5 thoughts on “"What to do with the talk show": Why is He Guangzhi be careful, Pang Bo is generous?”

  1. Although He Guangzhi and Pang Bo are the talk show actors under Li birthday, the family background of the two people and the achievements in the talk show are different.
    He Guangzhi's carefulness is actually an unconfident expression. His fame time is actually much later than Pang Bo, and the beginning of the fire is still a dick because he is ridiculed himself. As a person working in Shanghai, his living conditions are not very good. According to the rhetoric of his talk show, he basically squeeze the subway every day. The basic salary of the talk show actor is also very low. life. As for the appearance conditions, from the perspective of the current public aesthetics, the two are not comparable.
    and Pangbo's generosity is from his confidence. If the full score is one hundred points, the average value of the talk show actor is about sixty, and Pangbo can reach the degree of ninety points alone. And he is a programmer before the talk show. Everyone knows that although programmers are hard, the salary is still very high, especially in Shanghai as a programmer and a happy family. It can be seen that his own economic foundation It's enough. His talk show is also relatively famous in this industry. Before He Guangzhi became famous, his name had already known for many people, and he could go offline to do the talk show.
    of course, in this show, they do not need to compare anything. Although the confidence of people and people is different, they are all working hard and excellent. In the niche industry of talk show, they have also received the attention that many people have failed to get, which is quite good.
    Guangzhi is actually slowly transforming. At the beginning, he was actually even more unconfident. He had no confidence. He mocked with his most painful place. In fact, his heart was uncomfortable. However, his psychological tolerance is very strong, and it does form his own style. Now that talk about the talk show is natural and confident. Hope he can get better and better. I also hope that Pangbo can break through the current bottleneck and continue to stand out in the talk show.

  2. It should be related to the theme of this issue "Graduation Season". The education experience of the two is different, so the difference in this topic is a bit big.

  3. The new talk show "What to do!" "Talk Show Special" was broadcast. The first episode was launched, what about laughing fruit? If you want two or two teams, you must also choose "leadership", and the talk show actors are not calm. In the face of Yang Yan, Pang Bo, etc. who came to talk about the conditions, they also had to divide the property. The birth of the black stalk was "not so divided", and netizens teased: our happiness is back.
    The first performance is the "True Heroes" industry that focuses on the police and firefighters. Under the leadership of the two "comedy directors" Cheng Lu and Xu Zhisheng in this field, the "Qingyuqiang Screenplay Department" is divided into four groups. While in -depth understanding of the work of traffic police, firefighters, and anti -fraud police, we will take into account the performance content of the performance of the guests and celebrity guests, and show the unknown side of the talk show actor.

    "Old Leaders" Cheng Lu coordinated the overall situation and made an orderly manner in task allocation and staffing; "New Leaders" Xu Zhisheng is the "atmosphere responsibility" in the regiment to plan for everyone's work content; Wang Jianguo took over the duties of the chief chef of the screenwriter department and took care of the dietary living of members in the group ... Each member was contributing to their own strength to the first performance. But the souls shown should not be underestimated.
    Irdyun clubs and happy twists have successively set up the "group comprehensive", and Xiao Guo culture couldn't hold back. A group of people who were hacked with each other had a show, which was interesting and decompressed. The audience must have wanted to watch. In a certain sense, it can be called a "laughter group". From the first phase of the period, the relationship between Xiaoguo employees has a certain sense of freshness for the audience. Various mouthfuls and stems between the talk show actors are chasing. Reasons to watch the show. Li Xuan is still "old -fashioned", and there is no "lower limit" on the book "Sales" his book "Laughing Field".
    The employees' opening leaders are not soft, showing a "unique" temperament different from other group comprehensives. Specifically, Xu Zhisheng, who bravely embarked on the leadership "post", showed a certain sense of variety. All kinds of "expansion" remarks, first of all, relying on various careful opportunities, Cheng Lu's thighs "upper", jumping up and down, and giving gangs.
    This attraction is that the program cut in from the perspective of the industry, and holds ten talk show industries according to ten different industry themes, to a certain extent shows the behind -the -scenes creative process of talk shows. Hosted by Li Xuan, Yang Yan, Yang Meng, Pang Bo, Xu Zhisheng, He Guangzhi, Cheng Lu, Hulan, and Wang Jianguo's eight talk show actors were the core of the creative core, inviting all walks of life to invite all walks of life The guests of the industry and the star guests with related industry experiences will jointly start a unique talk show industry special trip.
    The program will show the daily work status of the talk show actor through the talk show special planning, creative preparation, and keynote performance. Let everyone know this funny group of people again, understand the whole process behind the scenes to the front of the stage, and bring unexpected freshness to the public.
    It personal expression to industry expression is the biggest change in "What to do! Talk Show Special". The talk show actor through in -depth communication with the industry guests, collecting materials from the life experience, and finally based on what you see and heard the creation of the text design stage. The concept is presented in front of the audience.
    "Listen to the industry talk show special session, everything is ready", "How to do a talk show special session" is full of official announcement atmosphere, and Li Xuan also brings a lot of talk show actors to start preheating for the show in advance, participate in the program, participate in The talk show actor of the show has made a very grounded poster. This kind of unique and grounded publicity allows more audiences to pay attention to this show.
    Jackiege and Yang Mi joined as guests, the first -sincere hero. Yang Mi, a "police family member" who has always brought surprises! In the screen, she plays the heroic children; in her life, she is prepared as a hero daughter. Everyone's elder brother Jackie Chan is waiting for! 37 years ago, he used "Police Story" to let us see the style of true heroes; 37 years later, he used a talk show to reproduce the charm of the true hero. The last cooperation between the two was in the 2017 movie "Rescue of the Time". I don't know what kind of sparks will be wiped out on the stage of the talk show this time!

  4. Because the personality characteristics of the two people are different, everyone has their own expertise, so there will be different character characteristics to get audience shoes.

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