5 thoughts on “Xuzhou Petroleum Natural Gas Pipeline Second Company”

  1. The unit is affiliated with the Pipeline Bureau of China Petroleum. It is a standard state -owned enterprise and 5 branches. Two years in Xinjiang, thousands of kilometers of oil pipelines have been built, the most famous of which is the Karamay oil field oil pipeline. In 1999, the international business began, and the representative project was the construction of Sudan oil pipeline.

    The operating nature is abroad all year round. The income should not be low in accordance with the standards of Xuzhou, but the price paid is long for a long time. There are subsidies and bonuses in construction in other places.

    The is a national pipeline, tank contractor team.
    I is the children of the employees of the second company. Now I start my own business. I let me go in that place in the second company, because the truth is to say that this work system ruins my mother and my childhood , Ruined this family.

  2. It is a field unit, depending on what major you are, I suggest that if you want to realize your own life value, it does not matter if you have no development future. It depends on how hard your relationship is. Tiring

  3. Is there a man named Zang Yulei with the second company of Xuzhou Pipeline. He calculated with his dad to calculate his wife who had lived for 20 years to squat in prison?

  4. I grew up with that place upstairs. At that time, recruiting people. I refused to go back. I hate that place. Go to school there. Life is also there. People have become narrow. Even if the salary is good, what can be done, people stay there, and they are abandoned.

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