5 thoughts on “Is there a prospect in this industry in Yueying?”

  1. 1. The demand for Yueyue is relatively large.
    It now young parents advocate science and health. Please know how to take a nanny of science to take care of it.

    2, Yueyue's salary is good.
    The salary of the month is also proportional to the labor. The newborn babies will breastfeed every few minutes without distinguishing it day and night. Although Yueyue's work is not easy to work, in the face of the temptation of high salaries, many young people still have joined the industry in succession.

    3, Yueyue's most potential career. The development of community demand professional services has become the most promising industry.

    4, Yueyue market is very considerable. There are many newborns and the market is stable. The introduction of the second child policy allows China to form a peak of fertility, with a large population growth.

  2. Recently, a relatively rare job has gradually emerged from housekeeping services, which is Yueyue. In this case, someone will ask, what is the prospect and treatment of Yueyue's industry just after the industry has just come out?

    If in various political service companies in Guangxi, the monthly income of Yueyue is generally around 4,000 to 8,000 yuan. The salary of childcare for the initial entry is around 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan. Experience is particularly rich, and the particularly popular monthly income can be more than 5,000 yuan. "In the past two years, the salary of Yueyao has risen rapidly. Taking a gold medal month as an example, it was 5,000 yuan before the Spring Festival last year. It rose to 6,000 yuan last April. It has increased for more than 2,000 yuan. In this way, it seems that the treatment of Yueyue is still good.

    The feeding, care, and observation of baby newborns; bathing, laundering, washing baby clothes, removing baby bedding and shampooing of baby Newborn care; parenting common sense and disinfection of infant supplies, etc.; Infant prevention vaccination; newborn's massage, health care, dialogue with infants, piral fitness exercises, swimming, sun exposure, and cognitive training and other scientific parenting work; Growth and development, including measurement of baby's body temperature, regularly measure the height and weight of the baby. On the basis of completing the above services, you can also help the mother to do other housework.

    Taking care will be healthier and happy, preparing mothers can also get a good rest and recuperation, and do a good job of confinement.

    At present, about 69 million infants and young children in China, an average of each year About 17 million babies were born, and an average of 50 billion yuan of potential markets will be available each year. According to relevant experts, the infant care service market is still an emerging industry, and the number of mothers has doubled. Maternal and baby care? Service agencies cannot even meet 10%of market demand. In the next ten to fifteen years, the industry will rise steadily and develop rapidly.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, dear! I'm glad to answer questions for you. The following answers to the questions you have asked: Nowadays, young people have insufficient parenting experience, and many elderly people can not help them. In addition, everyone's material conditions are good. In order to give birth, they can take good care of them. Therefore, many young people in the city will choose Please make a monthly or confinement center; if you have a rich parenting experience, it is still very marketable.

  4. As the two -child policy is fully liberalized, it will usher in a peak of fertility. The demand for Yueyue will inevitably increase. This industry prospect is optimistic.

  5. The prospects in the next few years are very good! There are the following reasons!
    ① The policy is good
    three -child policy opens various governments to give various welfare policies. Yueyue services naturally have also received relevant attention, and the mother -to -child consumer market has continued to rise. In some areas, the development of Yueyu service is an important measure to meet the needs of residents, improve the quality of people's lives, increase social employment, and build a harmonious society.

    ② Demand is large
    The large population base in China. In today's society with small size, aging population, and modernization of life, with the increasing income of national income, everyone pays more and more attention to life Quality, especially the opening of the third -child policy, young people advocate scientific confinement, and scientific parenting promotes the rapid growth of the monthly service.
    Therefore, the market conditions of the Yueyue will become better and better, and it will also attract more investors to join the industry, so it is understandable to choose Yueyue industry entrepreneurship.

    At the same time, the mother and infants are accelerating iterations, and the post -80s and post -90s have become a new forces for maternal and infant consumption.
    I. As the emerging mother and infant crowd, from the concept of confinement, parenting concept, parenting behavior to the corresponding consumption, they all show a completely different attitude to traditional parents. They even advocate science confinement and science to raise baby, and they are willing to spend money on themselves and their children. They have stronger consumption power and higher consumption willingness, which also means higher customer unit price and higher service quality requirements. It is also the starting stage of the industry to enter the knockout match. Seeing who can set the standards first and form a model, you can get a leading position in this business competition.

    ③ Large scale
    In recent years, under the condition of adjustment of economic structure and slowing economic growth, Yueyue services continue to maintain rapid growth as a field of housekeeping. In 2015, the market size of the Chinese home affairs industry was only 277.6 billion yuan, reaching 878.2 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of about 260%year -on -year. In 2021, the market size of the housekeeping service industry also exceeded trillion yuan.
    In addition, housekeeping services have continuously subdivided the main contents of the services of the moon, accompanying, chatting, wealth management, health care and other services from more than 20 categories and more than 200 service projects.
    is more subdivided, more professional, and recognizes the brand effect. After all, this service will not have more than two digits for a lifetime.

    ④ Low threshold
    Compared with most business, the threshold for joining Yuezhang is low, small investment, and good operation. Do not require you to have a high degree and high -precision technology, so there will be a lot of industry investors.
    But the low threshold is only a large number of entrepreneurs, which does not mean that the threshold in the service process is low, the threshold for survival is low, and there will also be a situation where the open door is closed for three months.

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