4 thoughts on “How do I divide the securities industry researchers?”

  1. There is no certainty. Generally, the classification is based on the industry's industry. It is basically as follows. n
    Ter petrochemical

    Agriculture (including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, etc.)


    n Steel

    medicine, including biomedicine

    electric power n
    mining, including coal

    mechanical equipment

    communications, including information technology

    In transportation


    is basically the industry classification. As for whether the securities company is so detailed, it may not necessarily.

  2. The question you ask itself is wrong.
    What you said is not the classification of researchers, but industry classification.
    The researcher has no good classification, but each researcher has his own field.
    The next futo -flowering software, according to 94, it is column.

  3. Without certain rules, each company is divided according to its own situation. What you list is only the division of the industry, and there are generally research on the macroeconomic.

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