5 thoughts on “What are the well -known exhibition companies in Shanghai”

  1. Shanghai Zhaoxe Exhibition Company
    Shang Shanghai Exhibition Company
    Shang Shanghai Creative Commercial Exhibition Design Advertising Co., Ltd.
    The professional Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd. Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
    D. Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai China Trade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Yadong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    n Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    The Shanghai Ancient and Modern Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    The Shanghai Xinxuntong Exhibition Company

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  2. I am a high -tech company in Shanghai. There is a relatively good Shanghai Pinbang Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. The design concepts and construction capabilities are first -class. We have cooperated with the company many times. They are on Jiading.

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