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  1. Domestic tires rank as follows according to influence:
    1. Chaoyang tires: Chaoyang tires are owned by Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd., and they are currently one of the largest tire production companies in China. They have advanced production technology and tire manufacturing and testing equipment. With strong production capacity, Zhongce also has tire brands such as Weili, Good Luck, Quannuo, Yadu, Golden Crown, Bailunwei. Its brands are very good. Among them, Chaoyang tires are cost -effective and have good wear resistance, but its noise reduction performance is average. The influence of Chaoyang tires in domestic tires is not only because of its cost -effectiveness and abrasion resistance, but also because of its good reputation accumulated for many years.
    2, Zhengxin CST: Zhengxin CST is a national compulsory product certification brand in China, a well -known brand in the tire industry. Its company Xiamen Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is rated as an influential enterprise. Enterprises, one of the largest rubber tire production companies in China, the birthplace of its birth is Taiwan, and its origin is in Tianjin and Xiamen. Its biggest feature is wear -resistant and cost -effective.
    3, Haida Tire: Hai Da Tire belongs to Wuliangye Group Sichuan Sichuan Rubber Group Co., Ltd.. Designated production enterprises and the only large -scale backbone enterprises produced in Sichuan Province, the largest semi -steel meridian tire production base in southwestern China.

  2. Speaking of tire brands, foreign brands Michelin, Puliti usually hear, but with the rise of domestic goods, the quality of domestic tires is comparable to foreign brands, and the price is very favorable.

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