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  1. Liqun Guojue and Tianxiang. Lizhuo Tianxiang is referred to as Liqun hard, and the appearance of the flag is blue and yellow, and some people call it Blue Liqun. The biggest design highlights are two sections, which look very good. It belongs to high -fragrant cigarettes, which is very good. The cost performance is also very high, and the positioning is very suitable for the public's consumer needs.
    The introduction
    Ifen is an old brand of Hangzhou Cigarette Factory, which was founded in 1960. Liqun Group is a total of more than forty years, cross -regional, multi -format, and comprehensive joint -stock business enterprise group. The scope of business involves commercial retail, logistics distribution, chain convenience stores, pharmacies, real estate, catering, hotels, entertainment, tourism and other fields.
    Ili cigarettes are produced in Hangzhou Cigarette Factory, which was founded in 1960. It is an old brand of Hangzhou Cigarette Factory. Among the first batch of Chinese time -honored lists released by the Ministry of Commerce, the Liquan brand ranked among them, which is also the only Chinese old brand brand that the tobacco industry has identified. The Hangzhou Cigarette Factory is located at No. 118, Kehai Road, Xitang Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is one of the largest economic benefits of the 500 best economic benefits in the country.
    SE October 1949, it is also one of the 36 key industrial enterprises in the country's tobacco industry and one of the 26 large enterprises and large groups in Hangzhou's key cultivation and development. company.

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