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  1. Production refers to the process of creating material wealth. This article is a profile of a production company company compiled by me. Welcome to see.
    The introduction of production company enterprises 1
    The new Aerospace Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    is all subsidiaries of Singapore Aviation Manufacturing Group. Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Group is affiliated with Singapore Science and Technology Group.

    Thestaping air is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters, a plant area of ​​14,000 square meters. The company's registered capital is 12 million US dollars, and the total investment exceeds 36 million US dollars. At present, the company is one of the largest aviation companies in Suzhou Park.
    The introduction of production company companies 2
    The Han Weitai (Guangzhou) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    The company is in a rapid development stage. Factory, equipment, and personnel are constantly expanding Now, with a group of experienced technologies and management personnel, equipped with advanced equipment instruments, comprehensive detection methods and product manufacturing and design capabilities, with mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, hardware stamping molding and assembly capabilities. It can be designed and produced according to customer needs. Duoshi furnaces, electric kettles, coffee pots, coffee grinds, mixers, juicers, egg beam machines, tea trays and other products. The product style is novel, beautiful in shape, excellent and reliable performance, and safe use. All through TUV, ITS and other internationally renowned security authentication institutions and Chinese national compulsory certifications. In more than 40 countries and regions, it sells millions of units annually and is popular with customers.
    The introduction of production company enterprise 3
    Shang Shanghai Peiyue Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    In long -term accumulating mechanical design and manufacturing experience, SPC150B was developed according to the different needs of customers -600B (single -machine header set), its speed is 150 to 600 bottles per minute. On the basis of a stand -alone header, the company successively successfully studied and developed a dual -headed nobel machine, so that the customer's product grade has taken another step. In response to the different needs of customers, our company has borrowed from foreign advanced technology and experience. The SPC-T15A BOPP hot-melter-labeling machine and the SPC-SORL series (straight line and rotation) of the SPC-T15A BOPP hot melting adhesion of 150 to 600 bottles per minute (linear and rotation) Labeling machine, SPC-SW series fully automatic high, medium, low-speed PE thermal film packaging machine, SPC-WA hot-melt rubber paper packaging machine, SPC-CL box loading machine series, robotics and traditional regulatory machine series series Essence According to the requirements of customer product packaging, analyze and improved from the direction of mechanical structure, circuit design, intelligent control, and improvement of productivity, promote the product towards a more perfect route, and strive to create a perfect subsequent packaging machinery production base.

    The company's special technology research institute, continuously focused on research and development of the company's packaging machinery, and seized the market with high cost performance and high stability. The company has precision machine tools such as advanced processing equipment CNC (Has), CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, plans, grinders, border folding machines, shear machines. The various machinery produced by the company, regardless of its speed and accuracy, lead other brands, excellent quality, leading technology, good reputation, and product marketing all over the country.
    The introduction of production company companies 4
    The China West Electric Group Corporation (formerly "Xi'an Power Machinery Manufacturing Company") was established in July 1959. Based on the development of the project, the development of the institutes and the backbone enterprise groups based on the development of scientific research, development, manufacturing, trade, and finance based on scientific research institutes and backbone enterprise groups. XX Nianxi West Electric Corporation became the only central enterprise in my country's transmission and distribution industry supervised by the State -owned Assets Supervisory Commission of the State Council. On May 6th of XX, with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it was officially renamed China West Power Group Corporation. Referred to as "West Power Group".

    . After half a century of hard work and development, West Power Group has become the most large -scale, complete high -voltage, high -voltage, high -voltage direct -voltage transmission power distribution equipment and other electrical products in China. Manufacturing base. The business scope of West Power Group and its units covers the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, testing, related equipment complete sets, technical research, service and engineering contracting of power transmission and distribution and control equipment. Manufacturing, research and development and testing of power transmission and distribution equipment. Leading products include high -voltage switches (GIS, GCB, isolation switch, ground switch), transformers (power transformers, conversion transformers), electric anti -power device, parallel electric antibody), electric capacitors, interoperability, interoperability, and interoperability, transformers (GCB, GCB, GCB, isolation switch), transformers (power transformers) Device (CVT, CT, PT), insulators (power stations, porcelain products, composite materials insulators products), sleeve, zinc oxide lightning moisturizer, DC transmission flow valve, etc.

    At present, Xidian Group has a total of more than 40 wholly -owned or holding subsidiaries, including 10 large and medium -sized production and manufacturing backbone enterprises, and 3 research institutes (including 3 national inspection centers). There are more than 18,000 employees, about 3,000 engineering and technical personnel, including 529 senior professional titles, 35 experts who enjoy special allowances of the State Council, and 49 young experts with outstanding contributions to the provincial and municipal level. Over the years, West Power Group has made major breakthroughs in the key technical fields of UHV transmission and distribution equipment. In China, it has taken the lead in developing a series of products for 750KV power grids. , Electric antibody, lightning arrangers and other products. As a research base for high voltage, strong current, and large -capacity communication and DC experiments in my country. The research institutions affiliated to the West Electric Group not only become members of the International Electrician Commission and the International Power Grid Conference, but also the porters and related international secretariat of the International Electrical Technology Commission in China. In recent years, West Power Group has continuously increased its research and technological reforms around the needs of national key projects and markets, and has completed a total of more than 1,300 key new products developed and developed independently, of which 281 items reached the international advanced level, and 230 domestic leading levels of 230 items in China ; 11 national scientific and technological achievement awards, 136 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements awards; 260 authorized patents and 2 software. At present, West Power Group has five leading products in China to get the title of Chinese brand -name product, and at the same time, it has also won 16 famous brands in Shaanxi Province and 19 brand names in Xi'an. Independent intellectual property rights have won the honorary titles of the top 500 companies in China, the top 100 Chinese electrical enterprises, the competitiveness of China's electrical industry and the top ten innovation power. In November of XX, the SASAC was determined to be the first large -scale central enterprise with a clear main business. In April of XX, XX won the "National May Day Labor Award".

    The vanguard in China, as the pioneers in my country's transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry, undertake the heavy responsibility of promoting the technical progress of my country's transmission and distribution equipment and providing key equipment for national key projects. It has been the first 330kV, 550KV high -voltage AC transmission project, the first 750KV ultra -high -voltage AC transmission project, the first ± 100kV DC transmission project, the first ± 500kV ultra -high -voltage DC transmission project, the first ± 800kV UHV DC transmission projects, the first northwest to North China -connected back -to -back DC transmission projects and national key engineering projects such as the "Three Gorges Project" and "West East Transmission" provides complete sets of transmission and distribution equipment and services. Among them, products such as 750KV transformers, electric anti -resistors, lightning offers, capacitive voltage transformers, and 800kV isolation switch have been successfully operated in the Northwest 750KV demonstration project. The first domestic 800KV dual -cutting tank -type railor has been put into operation at the Yinchuan East Transformation Station. West Power Group also first exchanged 1100kV and DC ± 800kV UHV product research and development and technical reserves in China. Products such as voltage transformers, lightning arrangers, ground switches, insulators and other products provide transformers, streaming valves, capacitors, and lightning offers such as "Yunnan-Guangzhou" ± 800KV UHV DC transmission engineering. In the international market, West Power Group's products and technology have exported more than 40 countries and regions, and successfully entered developed countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    Faced with the future, West Electric Group will adhere to the purpose of the harmonious development of society, nature, and resources, carry forward the value pursuit of "China West Electric, Equipment Equipment", seek common development of enterprises and society, and carefully carefully will be carefully. It is created to be "global power transmission and distribution equipment with independent intellectual property rights and well -known brands."
    The introduction of production -oriented companies 5
    Dongtai Machinery Shenyang Branch is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer. Dozens of packaging machines such as code machines, lock machines, rotor machines, origami machines, biders, codes, tail seals, etc. are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware and other industries. Dongtai adapts to the development of the global packaging machinery industry, providing new and old customers with high -quality and cheap packaging products. Dongtai has high -end technical talents and a high -quality work team that can provide customers with comprehensive after -sales service in time. "Professional qualifications, creating a brand" is the operating goal of Dongtai. Dongtai has the great advantages and influence of talents, resources, networks, scale, and experience in the field of packaging machinery, and has become a new entrepreneurial organization with high competitive and leading advantages. The company survives with quality, with service development, and always takes heavy contracts and keeps credit as its purpose. The equipment is high -quality and cheap. Welcome to the fact that the majority of old customers come to the factory to buy!

    -Dongtai -Dongtai Machinery, classic quality of casting, leading the packaging industry

    The company to make customers feel that purchasing products is a kind and pleasant experience. Respect the opinions made by each colleague. The managers are regarded as "public servants leadership" and help new colleagues know and discover their potential through training, praise and constructive feedback. Using "open" management philosophy to encourage colleagues to mention more problems and care about the company in an open atmosphere. Company colleagues shared their promises to satisfy customers. Discuss the goal of the day before work every day. The "sunset principle" requires colleagues to have an eager consciousness, and the questions raised on the day must be answered on the same day.

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