The new type of professional "companion" has risen in large cities, with more than 60 % of young customers. What is the prospect of the industry?

4 thoughts on “The new type of professional "companion" has risen in large cities, with more than 60 % of young customers. What is the prospect of the industry?”

  1. In fact, many people have never heard of this profession, because this profession is generally only available in large first and second -tier cities. In some small cities, there are basically not see it, so there are so many people who do not understand. In addition, there are not so many people doing this profession, so everyone knows more. In fact, when we really understand, we will find that this profession still has a very big prospect, and it is really very popular. Of course, some people may feel that their charges are a little high. We do not deny this, but people do pay, saving us a lot of time.
    Mi people may not know what kind of career is the clinic. This profession is actually very simple. He just accompanies others to see a doctor and accompanies others to the doctor. Some people must say that I went to the hospital to see a disease. Do you have to find someone to accompany me? Even if I can't, I can let my family accompany me. But to be honest, not everyone can accompany themselves anytime, anywhere, especially some older people. How can they have so many relatives with them? Sometimes they go by themselves. It's really difficult to see anything.
    It, don't say that it is an older person. Even if young people now enter the hospital, they really have to be confused. They have to ask from the beginning to the end. Too complicated, there are too many things, and many things are electronic. Young people are still so embarrassed, not to mention those elderly people, they may not use those electronic products at all, and even some elderly people do not know the words at all. How do you let him go to the hospital like such an old man? He doesn't know what to do at all? If a companion can accompany him, the situation will be much better.

  2. The prospect of this industry is very good.
    The new professional companion, the prospect of this industry in the big city is very good, and the market demand will continue to increase, because my country is about to enter an aging society. Many elderly people see a doctor. When work, you cannot stay with him for a long time. When these elderly people need to go to the hospital for medical treatment, someone needs to accompany and accompany the clinic to become the best choice.
    The clients who accompany the clinic are not only the elderly who are not familiar with the hospital's process, but also many young customers. When single young people go to the hospital for medical treatment, they are very lonely and scared. At this time, they all hope that someone will accompany them. At this time, the clinician will also become a better choice. This young man accompanied and encouraged.
    Is when you have entered a hospital in a network of large social cities, when many things are completed through the Internet to complete the older elderly people who go to the hospital for medical treatment, they are not familiar with these processes at all. The operational ability of smart devices is poor and cannot be used to seek medical treatment independently. When the children cannot accompany them to go to the hospital to see a doctor, the children will find a professional companion for them. In this way, it can be solved perfectly.
    The demand for this kind of companion in reality is relatively large, because people not only need to be accompanied when they see a doctor, but also need to be accompanied by someone when doing some inspection items. If you are single and work outside, when you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you ca n’t find your family members, you need to find such a professional companion. The emergence of the accompanying room can solve the problem of Macialin when many people see a doctor, so the prospect of this industry is very good, but it is still in the early stage of development. It lacks effective management of practitioners. I hope that relevant departments can pay attention to this industry. The service of their services is standardized, the knowledge and responsibilities of the job are also effectively identified, and the charging standards must be further improved.

  3. The prospects are still very good. After all, many people are difficult to consult now. Some people are very experienced and they will be very convenient.

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