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  1. Introduction: From the process of micro -business, micro -business is mainly composed of a well -founded trading platform, marketing plug -in, distribution system, and personal terminal sharing and promoting the four processes of WeChat. Now that it has gradually developed from a generation to the service industry, it has been distributed by itself. There is a level of distinction. The higher the level, the greater the profit.
    On how to manage your own micro -business team? 1. Channel distribution, expand omniscient channels, combine online and offline, build O2O closed loop
    1. Third -level channel business structure, each channel dealer can develop subordinates to subordinate levels Channel dealers
    2. Channel sources are wide, online and offline channel integration, forming O2O closed loop
    3. Channel business commission is controlled by superiors, set up flexible
    . All employees distribute, quickly establish a distribution network network
    1. Unlimited distributor structure, each distributor can develop subordinate distributors
    2, geometric crack variable distribution, members, clerks, media, consumers ... all can become distributors r
    . Each distributor commission comes from two parts:
    A. Sales product commission
    B. Development subordinate distributors
    . agency distribution, team operations, performance incentives, massive distribution of distribution, massive distribution Business management
    1. Third -level agent structure, each agent can develop lower -level agents, distributors can apply to become agents
    2. In addition to the agent to enjoy national distribution commissions, they also enjoy the agent team Performance commission
    3. The agent can create an agent distribution team, standardized operation
    TKSHOP three core advantages
    . Resource integration, one -click promotion, rapid communication
    1, one -click Share, fast drainage, homepage, product, article sharing ...
    2. WeChat marketing tools, based on WeChat, geometric transmission
    3. Member conversion Channel cooperation, offline drainage, channel drainage ....
    . The headquarters control, regulatory distribution, easy management, data analysis
    , the unified management of the headquarters, unified price, unified delivery
    2. One -click application for distributors, open stores in three seconds, Wandian homologous
    3. Controlled distribution, flexible, relaxed management, always news
    , commission ranking, traffic analysis, big data accurate marketing, big data accurate marketing
    three, zero cost, fast results, good effect
    1. Based on WeChat, share 900 million users
    , community economy, acquaintance relationship, word of mouth marketing, quickly spread
    3 3 The public account directly communicates customers, marketing face -to -face
    4. omnic channel customer precipitation, strong stickiness, long -lasting effect
    On how to manage the micro -business team? You may encounter micro -business management problems and solve countermeasures.
    . What should we deal with this situation:
    The every move of each agent at all agents
    time to communicate and communicate with the agent in time
    Stimeter shipment
    Many friends when they first joined Weishang, they were all their own relatives and friends, so they started sales at the beginning, but when their relatives and friends were developed After that, there was no new source of customers, and the product was slow. At this time, they did not understand how to expand new customers and do not know how to add powder. After a period of time, it has not increased, and it has been confused and lost confidence. I believe that this kind of problem will not occur one or two agents. Perhaps two -thirds of the team will encounter similar situations. If they cannot break through, I believe that the entire team will have a great impact and affect everyone's morale.
    . If the shipment is slow, what should I do if there is no new customer?
    In training agents how to tap new customers
    how to transform customers in the training agent
    n. The agent's empathy
    I believe that many micro -business friends have this experience, the agent changes the heart, the empathy is not in love, and the agent that is easily cultivated becomes the general generation of another brand, becoming the other people’s people’s Agent even became its own competitors. Not only affects performance, but also affects the team's confidence. There is no loyalty for the current Weishang agent. If your products are not easy to sell, do not make money, or other brands, other teams will give them a little temptation to them, and immediately go to the past. Sometimes it is not a person to leave, but take away other members of the team. In this way, the team will be slightly scattered.
    In fact, some people enter your team not to really sell your products, but deliberately dig out your corner. For example, she invested tens of thousands of yuan to become your agent and enter your core agent group. As long as she recruits several agents in it, say bad things about you or team, use low prices and other methods, you can dig a lot of you Agent. This situation is difficult to prevent it, but it can be avoided.
    Coustically establish a system of Yanjin Kuanguo
    Do not set up a loan group at will
    In discovery of non -opposite horse removal
    . The team has internal consumption
    It will consume internal consumption. Sometimes it is not afraid of other people's attacks, but problems in their own. The biggest threat is not others, but yourself. It is inevitable that you will be grabbing the agency. Once you do not deal with it, you will always intensify. In addition, Weishang is a woman. Three women have a play, and women's jealousy is very strong. Once competition and comparison, gangs will have some internal consumption, and they will engage in themselves. This is the most taboo. Once this kind of problem is found, as the boss of the team, it must be stopped in time, and the fuse is found to quickly remove it.
    In the dynamics of the agent at all times
    The proxy of severe punishment and manufacturing problems
    The contradictory contradictions of the agent n 5. Agent independent portal
    of. I also hope that the agent will do a lot, and I am afraid that they will be bigger. The reason is that when they can do hundreds a month, after tens of millions of performance, they will stand their own portals. This is a very realistic issue, because they have a large team and performance. Whoever does not want to do it by themselves, so that they can make more, and do not need to bend others under others. This is humanity.
    It if your team really has such an agent, you can make the following strategies:
    1. Let her become the company's shareholder
    2. Develop with her It is better to let it go and find a win -win situation. The secret to success: execute it fiercely! Because you know 10,000 tricks, you might as well practice a trick of 10,000 times.
    How to manage the management of micro -business team

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