Is the largest scam in the 20th century -Is the United States landing the moon true?

Amsterland is still alive, why not come out to clarify the facts, is there any ugly yin in the United States to land on the moon? If the Soviet Union has disintegrated it out of the needs of politics, why not clarify the facts? Public opinion? Intersection Intersection

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  1. Since the United States has not sent the manned rocket to the moon since the 1970s, it is becoming more and more doubtful. Will this be a scam, and that the moon landing is just deceived by the United States?
    The is not so much that China has a long history to land on the moon, but it is not scientific. In fact, from Chang'e's landing on the moon, it has been known that the ancient people's exploration of the moon has been longing for a long time.

    . In recent years, China has also committed to exploring the moon and achieved a lot of results.
    This in China launched a total of five monthly detectors. The time is as follows:
    around 18:05 on October 24, 2007, China successfully launched the Chang'e -1 lunar probe. The successful launch of Chang'e -1 marks that China has become the world's fifth country in the world to successfully launch a moon probe.
    In October 1, 2010 at 18:59:57, China launched the "Chang'e -2" lunar probe at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center and achieved a complete success.
    At 1:30 on December 2, 2013, Chang'e 3 Monthly Detector was launched by the Long March No. 3 Rocket Rockets from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on December 14, 2013 to the northwest of the rainy sea of ​​the moon. The monthly mission was successful.
    On January 3, 2019, Chang'e -4 completed the first monthly login of the human beings. Yutu No. 2 Moon Cars is still inspecting the "Yongye Land" on the back of the moon.
    At 1:59 am on December 17, 2020, Chang'e 5 returned to the lunar sample successfully landing, and the task was successful.
    can say that China's lunar exploration technology is now at the leading level of the world, and the next step is to land on the moon.
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    In the past year, although the world is affected by a certain major event, many industries have been affected, but China has been affected by small. In terms of stubbornness, taking China ’s aerospace technology, not only did it have no effect last year, but created one miracle after another.
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    It is like Chang'e 5 we are very familiar with recently. During the 4 -month exploration journey, Chang'e 5 completed the task perfectly and carried more than three kilograms. The lunar soil returns to China, and China has become the third to the moon as a sample country. Then the Chang'e -5 mission is perfectly over.
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    This will definitely be puzzled. China has the strength to sampling the moon. So when should the people land on the moon be realized? In fact, the manned lunar moon is far less simple. In 1969, the United States realized the first manned moon landing plan. After that, the Soviet Union spent a lot of manpower and material resources to realize the manned landing of the moon, but none of them were none of them. success.
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    The difficulty is high, and even now some people doubt whether the United States is true for the moon to land on the moon. If you want to carry the moon to the moon, you need to use a larger spacecraft. The weight of the manned spacecraft is more than 100 tons, which is much different from the detector. At present, the Chinese rocket engine is still not available for the time being. The loading is very important to the moon.
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    . Fortunately, the current Long March 9 rocket in China is constantly improving and researching. As long as the technology matures in the future The No. 5 mission is over. This is just the beginning. The moon landing journey of Chang'e 5 provides China with strong moon landing data. At present, China only needs to develop a powerful rocket engine.
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    The can truly realize the manned landing at that time at that time, not only manned to land on the moon, but now many countries with aerospace technology have turned their attention to Mars, China in the future of China, the future of China The road of aerospace requires a long journey,

  2. The moon landing in the United States is the largest political scam in the 20th century

    Week group comments: I said many years ago: "As long as the people are the democratic countries of the people, the government must do their best to eliminate the people. The unwanted triads, prostitutes, drugs, slums and high crimes, and do their best to improve the social environment of medical, education, employment, housing, pensions, and tranquility that the people are most needed! Do you have to deceive the people to live?! And the bourgeoisie is the master country of the owner, and the government must be maliciously supporting the people of the people, prostitutes, drugs, slums, and high crimes. Medical, education, employment, housing, pension, and tranquility social environment! So, can the government that serves the bourgeoisie wholeheartedly live if it does not rely on deceiving the people?! "

    So It is normal for the United States to mix the days by deceiving the world by deceiving the world. The so -called "Apollo" moon landing in 1969 also regarded everyone in the world as a fool idiot. With its usual despicable means, another political scam was made. The purpose is to deceive all humans in the world in the world : Although capitalist countries maliciously support the people's most unwavering underworld, prostitutes, drugs, slums and high crimes, they can first board the moon!

    The original reprint: "The Moon Laying in the United States, the largest scientific scam in the 20th century"

    Tomorrow (July 21) is the 40th anniversary of the so -called "Moon success" in the United States. However, as technology becomes more and more developed, more and more people think that this is a big scam in the United States! Even more and more Americans are suspected of a scam today. According to the British media reported on February 15 this year, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the "Apollo 11" spacecraft this summer, this summer of NASA (NASA) this summer, the "Apollo 11" manned The conspiracy theory of the moon is more and more arrogant. It is reported that the proportion of Americans who believe that the "Apollo 11" moon landing incident is purely from 6%in 1979 to more than 22%. In addition, more than 40%of people are doubtful, which means that people who are convinced that the successful lunar landing of the United States accounts for only one -third of the American population. Most people think it is a scam! The most shocking thing is that even a former engineer and a former NASA astronaut who had participated in the design of the "Apollo" spacecraft rocket believed that Americans had not boarded the moon. Many people think this is the largest scientific scam in the 20th century! Of course, people's doubts are mainly concentrated on some details, such as a lot of unreasonable questions that are exposed through the moon landing photos and video exposure! And my doubts are not only in these details, but also more important and critical issues prove that this is a scam! The author's questions are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    1, the main question is: how does the "Apollo" spacecraft fly away from the moon and fly back to the earth? It should be noted that the moon is also gravitational. Flying to the earth from the moon is not to fly back to the earth. He needs to get rid of the gravity of the moon and fly back in the direction of the earth. To the earth, this requires a launch rack, which needs to be a launch of rockets, just like launching a spacecraft on the earth that requires a launchers and rockets! It is good to land on the moon and come back so easily? At that time, the science and technology could no longer bring the astronauts back to the earth. The departure on the moon also needed a lot of fuel. Of course, the launch rack was also required, and the launching rack cooling problem when the earth took off. There are too many problems. The landing of the moon needs to be returned to the rocket, and it is not a small thing, and there should be a launcher. However, the lunar -launching cabin in the United States cannot see the return rocket. It is not only impossible to return to space, that is, it is not high to fly, and it is not high to fly. Now the truth is white, not only the launch rack, but not even a hairy. You know, to this day, including our Chang'e -1, the lunar exploration satellite in Japan, and the lunar exploration satellites in other countries have no return. Those who stayed on the moon, because we are now unable to recover the lunar exploration satellite to the earth. It is difficult to reach this level by mature on behalf of the United States at that time, but now the United States is not as good as before? Regarding how the "Apollo" spacecraft breaks away from the moon to fly back to the earth, no scientist has given a full and powerful explanation! Many scientists now just explain some detailed explanations on details. Moreover, the biggest problem is how spacecraft landed and lifts back on the moon. Although the gravity on the moon is smaller than the earth, it is not small for spacecraft in space. If it is not easy to land steadily, it is necessary to ensure that it has enough fuel to take off again and get rid of the gravity of the moon. I am very strange how the small ascending mooncang of the outside image of the outside image is to get rid of the gravity of the moon, and how it landed safely without air without using a parachute!

    2. After returning to the moon orbit on the moon, you must connect with the spacecraft on the track. No personnel are connected to the clip of the return of the mother ship. After the personnel returned to the mother ship, the rockets that needed a large thrust need to ignite the orbit from the moon to return to the earth, and there was no relevant image information. The lunar -lunar -lunar track needs to continue to adjust the track and speed with the mother ship. The return to the launch of the lunar cabin is another time, direction, and speed. Therefore, the docking will be difficult and long. Circle talents, but there is no process in the live broadcast.

    3, the United States has recently achieved the space station on the earth's orbital connection with the help of Russia. At the end of the 1960s, the United States could not be achieved in the United States. Lunar orbit docking, without the docking of the moon, the moon landing personnel cannot return. Earth rail docking is only achieved under the precision monitoring and calculation of the dead ground monitoring network. Obviously, it is much more difficult for the lunar rail connection, and the current technology of the United States has no grasp of short -term realization.

    4. The United States advertises that it is a country with human rights supremacy. Before the manned, it has to send people to the Earth track after many unmanned and animal and plant aerospace test before the space test. Therefore, before the manned landing, there must be a considerable number of unmanned, animals and plant lunar monthly tests, otherwise the US government and the Aerospace Administration will be the lives of grass. However, the United States' lunar landing test has no unmanned and the moon landing test, and the two people are sent to the moon in one time. Isn't this unreasonable, incredible, grasshopper life?

    5. As early as 40 years ago, the United States had launched a colorful TV live broadcast of the moon landing. If you want to live on the moon on the moon? Suppose it is the worst black and white TV effect, with a resolution of 320 × 200 and 10 pictures per second. Each pixel 16 gray gray, then the speed of 2,560,000bps. The current technology has only nearly 10,000 times that it is hopeful, and this is simply impossible! Today's technology, whether it is antenna technology or communication technology (this time in order to ensure the communication effect, use a long baseline interference measurement technology), or image technology, it is not imagined 40 years ago. There is no possibility to achieve such a technology at all, nor has it been heard that any country in the world can do it. It is not necessary to mention that there are countless technical conditions behind countless behind 40 years ago. It should be noted that until today's Chang'e -1 and the Moon Goddess of Japan cannot achieve the live broadcast of TV live broadcasts when they reach the moon track. The United States did it 40 years ago, and today the United States can't do it. Isn't it puzzling! It is to let the United States regain the moon again today. He couldn't do it. The United States claims that even the drawing of rockets at the time is gone. Is this possible?

    6. All the moon landing is completed during President Nixon. Although the development of human science and technology has made rapid progress over the past 40 years, no other leader in the United States can complete the feat of the moon landing during his tenure. It is said that these 40 years of science and technology have developed rapidly. Now the moon landing should be as easy as a satellite. However, to this day, the United States' lunar landing plan is a distant planning plan. Is it a year ago?

    7. The "Moon Goddess" detector launched in Japan did not find the traces of "Apollo" and artificial activities during the "Apollo" No. 15 and 17 lunar landing area. This also proves that the United States has not boarded the moon at all.
    8. The rocks brought back from the moon are exactly the same as the rock collected from the Antarctica. This is also the fact that many scientists dare not deny that they want to quibble.

    9 The flaws that can be seen from the details of the moon login photos and videos can be seen. There is no star in the sky

    evidence of the lunar lunar scam (2): When landing on the moon, no potholes are impacted on the moon. ): The strong gas generated during the landing cabin will blow away the dust nearby, so it is impossible to appear the footprints of the astronauts near the moon landing cabin

    evidence of the lunar lunar scam (4): Since it is in On the moon, the sun is the only light source. The shadow of all objects in the moon ascending photo should be parallel, but the direction of many shadows in many photos is different. It shows that the light source is not only one or the light source is close to the subject.

    Evidence of the lunar lunar scam (5): Although some photos are taken in different locations, there is an exactly the same background, as if using the same setting version.

    (6): After the moon landing mission is completed, when the promotion of the moon landing cabin is flying away from the moon, the flames of the rocket engine cannot be seen, which proves that this is false. .

    The evidence of the lunar lunar scam (7): As long as the so -called moon landing film is played in a fast mirror, the action of astronauts and moon landing cars will be exactly the same as on the earth, which proves that these films It is fake.

    The evidence of the lunar lunar scam (8): There is no air on the moon. When the astronauts are inserting the national flag, they can see the flag flutter in the wind and prove that the video was shot on the earth. .

    This lunar scam evidence (9): The glass of the camera used by the astronauts is engraved with several cross lines () to facilitate the objects taken by the measurement, why are there some photos, some photos, some photos, These cross lines are not stacked above the objects, but behind it, prove that these so -called cross lines are added afterwards, and these photos are also fake. There is no reason to bring back the flag displayed that face. The United States should keep the flag on the moon for a memorial, and this is also the United States the first to take the lunar to occupy the moon to occupy the moon. However, it did not do so, and this did not meet the consistent habits of the United States.

    10, Russian aerospace research expert Alexander. Gordorf pointed out: What is even more open is that when you see the astronauts walking on the surface of the moon like the movie documentary, it is like walking on the ground. In fact, the gravity on the moon is 6 times smaller than the gravity on the earth, so people are on the moon on the moon. Each step is equivalent to a step of 5 to 6 meters long on the ground; when the moon landing instrument is moving on the "moon surface", the landing speed of the small stone popped under the wheel of the moon landing instrument is also the same as the earth. The speed of the same phenomenon is the same, and this speed on the moon should be 6 times faster than on the earth. Ralph, a famous American engineer. Liene, British scientist David. Perry and Mali. Belt agrees with his doubts. People represented by Hamlet, a well -known American physics professor in the United States affirmed the "scam theory"

    11, a person represented by Hamlet, a well -known American physics professor, affirmed the "scam theory". Curring question. Modern aerospace aircraft can only send 20 tons of loads to low -oriented, while Saturn 5 that year can easily send more than 100 tons of loads to the Earth orbit, and launch dozens of tons of objects to the earth gravity circle. It is said that the drawings have not been preserved? In addition, the effect of temperature on photography equipment can reach 121 ° C during the day. According to the picture, the camera is exposed outside the Aerospace without using insulation measures. The film will be invalidated at 66 ° C. How can I take a photo?

    12, in addition, if the climbing moon warehouse rely on the rocket's reaction force to achieve soft landing, then the floating soil around the Yueyue Warehouse will be blown away like a helicopter, so it is impossible to step out the footprints! However, we can't see the traces of floating soil blown photos in the so -called moon landing photos in the United States, but the so -called footprints stepped on by astronauts! Really contradictory naked lies! On September 27, 2003, the European Space Administration successfully launched its first monthly detector-Smart-1, which is also the first lunar detector launched by humans in the 21st century. It successfully entered the orbit of around the moon on November 15, 2004. The moon probe of the European Space Administration flew for one year and two months to enter the moon track. Maybe?

    In the end of the 1970s, the former employees and journalists of the United States Aerospace Administration first revealed the moon landing scam and believed that the moon landing was a lie. The United States has shot the moon landing picture in the photography shed to deceive the world. There are more and more scientists and people in various countries who believe that the moon landing. Known as the "Father of the Moon", he wrote "We Never Landing the Moon" with a British photographer. It is not small. He was one of the "designers" of the moon -level cabin manufacturer company, and claimed to be familiar with the "bottom details" of the "lunar" scam. In order to strengthen the credibility of his works, he claimed to invite multiple "anonymous" experts to assist. What was embarrassed in the United States NASA was that even a former engineer Bill Kaisin who had participated in the design of the Apollo "Apollo" spacecraft and a former NASA astronaut believe that Americans have not boarded the moon. Bill Kaisin said that the scene where the moon landing car landed like a prop in the film shooting shed by a few steel ropes slowly hanging down "landing". In fact, even the American NASA former astronaut Breane Olier also doubted whether the Americans had really boarded the moon. Brene was an American astronaut in the 1960s, and was a consultant during the "Apollo" moon landing plan. But Brene said subtlely: "I dare not 100%to determine whether human beings have really walked on the moon." Former astronauts, Brian, doubts about NASA a blockbuster bomb, which makes NASA great Be surprised by surprise.

    The countries, including American scientists, expressed doubts about the lunar landing of the United States, and as the technology is becoming increasingly developed, there are more and more people who are suspicious! It is strange that I have not seen any formal response to the US officials so far. And the first person to board the moon, Neil Amsterrand, is still alive, why not let him come out to clarify the facts? Is the United States disdain at all, or is it really hidden? Perhaps they have realized that their American predecessors are wrong. If they just defend the lies, wouldn't they also send themselves to a moral trial?

    This is incredible: the officials of the United States have not been clarified, and in the face of questioning some of the so -called experts and elites of the so -called Chongmei of China, they are anxious. Jumping out and supporting the moon was successful, as if he was in the moon in person, he was convinced that the person in his family, Neil Amsterrand, was still alive, and he didn't come out to clarify. What are you anxious? It is just invited to the American master! They do not allow people to question their master, even if you have more evidence! Because they admire their master so much, their master is perfect in their minds! Really shame the Chinese!

    So why did the United States create a moon -landing scam at that time? I think there are mainly the following reasons (of course, many experts think so):

    The reason why the United States has made this "manned moon" super scam has 5 obvious motivations.

    The first motivation is because in Kennedy in 1961 that Americans were about to board the moon first, the US -Soviet space hegemony entered a state of heat, and Americans wanted to defeat the Soviet Union in the space competition.

    The second motivation was that in the summer of 1969, the Soviet Union was launching its own manned spacecraft in only one month. The "Apollo 11" lunar lunar scam can move the attention of Americans.

    The third motivation is that in the 1960s, which was far behind in the 1960s, NASA could not successfully carry people to land on the moon, so it could only forge the "moon landing". The computing power of the computer used in the "Apollo" moon landing plan in 1969 is compared to the current home computer. Today, the satellite navigation system used by cars is far more than guiding the "Apollo" spacecraft to fly to the moon navigation The equipment is advanced and complicated. The conspiracy theorist believes that the manned moon is far from being so simple. Former US President Bush, Bush, a few years ago, he ambitiously announced that Americans would return to the moon, but he was informed by NASA that NASA would take at least 11 years to re -realize it to re -realize it. Plan for manned moon landing.

    The fourth fake motivation was that NASA received a total of $ 40 billion in national budget at that time. It must do something for people to believe that the money was not white.

    The fifth motivation was that at that time, the world was paying attention to the progress of the United States' manned lunar moon. Failure was obviously not the best choice.

    So how did these moon landing phenomena be made?

    The doubt said that the moon landing video provided by NASA in the United States was taken in advance a few months before the "Apollo 11" landing. That day, the US TV station began to play this video, as if it was really on the live broadcast scene. The conspiracy theorist believes that the "51 district" of the U.S. forces is the best place for NASA to shoot analog moon landing scam. "Area 51" is located in the distant Nevada Desert, and it is also called "fantasy land". The slow landing car that landed slowly was like a movie prop, and a few steel ropes were slowly hanging on the desert ground!

    The spirit of skepticism as science is just like Copernicus suspected "Earth Center" and Bruno suspected "Sun Center". We expressed doubts about the success of the lunar landing 40 years ago. We hope that the US authorities can give you a reasonable and credible explanation. Otherwise, we have full reasons to think that this is the largest scientific scams that the United States dedicated to the world in the 20th century. Lie stops in facts. The birthday feat of Americans 40 years ago has scoffed many people, and the day when the lie is truly exposed to lies is the day when Americans fail or succeed. Americans plan to be ascended to the month in 2015, and there are still six years to prepare. However, if it can be available in the moon by 2020, it is already a terrible feat. I hope to see the jokes of the United States, but what I want to see is the rapid progress of human technology.

    It in the United States, there will be another month to see everyone to see, and let your Chinese experts and professors teach elite fans stand upright.

    1. The photos transmitted from the International Space Station can find that the space clothes will be up in the vacuum, but there is no space suit in the moon landing photo.

    2, the orientation of the shadow on the image on the image is multi -direction, and the shadow formed by the ravage items should be in one direction.

    3, the video shows that when the astronaut passes next to the star bar, the flag will also shake, and there is no air on the moon.

    4, when the moon landing spacecraft landed, a large amount of dust should be blown up. However, the landing ship landing point is calm as usual, indicating that the deceleration rocket has never worked at all.

    5. In some photos of the moon landing, there is a line that is not easy to detect between the close and long scenes, reminiscent of the "fading painting" method in the movie stunt, that is, drawing the vision and then using the light and shadow to use the light and shadow Come to hide.

    6. The temperature of the moon can reach more than 100 degrees Celsius during the day. According to the picture, the camera is exposed outside the space uniform without using insulation measures. The film will be invalidated at 66 ° C. How can I take a photo?

    7. From the perspective of video, astronauts walking on the surface of the moon is like walking on the ground. In fact, the gravity on the moon is much smaller than the gravity on the earth. The landing speed of the small stones popped under the moon ascending wheels is also the same as on the earth.

    8. According to the data released by the Astronautical Agency, the incident angle between the sunlight and the moon was only 6-7 degrees, but the photo of the star flag showed that the sunlight was about 30 degrees.

    9, in the 1960s and 1970s, and today, there are no technical conditions to achieve live broadcasts from the moon. Even now, it takes nearly 20 minutes to return a photo of the American Mars detection car, and the amount of information of the video signal is far more than ordinary data. How did the United States realize TV live broadcast?

    10. The United States did not develop the first Saturn No. 5 until January 1967. The first launch test was performed on January 27. Unfortunately, the fire caused the three astronauts to be burned to death. Later, the lunar -launching compartment was redesigned, and the hardware development was postponed for 18 months. How could it be successful in July 1969?

    11. Modern aerospace aircraft can only send 20 tons of loads to low -oriented. The United States has no suitable carrier to send space stations to the earth track. At that time, Saturn 5 could easily send more than 100 tons to the earth's orbit, and the success rate was as high as 100 %. Why did such an efficient carrier rocket later abandoned and did not use it, and even the drawings were not preserved?

    12. For questioning from all directions, the US official has not had any formal response so far. Amsterland still refused to attend any reporter's recruitment, signature or photo. Why did the "first on the moon" have been silent for more than 30 years?

    13. When the voice of questioning is getting louder, NASA announced that it has lost all the original video tapes for all 13,000 lunar lunar lunar lunar lunar lunar lunches. How can such a large amount of precious information be lost easily?

  3. In order to prove the strong and dignity of its country, the United States is now mainly targeted at the United States. Naturally, it cannot be released at this time. Therefore, we must adhere to the current public opinion. When the time is mature, it must be transparent and clear. After all, this is not this. Joke

  4. It is said that the flag of the United States in the moon landing photo is floating, but there is no air on the moon. Therefore, the Soviet Union had questioned the "Apollo Moonlore Plan". I personally tend to this view.

  5. I think it is true

    What evidence do you have evidence to prove that the United States landing on the moon is fake?

    The national flag in the photo is plastic, so it looks like it is very clear in Floating

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