Is the live broadcast industry red? Watch the live broadcast to the anchor to pay gifts to IQ taxes?

4 thoughts on “Is the live broadcast industry red? Watch the live broadcast to the anchor to pay gifts to IQ taxes?”

  1. Yes, I think brushing gifts is an act of paying IQ taxes.
    Then let's talk about the anchor industry first. I once thought about being anchor because my own appearance is okay, so some anchors have contacted me and want to build me to become a new anchor or an Internet celebrity. Then I was still in college, because I wanted to make money more, and I was okay to play games, so I did n’t choose to be a face -to -face anchor. I and any of them were the anchors who did n’t show their faces, but they did I still pulled me into the big group. It was this reason, so I learned that many of the inside story of many face entertainment anchors.
    It's inside story in the WeChat group, almost every day about the "training" of the anchor. Of course, these are for face -exposed entertainment anchors. They will teach you how to retain the live broadcast room, how In fact, it is not too much to play a good relationship with people. The most excessive thing is how to maintain the relationship.
    The so -called "counselor" in the group will tell the anchors that in the appropriate holiday to contact their "big brother", say more close words, and even ask "Big Brother" to maintain a kind of couple like a couple. Link, so that he would willingly brush you money, but I just feel nauseous in this kind of money made in the name of ambiguous.
    So there are so many news, saying how much the list has been brushed to the anchor, but the anchor will not care about him. For the big anchor, how much you brush will only be in exchange for, or accompany You add WeChat to chat alone. For the little anchor, you have brushed gifts, then you are her meal ticket and economic source. After you add her personal number, she will also accept the money you send to her.
    Is do not pay IQ taxes, so brush gifts to anchors is a unwise choice. No matter what anchor you give gifts, this gift will sink the sea, and the anchor will not treat you as a real couple, because once you have your own own, you have your own your own. On the other half, she can't rely on this to make money again, so the smart anchor will not announce the relationship between herself and others. You may think that this anchor is only for you, but if the others have brushed her gifts one day, the others have brushed her gifts, and the other people gave her gifts. She will also add other people's personal accounts, and she will take the initiative to send some small red envelopes to others during the New Year, saying some ambiguous words.
    The network anchor is not reliable. If you look at it casually, but if you want the other party to remember you because of your gift, it is almost impossible. Even if it is a small anchor, they also have it. Doing a lot of ambitions will not only be special for you, so brushing gifts to be intellectual, these are IQ taxes.

  2. Yes. If you like the live broadcast of the anchor, you need to brush various gifts, and the IQ is the motivation to brush gifts.

  3. I personally think that brushing gifts to the anchors is indeed paying IQ taxes. This behavior is very bad. It will waste their money very much. It is better to donate to some poor people.

  4. Yes, I personally think that this behavior is a bit clever, but everyone has their own preferences, and I still understand.

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