone ordering and delivery of milk households have gradually become climate in many areas.这一销售方式在当前阶段突出的是服务功能,它在一定程度上提升了瓶袋装牛奶的附加值;进一步的发展将会过渡到客户资料库营销,将突出一对一的个性化营销与Serve. Chain supermarkets and hypermarkets are a public channel. The mutual interference between brands is quite serious. Customers have a large choice for brands, and they are often influenced by promotions to convert brands. Therefore, it is often difficult to stabilize customer sources and ensure normal selling price.

    Therefore, Yili fully realized that the competitive environment has gradually reduced the profit margin of milk, which is no longer suitable for multi -level distribution channels. In 2003, the investment in the terminal was increased: including buying the pile position of the hypermarket, increasing the construction of Yili image stores, and investing in a large number of promoters. In 2004, it continued to control and build the retail terminal of hypermarkets, chain supermarkets and community milk stores, and gradually attached importance to the construction of a mechanism for rapid response to market changes.

    3. Promotion strategy

    The focus of Eli's advertising in 2004 is still CCTV. The 200 million yuan advertising investment is a huge expenditure for any company. It is absolutely impossible to spend these money without strong sales revenue. But compared to the new troops of the dairy industry, does it look like Yili's conservative marketing in marketing with 320 million yuan in the practice of CCTV benchmarking? We believe that although Mengniu's approach highlights his ambitions in dairy, his decision -making may not be stable and slightly impulsive. It may rely on the situation of event marketing to build the brand's construction on the next level, but is it at the cost of reducing market costs? If this is the case, as a fast consumer product, there is only the name of the brand, and it cannot be given to consumers' brand reality, and it is worrying.

    Ili's "natural ranch of the soul" is quite successful. It gives people a kind and charming feeling, without losing vitality, close to consumers without lingering domineering. Natural ranch highlights the advantages of the milk source of Inner Mongolia, and through the communication of the soul, it has sublimated the brand image. In the process of promotion, the advertising picture of the strong visual impact has gained the trust of consumers and gradually established a fresh and healthy brand image, which provided strong emotional support for Yili to play market sales myths. It can be said that Yili's successful brand positioning makes it less effective in the market operation.

    . The analysis and thinking of Yili's marketing strategy

    1. The lack of continuity of image planning

    It is very exciting, but the competitive method is very homogeneous. Most of them stay on the strategy and tactical level. The promotional methods adopted are basically price reductions and buying gifts, and they are not intermittently executed. This competitive method exposes the hidden crisis in my country's dairy industry. When the price war has reached a certain stage and approaching the cost of the industry, many companies will be eliminated. For the winning companies, in fact, they have not achieved a substantial victory. When the normal price, the profit has been fully lost.

    In after a year of fighting, at the same time facing the other Mengniu's aggressive offensive at the same time, Yili did not launch a refreshing advertising demand. "Natural ranch", but Yili's marketers did not excavate and deepen this valuable wealth, but disregarded it, getting farther and farther away from it. In 2003, Yili launched a series of advertisements represented by the Hulai Cow, which asked for "Everyday Natural, Yili Pure Milk", and conducted tour roadshow promotion in large and medium -sized cities across the state, but the effect was unsatisfactory. In the final analysis, it is the lack of the continuity of brand promotion and the glitter of brand demands. In terms of marketing strategy, it also adopted a follow -up attitude, lacking initiative and innovation. Under the marketing of Mengniu's strong incident (using "God's Five" to promote its "Special Milk Special Milk"), Yili seemed to be helpless. In 2004, in 2004, in 2004, in 2004, in 2004, in 2004, The most shiny protagonist of the dairy may be Mengniu instead of Yili.

    Ili's advertising route in 2004, in our opinion, is unclear. The "natural pasture of the soul" based on the perceptual level and the "natural natural, Yili pure milk" based on the rational level " It seems that there is no connection. The former has a sense of moving and resonance, but the latter looks pale and weak, staying on pure slogans, and does not allow consumers to feel its substantial content and support. We believe that excavation and deepening the former is the way of Yili's brand building. Yili proposed to be the first brand of Chinese dairy industry, which means that it must maintain consumers' long -lasting psychological expectations for dairy products, that is, absolute green, natural, fresh to pure. To this end, Yili must position his business philosophy in creating a "natural ranch" for consumers, and integrate this concept into product and corporate culture.

    2. The main product is too single, and the lack of management of the product line

    product line management strategy will challenge the company, the challenge comes from two aspects -one is the one is that one is the one is the How to establish core product lines and non -core product lines; the second is how to determine the strategic goals of different product lines. The management strategy of the product line is not limited to the product line itself, it also reflects the strategic ideas and literacy of the business operation, because it involves the deep analysis and grasp of the industry's development, the correct understanding of the company's own resources, and on this basis Strategic positioning of enterprises and so on. When dealing with the challenges in the first aspect, companies must understand and grasp the development trend of the industry and local markets. At the same time, they must fully recognize their existing advantages and available resources, and then define what comparative advantages and easy cultivation of themselves. Core competitiveness can then establish your core product line. In response to the second challenge, a multi -product line must make a clear strategic goal of low and medium and high -end product lines. These goals reflect the role of different product lines in the market and bring different benefits to enterprises. Generally speaking, the main goal of low -end products is to achieve a paving rate. The goal of mid -to -high -end products is mainly to enhance brands and create profitability for enterprises. Therefore, Yili has adopted the correct product line management strategy not only to achieve the dual goal of product laying rate and profitability, but also more importantly to make the company establish core competitiveness on the basis of determining its comparative advantages.

    3. Excessive dependence on dealers, failed to adapt to the trend of future channel development

    before 1997, the dealer model adopted by Yili Batch, a batch to the two batches, and then to the terminal marketing model, which was still in the initial development stage at the time, it was an effective, economical and fast model. However, when the market size expands, the dealer's model has contained Yili's development, the sales are not available, and the benefits are not guaranteed. In 1997, Yili transformed the dealer model into both ends (that is, one end is the source of milk, and one end was sold), driving the marketing model of the middle (that is, wholesale channels). With the rapid development of Hyundai KA, Yili has adjusted the channels rapidly: first put forward higher requirements for dealers' capabilities, and the relationship between Yili and dealers has grown from dependence to mutual dependence. In 2003, Yili took the industry to the industry. The front challenge also reflects absolute advantages in the position, and the control of dealers has become an undeniable fact. Therefore, the dealer also bears the pressure of continuously adapting to Yili: the role of a comprehensive professional company in which the pioneers, distributors, planners, and operators. From the perspective of Yili's attitude towards dealers, this is to reduce its operating costs And improve the two strategies of market operation capabilities.

    But in the face of a fierce competitive environment, dealers' operating risks are getting greater and greater. Many dealers have worked hard for a year but have no profit or even losing money. More and more companies have transformed dealers into distributors. The significance is that manufacturers bear all business risks to ensure the vested interests of partners. As a distributor, you get a distribution fee for each delivery product. Although the delivery fee is lower than the increase in the price of each goods under the distribution system, it does not need to invest in many manpower and cold storage fees except the vehicle. Without operating risks, it is essentially a risk return. On the other hand, it also indicates that manufacturers have absolute market control, but at the same time they must pay huge institutional operating costs and personnel costs.

    Ili has no ability to operate independently. Therefore, its market construction also greatly relies on dealers' cooperation attitude and marketing capabilities. It is not a wise thing to deliver your own products to the operation of another person, but at the current stage, this is a model that must be continued. When dealing with retailers, pay attention to skills and be guarded from time to time.

    . The differentiation of the product and the cultivation of consumers' loyalty pay attention to enough

    because of the fierce competition, the dairy industry promotes the promotion, and to the point of vicious competition, dairy products Enterprises are used to competing for long -term special and long -term buying promotion. When large brands set off a price war, the living space of small and medium brands is squeezed, but at the same time, the profit of the industry has also suffered huge losses. This may be a big brand. It was unexpected. Milk consumers 'brand loyalty is high. If dairy companies use their promotion to increase sales, they ignore the cultivation of consumers' loyalty, which will only make their brand power weaker and weaker. Frequent and frequent promotional tactics can make consumers practice. It does not feel that the brand brought by the brand is more likely to lose its potential superiority.

    The more and more dairy companies have realized the importance of "differentiation and grabbing the market". Yili Duoduo's "active lactic acid bacteria" swept the dairy market and achieved impressive results. Each dairy company also continuously enhances the brand's sense of value and consumer recognition through various ways: natural milk calcium in high calcium milk, small packaging milk, students' strengthening milk, etc. It shows that consumers' demand is increasingly refined, and the dairy industry is increasing with the competition, and the products are unquestionable to develop in a refined direction. It can be said that more differences will be found and will get more markets.

    5. Insufficient importance to marketing management

    The as a state -owned enterprise, Yili has a bureaucratic style in the management mechanism. It is entangled in meaningless disputes on the actual problems in the market operation; the management system and process are formulated, but they are not concerned about whether the supporting facilities they need are complete and complete; Personnel, the strategies they put forward are often more effective and more lethal, but their opinions are not valued, so they are often dissatisfied with work.

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