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  1. 1: Datang Bathing 2: Easy Station 3: Foot Shu Wash 4: Brilliant foot bath
    Yinge! Toe Garden! Footfall! Health Bay! Comfortable House
    As the social life rhythm gradually accelerates, work pressure is high, more and more people are in a sub -health state, and physical fatigue is enhanced. Way. So the foot therapy shop quickly risen
    , and how can you stand out in a foot bath shop in the streets and alleys?
    Then you to open a foot bath shop, know what name is you to open a foot bath shop? If you want to open the shop, you must notice the business. Of course, the name of the foot bath shop is of course the same. Okay, let's give you some suggestions.
    The open -foot therapy shop, it is important to start a attractive shop name. A good name can guide people to consume, guide people to spread spontaneously, which is conducive to brand promotion, and even viral transmission. So, what name is good for foot bath shops? What problems should be paid attention to during the name of the name and how can it be a good name that is satisfactory? It should be paid attention to 5 questions.
    1. The name is best to reflect your company's corporate culture, which is in line with the operating ideas of foot therapy shops. Some investors in foot therapy shops just make their names nice, and as a result, people cannot hang up with foot therapy no matter how they associate it. Such a name cannot arouse the customer's desire to consume. Naturally, it is not conducive to brand communication.
    2. The name of the foot therapy shop must be unique and cannot be crowded. If you want to stand out in many foot therapy shops, you must have your own different places. You must be unique and unique.
    3. The name of the foot therapy shop should be positive, giving people a sense of relaxation, joy, and taste.
    4. The name of the foot therapy shop cannot be used for too far away, which should be easy to identify. What name does the foot bath shop take? You can have a few more names. Through friends to do a test, read all the names to friends, it is easier to remember which names, and it is easy to attract others' interest. Such a name is such a name. It must be a good name. A few days ago, there was a friend who applied for a corporate VIP shop on China Football Test Network. I left a message to say that there are good technicians to recommend it, but to this day, I don’t know what the two words are read by their store name. There is no way to tell others, which is not conducive to spreading.
    5. The name of the foot therapy shop must be concise, making people read it well, and they cannot be mouthful. Otherwise, it will also affect the promotion of foot therapy brands.
    What is good to take for foot bath shops? Foot bath shop name Daquan!
    轩 轩 meaning: ancient one -grade Dai, existing one -grade bath, Xuanzhing Pavilion and other buildings
    's meaning: Refers to Phoenix to see the dust when he sees it, and compares the customer as a Phoenix. The language of the foot
    Suki Museum imply the most fashionable foot therapy for customers and enjoy the most intimate service. Here, we will create the most fashionable feet for customers.
    Enjoy life

    NE foot rhyme
    Yu Fengxuan
    One aspect of Xinglong is an indispensable aspect, what name is good for opening a bath store? Friends who invest in the foot bath shop already know through the introduction above!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to your question has been received, and you are in the editor and answer, please wait a minute ~nQuestion?nAnswer Yumei, Yu Fengxuan, Yuzu Hall, Yuhua Die, Footnal, Foot Kangyuan, Zhong Ai Hall, Sumitet, Changshou Le, Yuezu Palace, Yazhu Pavilion, etc.nIs there any question?nAnswer Shuiyunxuan's foot bath, contentment of health and leisure clubs, lives, Lanxin Pavilion, Wanda River foot bath, Xinlongmen Yuzu, Football, rich life, Boyuan foot therapy shop, Bita Sea Health, Saiyue Footbath , Brother has a footbath, full bath, Kowloon foot bath, night beach foot bath, Kangle foot roadnAre there any two words?nAnswer to the toe garden Dingli Foot, Jiawangjiao Kajin Emin Pavilion Golden Foot Three Elements Shangliu Hongfu Paintang Shuxiang referring to the family foot enjoy the bath Huang Yongquan rich Daoxiantang Yishu Cao Fangkang point to the elegant fullnessnQuestion Wen Ya rhyme. Thank you.nThe elegant rhyme. Thank you.nIs there two words?nIs there two words?nAnswer 回 禧 濯 濯 回nJialan stepped up the waves, Zhenyan YujiaonAsk the names of small shops that have heard of these names.nAnswer Wen Yan Qinle, Mei Jun Zhao Li Jing, Ran Feiman Yiyan RuyinThank you very much for your consultation. I hope my answer can help you. If you have any needs in the future, you can consult me. I will definitely answer it for you. I wish you a happy life.nMore 14nBleak

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