Is there a regular used car market for Shijiazhuang?

Is there a regular used car market for Shijiazhuang? Seeking location and contact information.

3 thoughts on “Is there a regular used car market for Shijiazhuang?”

  1. Shijiazhuang South Second Ringhua Township Second -hand Car Market and the West Sanzhuang used car market in the north -north corner

    In Shijiazhuang, you can also take the high -speed rail to one hour to go to Beijing Zhuojiexing used car show hall to find a car with a transparent economy and afford Second -hand cars.
    It you can first take a look at Zhuo Jiexing's used car website. Optimistic go to Beijing to pick up the car.

  2. Yuanshi County second -hand semi -trailer information does not go
    Yuanshi County Fengxin Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd.
    serial fraud. The deposit does not refund the machine, drilling the legal loopholes, and the law and order there is also very bad.
    If of the public security, unless it has something to do with the mayor of Shijiazhuang,
    is not lying to you, real people. Recently, I read the news. Indeed, the 420 machine has become 375 overnight. You can search it online.
    is all about this news.
    Yuanshi used cars, Yuanshi County used car trading market, can Yuanshi County used trucks buy, Yuanshi County used half -trailer information, Shijiazhuang personal semi -trailer sold
    News, it feels very hot. Also on Sohu headlines.
    It estimated investigation. Who said clearly. Such news should be exposed.
    called: Yuanshi County Fengxin Automobile Transport Co., Ltd.

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