4 thoughts on “Is it legal to collect the Dharma and collect money privately?”

  1. illegal.
    This is scam money and can be criminal law according to the amount of fraud.
    The individuals are not illegal, but they cannot do illegal things. Article 303 of the People's Republic of China Code " Seding orders and other methods to invade others 'private life tranquility 2) Entering, shooting, peeping for the private space of the house of others, hotel rooms, etc.) shooting, peeping, eavesdropping, and disclosed private activities of others 4) Photo and the private parts of others' bodies 5) Processing private information of others 6) In other ways to infringe on the privacy of others.

  2. It is illegal to collect money to talk about the Dharma, and it is not in line with the Dharma to sell Dharma to sell Dharma. It shows that the Buddha -legal person does not understand the truth of the Dharma.

  3. Of course illegal!
    The countries have corresponding Internet religious management measures, which can be searched or consults religious management departments.

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