2 thoughts on “Please pull me in, the population failed or wants to rectify”

  1. You want to cosmetic surgery but are afraid, and you can't make your determination, so you can give up whether you follow the plastic surgery of the cosmetic surgery, or see some of the tragedy of some cosmetic surgery failure?
    It, then I tell you the real thing of my two friends, I do n’t know if it is a cosmetic surgery. Let ’s count it. Both of them are my colleagues. They have a good relationship. A wants to cut double eyelids. If you want to go to rhinoplasty, many inconveniences and uncomfortables after doing it are not mentioned for the time being. A's right eyes and left eyes of A's double eyelids are not too symmetrical. Give you it. B's nose always feels a bit crooked on the right. After going to the hospital to adjust her, I still feel a bit crooked. The doctor said that it is right. If you want to adjust, we will give you again. Look at the mirror more, tell yourself that your nose is positive, and you won't feel crooked for a week or two.
    I think there is no need for cosmetic surgery, just do it yourself.

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