Pavilion management system

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  1. Chapter 4 Business Scope

    It 28 After approval, the pawn company can operate the following businesses:
    (1) Real Estate business;
    (2) property rights ;
    (3) Real estate pawn business;
    (4) Selling excessive sales within the limit;
    (5) identification, evaluation, custody and consulting service;
    (6) Other businesses approved in accordance with the law.
    Article 19 The company prohibits the following businesses:
    (1) Absorbing deposits or disguised deposits;
    (2) illegal fundraising for the public illegal funds
    (3) Issuing Credit loan;
    Article 30 of the pawn company shall not have the following behaviors:
    (1) borrowing from units and individuals other than financial institutions, shareholders;
    (2) more than the prescribed limit from financial institutions Loan;
    (3) Equity investment outside the pawn industry.
    Article 31 The pawn company shall not accept the following property:
    (1) property that is seized, seized or has been taken in accordance with the law;
    (2) stolen goods and sources are unknown Items;
    (3) flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive items and containers;
    (4) control knife, guns, ammunition, military, police signs, standard clothing and equipment;
    (5) State organs' official documents, seals and their management property;
    (6) Certificate and valid identity documents except the property certificate issued by state organs; There is no property or failure to obtain the right to dispose in accordance with the law;
    (8) Laws, regulations, and relevant state regulations prohibit the circulation of natural resources or other property.
    It 32 The pawn company collects the national unified collection, franchise, and monopoly items, and must be approved by the relevant departments.

    Chapter 5 Tickets

    33 Article 33 is a borrowing contract between the pawn company and the household and the household. Payment vouchers.
    Ifly that the company and the households are agreed other than the matters outside the ticket, a written contract shall be supplemented, but the agreement shall not violate the relevant laws, regulations and the provisions of these regulations.
    34 The following matters should be provided as:
    (1) The name and residence of the company's institution; Valid documents (photos) and numbers;
    (3) Dang object name, quantity, quality, and status;
    (4) valuation amount, amount of money;
    (5) interest rate, comprehensive fee, comprehensive fee Rate;
    (6) The date of receipt, the duration, and the duration of the renewal;
    (seven) the notice of the household.
    It 35 pawn companies and households shall not transfer, borrow or pledge to third parties.
    It 36 pawn companies and households should record and properly keep their tickets.
    The loss of tickets, the household should go through the loss of the loss of the loss of the company in a timely manner. If the loss of the loss of the loss or the loss before the loss is redeemed by others, the pawn company has no fault, and the pawn company will not be liable for compensation.

    The Chapter 6 Business Rules
    It 37 When households are handled and redeemed, they shall issue their valid ID. If the household is a unit, the personnel shall issue a certificate of the unit and the valid ID of the personnel; if the entrustment is approved, the client shall issue a valid identity document with a pair of attorney, himself and the client.
    In except for the documents listed in the previous paragraph, at the time, the household should truthfully provide the source and related certification materials of the pawnson company. At the time of redemption, the household should show a ticket.
    The pawn company shall check the relevant certificates issued by the household.
    It 38 The valuation amount, ratio ratio and amount of gold shall be determined by both parties.
    The valuation amount of real estate cannot be reached by negotiation, and the two parties may entrust a qualified real estate price evaluation agency for evaluation.
    The duration is agreed by the two parties, and the duration of real estate and property rights should not exceed 6 months. The longest period of real estate is not more than one year.
    It 39 The interest rate of a pawn is the one -year legal loan interest rate and pawn period of the bank institution announced by the Bank of China.
    The interest must not be deducted.
    The comprehensive expenses of the pawn comprehensive expenses include various service expenses and management costs such as appraisal, evaluation, storage, work costs, and handling fees.
    The monthly comprehensive rate for real estate should not exceed 42 ‰ of Dang Gin.
    The monthly comprehensive rate of real estate pawn shall not exceed 27 ‰ of Dangjin.
    The monthly comprehensive rate of property rights must not exceed 24 ‰ of Dang Gin.
    It the current period of less than 5 days, the relevant fees will be charged on the 5th.
    This 41 within 5 days after the expiration of the first period of the period, the long -term period of the two sides can be renewed. The renewal period is calculated from the first time or the previous period of the previous period. At that time, the households should settle interest and this period.
    The households can be settled at any time before the expiration of the pawn period, and the principal and interest of the gold and comprehensive costs can be redeemed.
    It 42 The duration (including the duration of the duration, the same period, the same below) expires, the household shall be redeemed or renewed within 5 days. It is not renewed if it is not redeemed within the time limit.
    In from the date of time, until the summary date of the pawn company, if the household wants to be redeemed, in addition to paying the gold interest and comprehensive costs, it should also be in accordance with the financial institutions prescribed by the People's Bank of China. Payment of paying penalties for overdue loan penalties, and the calculation days of paying interest, comprehensive expenses and paying penalties should include the current 5 -day days. When the household pays the above interest fee, the pawn company should return the owner and give the households to redeem it.
    Is who hold a lawsuit against Dangdang Company's disposal of the company, from the date of the expiration of the paid period to the date of the people's court, the household should bear the ticket or supplement the contract as the gold interest and the interest and the interest of the contract. In addition to the comprehensive expenses, it should also pay a penalty interest rate in accordance with the level of overdue loans of financial institutions prescribed by the People's Bank of China.
    It 43 The pawn company shall not rent, pledge, mortgage, and use it in the current period.
    Ilier if the pledge is lost or damaged within the pawn period, the pawn company shall compensate for compensation in accordance with the valuation amount. In the case of incurable resistance, if the pledge is damaged, the pawn company does not bear the liability for compensation.
    It 44 The pawn company operates the real estate pawn business shall go through the mortgage registration procedures with the real estate management department in accordance with the law, and the real estate management department and the land management department shall accept it according to law.
    The pawn company operating a motor vehicle pawn business shall go to the vehicle management department of the public security organs to go through the registration procedures, and the vehicle management department of the public security organs shall be accepted.
    Ifangden companies operate other pawn business and register or conduct judicial notarization of relevant laws and regulations, shall go through registration and notarization procedures in accordance with the law.
    It 45 pawn companies shall handle the existing items in accordance with the following regulations:
    (1) Real estate and estimates in the valuables with an amount of more than 30,000 yuan can be based on the "People's Republic of China The relevant provisions of the Guarantee Law can be handled, or the two parties can also be agreed to be auctioned by the auction house after being approved in advance. After the auction income deducts the auction fee and the principal and interest of the gold, the remaining part should be refunded as the household, and the insufficient part will be pursued to the household.
    (2) Antimony with an estimated amount of less than 30,000 yuan in the valuation amount. When the household promises to pay the debt after the exalted thing, the pawn company can be sold or discounted by itself, and it will overflow.
    (3) For the valuable objects that restrict the circulation of the country, they shall report or sell the designated units after approval or sales in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    (4) The establishment of the exterior of the establishment of the valuable item at the business market should be reported to the provincial business authority for the record, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of the local business authority.
    (5) The shares of the listed company shares in the existing items in the pawn company shall obtain the consent and cooperation of the household. The company shall not be sold, discounted, or entrusted to the auction house to publicly auction the share of the listed companies.
    The assets of a pawn company shall be managed in accordance with the following ratio:
    (1) The pawn company loans from financial institutions, and the balance of the current and end of the quarter shall not exceed twice the registered capital of the current period;
    (2) The pawn balance of the pawn company for the same legal person or natural person must not exceed 25 % of the registered capital.
    (3) The pawn balance of the company's company shall not exceed the amount of the shareholder's shareholding, and the proper conditions shall not be better than ordinary households.
    (4) The balance of the property rights of the pawn company shall not exceed 50%of the registered capital. The balance of real estate must not exceed the registered capital. If the registered capital is less than 10 million yuan, the amount of real estate pawns shall not exceed 1 million yuan. If the registered capital is more than 10 million yuan, the real estate pawn shall not exceed 10%of the registered capital.
    It 47 The pawn company shall establish and improve the financial accounting system and internal audit system in accordance with the pawn accounting system issued by the law and the state.
    The pawn company shall record and comprehensively reflect their business activities and financial conditions in accordance with relevant national regulations, compile monthly, quarterly reports and annual financial accounting reports, and to the provincial business authorities and cities in the place where they are located as required (Local) Class) Commercial authorities report regularly.
    The company's annual financial accounting report must be reviewed and verified by accounting firms or other legal institutions.

    Chapter 7 Supervision and Management

    It 48 The Ministry of Commerce implements the management of pawn industry and fulfills the following supervision and management responsibilities Regulations, implementation rules;
    (2) Responsible for the management and exit management of the company;
    (3) Responsible for the daily business supervision of the company;
    (4) guide.
    It 49 The Ministry of Commerce refers to the annual development plan for the provincial business authority to regulate the total amount, layout and capital scale of the company nationwide.
    The "Pool Business License" is uniformly printed by the Ministry of Commerce. The "pawn business license" implements unified coding management, and the coding management measures are formulated separately by the Ministry of Commerce.
    If tickets are uniformly designed by the Ministry of Commerce, produced by the provincial business authority. Provincial competent business departments shall report to the Ministry of Commerce for the printing and use of the Ministry of Commerce every six months. No unit or individual shall forge and alter as a ticket.
    The provincial business authorities shall submit to the Ministry of Commerce to the local pawn company's operating situation to the Ministry of Commerce. The specific requirements and the format of the statement shall be separately stipulated by the Ministry of Commerce.
    The employees of the pawn company shall hold a valid identity document; if foreigners and other overseas personnel are employed at the pawn company, they shall obtain an employment permit for foreigners in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    The person company must not hire persons who cannot provide the documents listed in the preceding paragraph.
    It 53 The pawn company shall establish and improve the following safety systems:
    (1) Reception, renewal, redemption of check certificate (photo) system;
    (2) Dangwangsheng Inspection and custody system;
    (3) Wanted and co -inspection and verification system;
    (4) The report system of suspicious situations;
    (5) equipped with a security personnel system.
    The 54 pawn company shall record truthfully, statistical pledges and house information, and submit it to the requirements of the public security organs of the people's government at or above the county level.
    If 55 The personnel of the pawn company discovered that the public security organs reported that the personnel or the items involved and the other property listed in Article 31 of these regulations shall immediately report the relevant situation to the public security organs.
    It 56 If the company that belongs to the items involved in the case is not fault, the original owner shall pay the paid principal. owner. If the company has faults, the public security organs will be seized on the spot and handled in accordance with the legal procedures. Those who maliciously accept the stolen goods by the company will be detained by the public security organs and shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant state regulations.
    It 57 Provincial competent business departments and cities (prefectures) -level commercial authorities in the district shall establish regular inspections and irregular inspection systems in accordance with the actual situation to discover and deal with related issues in a timely manner; The company's stolen, fire, fund -raising and storage, and major case -related cases shall report the relevant situation within 24 hours to report the relevant situation of the superior business department and the local people's government, and notify the public security organs of the people's government at the same level.
    The national self -discipline organization of the National Telecommunications Industry Association is a national self -discipline organization.
    The National Whenever Industry Association is a bridge and link between the government and enterprises. Responsible for strengthening the self -discipline of the pawn industry, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, organizing the training of the qualifications of pawns, and completing other work commissioned by the government.
    The local pawn industry association is a self -discipline organization of the local pawn industry. It was established after approval by the local civil affairs department and accepted the business guidance of the local business authority.
    The provincial -level business authorities are responsible for the annual review and management of the company, and the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the Ministry of Commerce.
    provincial competent commercial authorities shall notify the relevant situation of the public security organs of the people's governments at the same level within 10 days after the annual review.
    The national implementation of a standard practice level certification system. The specific measures are jointly formulated by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Personnel.

    Chapter 8 Penalty

    It 61 illegal establishment of a pawn company and branches or other ways to operate a pawn business in accordance with other ways, according to the State Council's "Investigation and Investigation of Unconscious Management, Investigation and Investigation and Office The Agreement Measures is punished.
    It 62 The pawn company violates the provisions of Article 29 of these regulations and constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.
    It 63 The company's violation of Article 30 (1), (2), or Article 46, (1), (4), (4), (1), (4), The provincial competent business department ordered to make corrections and imposed a fine of 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan; if a crime constitutes a crime, criminal liability is investigated in accordance with the law.
    14 of the 64th company's violation of Article 39, paragraph 1 or 40, paragraph 2, 3, and 4 of these regulations shall be ordered by the competent business department of the provincial -level business. The above 30,000 yuan is fined; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility is investigated in accordance with the law.
    It 65 The pawn company violates the provisions of Article 47 of these regulations, conceal the real business situation, provides false financial accounting reports and financial statements, or evades taxes and supervision in other ways. The department ordered correction and notified the relevant departments to investigate and deal with it in accordance with the law.
    Ilier 66 If a pawn company violates the provisions of Article 31 of these Regulations, it shall be corrected by the public security organs of the people's government at or above the county level and shall be fined 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. criminal responsibility.
    17 of the 67th company's violation of Article 30 (3) of these regulations shall be ordered by the municipal (local) -level business authority in the local area to make corrections. Fined fines under 30,000 yuan.
    Ifangden companies violate the provisions of Article 32 or Article 45 (3), (5) of Article 45 (3), (5), and do not obtain corresponding approval or consent if restricted or processed. The municipal (prefecture) -level commercial authority in the local area ordered to make corrections and imposed a fine of 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.
    The company's violation of Article 46 (3) of these regulations shall be ordered by the municipal (prefecture) -level commercial authority in the local area to make corrections and impose a fine of 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.
    168, the company's violation of Article 37, paragraph 3 or 54 of these regulations, shall be ordered by the public security organs of the people's government at or above the county level, and shall be ordered to make corrections, and shall be at 200 yuan and less than 1,000 yuan. fine. rn 第六十九条典当公司违反本条例第五十五条和五十六条第(二)款、第(三)款规定的,由县级以上人民政府公安机关责令改正,并A fine of less than 10,000 yuan or less; if it causes serious consequences or repeatedly, it will be fined 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. Constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.
    The Article 70 The company's violation of the provisions of Article 30 (4) of these regulations constitutes a violation of public security management, shall be punished by public security organs in accordance with the law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.
    In Article 71 In the process of investigating and investigating the company's illegal crimes, the competent business department and public security organs shall cooperate with each other. If the competent business department and the public security organs find that the company's acts of violations of these regulations shall investigate and verify, and inform each other to investigate and deal with the results of the investigation. If they are suspected of constituting a crime, the competent business department shall be transferred to the public security organs in a timely manner.
    It 72 The staff of the business authority and public security organs violate the law, regulations, and these regulations in the establishment, changes and termination of approval in the pawn company, or abuse their powers in the supervision and management work In order to give administrative sanctions to the directors and other direct responsible persons according to law; if a crime constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

  2. In order to improve the efficiency of the company, standardize the operation of the company, maintain the company's rights and interests, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company, and formulate the company's internal management system.
    . Institutional setting and function
    The general manager of the company, three departments, business departments, finance departments and comprehensive offices.
    (1) The general manager performs the duties in accordance with the company's articles of association.
    (2) Business department functions and direct responsibility
    departmental functions: responsible for the company's daily business management work; the company's business business plan, business management specific system formulation and implementation; tidy.
    Direct responsibility:
    1. Responsible for identifying, evaluating, custody, and paying the money;
    2, responsible for formulating the "Evaluation Standards"; Formulate the relevant management system;
    4. Responsible for the coordination of relevant functional departments involved in the business of the pawn business;
    5, responsible for the company's business skills training;
    6, responsible for the management of the company's business data.
    (3) The functions and direct responsibilities of the Ministry of Finance
    The department's functions: Responsible for the company's daily financial management work and the post -to -post supervision work of the pawn business.
    Direct responsibility:
    1. The compilation, improvement and implementation of various rules and regulations responsible for the company's financial management;
    2, responsible for preparing the company's annual financial budget and final accounting plan;
    3, responsible for responsibility编制财务计划,定期分析财务计划的执行情况,检查监督财务纪律;rn4、会同有关部门,定期分析公司的经营情况及财务状况,促进公司取得较好的经济效益;rn5、 Responsible for coordination between the company and the industry and commerce, finance, taxation, banking and other departments;
    6. Responsible for the collection, scheduling, control, and use of all the funds of the company;低值易耗品进行清查盘点,确保公司资产的安全、完整;rn8、负责公司现金、票据、有价证券的保管,会计凭证的编制、审核与保管,会计账册的登记、处理与Storage;
    9, responsible for the post -to -post supervision of the company's pawn business;
    10, responsible for handling the company's various tax matters;
    11, responsible for preparing the statistical table, and submitting relevant competent authorities.
    (4) Comprehensive office functions and direct responsibility
    departmental functions: responsible for the management of the company's daily office affairs; responsible for the company's safety security work; formulate the company's attendance system, vehicle management system and organize implementation; be responsible for establishing Company information management system.
    Direct responsibility:
    1. Responsible for management of office space;
    2, responsible for the purchase and management of office supplies;
    3, responsible for formulating a safety system, management security prevention facilities;
    4 Responsible for the formulation of attendance systems and vehicle management;
    5, responsible for coordination with the public security department;
    6, responsible for the company's archive management work;
    7, other tasks assigned by the general manager.
    . The management of the warehouse
    (1) The management of the warehouse is responsible for the personnel. The staff should be loyal to the duties, obey the law, and keep the public, and always maintain a high degree of vigilance and responsibility.
    (2) The warehouse is kept neat, and the items are stable and orderly. The living, the existing items (cabinet, box) are stored, the labels are hung, pasted firmly, clearly signed, the content is complete, the handwriting is neat, and the handwriting is neat and neat Essence
    (3) The entry and exit of the items must be present in dibel.
    (4) Double management in the warehouse, two spoons and double -line control. Adhere to the two -person opening database and closing system, go in and out during the operation, supervise and cooperate with each other. When get off work, the alarm should be defense and confirm the lock.
    (6) Absolutely banned smoke and fire in the library, and the use of lighting facilities other than lighting lamps and alarms is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to store items or items that have nothing to do with business.
    (7) Registration of stocks in stock is set in order, properly keeping in and out of the library bills, and conducting tickets for tickets on schedule, accounts checking, and accounts checking.
    (8) The items should be strictly controlled by the entry of the items, not leakage. When the pledged product enters the warehouse, carefully check and check the verification to achieve things and things. After entering the warehouse, it should be put in in order, not to be discharged at will. When the pledge is raised, strictly checks whether the content of the ticket is consistent with the contents of the pledge bag and whether the procedures are complete.
    . The management of important blank bills
    (1) The important blank vouchers of the pawn bank are mainly tickets, renewal vouchers, bank checks (transfer checks, cash checks), and vouchers for mortgage and pledge.
    (2) The important blank voucher designated a special person to be responsible for management, and established a storage register to realize the storage, use, and use.
    (3) When receiving important blank vouchers, the receiving procedures shall be completed, registered in time, and records the number of 讫 numbers. The person who leads to sign on the registry.
    (4) When issuing important blank vouchers after the personnel are issued, the sales number should be controlled. The important blank credentials of the error fill the attachment to the subpoena for the subpoena after stamping the "invalidation" poke.
    (5) Important blank vouchers should be checked regularly.
    (6) If the important gap vouchers are damaged, lost, or stolen, the executive officer or the personnel shall report to the person in charge of the company in time and deal with it in accordance with relevant regulations. If the report is not reported in time, the parties will be held accountable.
    4. Reportation and reporting management
    (1) In accordance with relevant national regulations, truly records and comprehensively reflect its business activities and financial conditions, compile monthly reports and annual reports, as required to provincial business supervisors as required The department and the municipal (local) -level business authorities in the local area are submitted.
    (2) In accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission's "Notice on the Supervision and Investigation of the Management of Personnel" (General of Fujian Economic and Trade Letter [2003] No. 273), the preparation of the "Fujian Code of Management Survey Survey Form"
    (3) The Ministry of Finance shall submit the "Fujian Dangdian Bank Management Survey Form" within 10 days of each quarter to the local district and municipal economic and trade commission supervision department.
    5. Regular management of employee behavior
    (1) All employees must firmly establish enthusiasm to serve customers, seriously the concepts of "service promoting business, service to benefit". Strengthen learning, strive to create a team of high quality, good business, good professional ethics and civilization and polite employees, shape an excellent corporate image, and establish a good social reputation.
    (2) Service language specifications: In the process of handling the business, the language should be elegant and polite. It is advocated to use Mandarin in the work. It is necessary to keep quiet and harmonious in office and business venues. Do not speak loudly. In any case, you must not quarrel with customers and scold.
    (3) Service quality specifications: When customers are on the cabinet, employees should smile and greet "Hello". When you encounter a customer consultation, you should take the initiative to say hello and give it in detail to make more bother or dry. When encountering customers make suggestions or criticisms, they should be sincere and stand -alone. Careful and responsible, operate according to chapters, be familiar with business, eliminate errors, collect cash correctly, calculate interest, ensure coins, be true, and keep confidential for customers.
    (4) Labor discipline specifications: Employees must go to work on time, not late, or early, they must go through the leave procedures for leave, and must not work on their jobs without authorization. The business hours are not allowed to lead unrelated personnel into the business counter. Employees should be well -dressed and clean.
    6. Safety defense management
    (1) According to the company's requirements, the safety prevention work is done in accordance with the prescribed security projects, and the company's security services are carefully and detailed.
    (2) Do a good job of anti -theft and explosion -proof according to relevant regulations.
    (3) Strictly implement the verification system to prevent foreign personnel who are licensed from entering the office area.
    (4) If suspicious items, suspicious personnel or personnel or stolen goods notified by public security organs shall be reported to the public security organs when they are found to be suspicious items, suspicious personnel or public security organs.
    (5) Observe the law of the law, adhere to the post, and seriously do the work of serving diligence, night guarding, guarding, patrols, inspections, etc. to prevent public security cases.
    (6) Guarantee the safety of life and property, if there are abnormalities, deal with or report superiors in time.
    (7) Implement the handover system and make a good record of handover.
    (8) The license company shall take the relevant cash submission provisions and take measures to ensure the safety of the escorted.
    (9) Major and sudden events, timely report to leaders, report, and take necessary emergency measures to maintain order, protect the scene, and cooperate with relevant parties to do a good job.
    (10) Public security personnel shall assist in the company's execution of official duties.
    year month day

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