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  1. One: Of course, the heart -shaped paper towel. Hengan Group Co., Ltd.
    : Hengan Group was founded in 1985. It is one of the earliest foreign -funded enterprises to enter the Chinese sanitary napkin market. The largest women's sanitary napkin and baby diaper professional manufacturers in China have more than 200 billion yuan in fixed assets and more than 10,000 employees. They have more than 20 subsidiaries in 14 provinces and cities across the country, and the sales and distribution network covers the country. Hengan International Group Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Hong Kong in 1998.
    three: Hengan Group relying on the well -known brands such as "Aner Le" "Anrle", "Anrile", and "An Erle", "An Erikang", etc., and Specifications, varieties of women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers and adult diaper. And act as a high -end tissue series of non -listed companies products "Heart Seal". "Anle", "Aner Le" sanitary napkin, "An'erle" baby diapers, "Heart Seal" paper towels three series of product market share ranked first in the country for many years. In 2002, the "Anle" and "Anrle" series of products were awarded the title of "National Exemption Product" by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine.

    The heart -printed paper towels
    In 2002, Hengan Group held the acquisition of Ji'an Lidang Company to establish "Hengan Litang (Ji'an) Renhua Co., Ltd.", operating "Miyuanchun" makeup and skin care Products, the field of business operations to the family daily necessities industry.
    The main production facilities and products of Hengan Group have obtained the ISO9002 quality system and product quality certification. In 2001, Hengan huge summits to introduce the world-renowned management consulting service company-the American Toms Group to enter the enterprise to promote corporate management and change in deeply. The company has taken a solid step to create a "century -old Hengan".
    . The roll paper series
    is divided into two types: flat, pressure flower type and printing type:
    each section is clear, tidy, rolled, soft, sanitary and comfortable, sanitary and comfortable, sanitary and comfortable. White, strong water absorption.
    . The handkerchief paper series
    four sides of the flower, delicate and exquisite, 100%imported wood pulp, the paper is flexible, delicate, and water absorption; the color is white and does not contain fluorescent substances.
    This clip -type handkerchief paper series
    F fashion packaging, exquisite appearance, fresh smell, flexible and delicate paper, no paper crumbs, easy to use.
    . Towel paper series
    1 Plastic extraction type:
    This paper is flexible, not dropped paper scraps, sufficient drawing, sanitary and comfortable, easy to use, suitable for family, offices, hotels, cars, use Essence
    2 boxes of drawing:
    are elegant packaging, sufficient pumping, flexible paper, no paper crumbs, sanitary and comfortable, easy to use, suitable for home, office, hotel, car.
    . The wet scarf series
    Stocks are produced by Hengan Group Honor. Introduce the most advanced production equipment in the world today, and use the wet woven fabrics produced by domestic authoritative manufacturers. rn心相印湿巾产品品项齐全:有成人、婴儿、家用三大湿巾品类;同时,成人湿巾有单片、5片、8片、10片、20片、60片、 80 pieces and mini -fitting; babies have single, 5, 10, 20, 80 pieces; household wet towels include single, 10 pieces, 40 pieces and barrels.
    Mideline seal Baby wet towel, as one of the heart -shaped wet towel products developed by Hengan Group, is currently the first in China to obtain a special infant wipes products specially verified by the China Prevention Medicine Association; in addition, this should be The series of products have also been included in the key project of the Health Golden Bridge of the China Prevention Medical Association.
    "Heart Seal" Baby Wet Wet Wet products are divided into single, 5, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, and 80 pieces of packaging. The choice of purchases is diverse to meet mothers' needs for different wet towels.

  2. The largest designated production in China is Jaibao, because this brand has been existed since 1975. Now it is almost 40 years of history.

  3. I. APP Golden Light Paper
    . Nine Dragons Paper
    The largest boxbar sheet product manufacturers in the world, the world's larger cabinet original paper product, the cardboard, high -strength corrugated original paper and coating ash whiteboard paper supplier, The world -renowned waste paper environmentally friendly paper group. The goal of Nine Dragon Paper has always become the world's largest and top recycled paper producer. It uses waste paper paper to protect the ecology and make human beings green and better tomorrow. And continue to lead green papermaking, provide the most competitive environmental protection products and one -stop services to achieve lasting and win -win.
    . Chenming Chenming Paper
    The top ten brands of paper industry began in 1958. Listed companies mainly build forest/pulp/paper industry, collect paper slurry fiber/financial real estate/mining forestry/logistics building materials Comprehensive enterprise in one -piece. At present, Chenming has production bases in Shandong, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin and other places. The total assets of the group are more than 100 billion yuan, and the annual paste production capacity is more than 10 million tons.
    . Huatai Huatai Paper
    In 1976, Shandong Famous Brand Products, mainly producing high -end news paper/copper version of paper/dual rubber paper/light rubber paper/living paper and other products. Large companies that dominate the industry. The company always adheres to the synchronization of economic development and environmental protection. In terms of environmental protection, the company has always adhered to the guidelines that "production is money, environmental protection is life, and no money can be ordered." Consumption reduction and emission reduction are deemed to be the social responsibility of corporate righteousness.
    . The Golden Suns of Goldensun
    Established in 1982, the world's advanced multinational paper group and forest pulp paper integrated enterprises, dissolving pulp continuous cooking technology in the world. The Group's leading products include high -end coating cardboard, high -end art bronze paper, high -end cultural office paper, special fiber dissolving grouting, living paper, and industrial packaging paper.
    6. Hengan Paper Hengan paper
    in 1985, well -known trademark in Fujian Province, larger domestic paper and maternal and child health supplies manufacturers, it has a heart -shaped seal/seven -degree space/Anle/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le/Le) Angle/Ansankang/Anerle/Meiyuanchun/Kiss/Chunyi/Preferred/Pinuo and other well -known brands. Hengan Paper's dominant product is "Heart Seal" domestic paper products. The product series mainly include roll paper, paper towels, paper handkerchiefs, paper napkins, soft wet towels, finished original paper, public service venues. Wait.
    Seven, LEEMAN paper
    Ten major paper companies, founded in 1994, the world's leading boxbarium original paper and pulp producer, mainly producing different levels and specifications of cowhide boxboard paper and paper paper and paper paper and paper paper and Corrugated core paper. The group mainly produces different levels and specifications of packaging, cowhide paper paper and corrugated core paper to meet the packaging of different industries.
    , the mountain eagle paper
    in 1957, its industrial papermaking and packaging printing have a large scale, integrating recycled fiber, papermaking, packaging, printing, trade, logistics, investment and financing, etc. high-tech enterprises. The company takes the vision of "becoming the world's leading and most valuable and creative ecological enterprise", and shoulder the mission of "leading 'co -creation, sharing, and win -win" industrial civilization. " A century -old business brand.
    . The spring of the spring forest
    was established in 1979. It insists on using crop straw as raw materials. With the strong foundation of Quanlin Group, Quanlin Benjin uses the concept of health and environmental protection, and adopts the world's leading integration technology to achieve the health paper that does not use any bleach and harmful chemical additives.
    . VIDA VIDA paper
    The famous trademark in Guangdong Province was committed to providing high -quality sanitary nursing products and services for each family. Ning/Bao Master/Light Curve/Wier/Libele // Hushle and other brands. Vida Group is a large -scale sanitary supplies company in Asia.
    The above is the relevant content of the top ten paper factories. Of course, since the ranking is inevitable, it will not be omitted. After all, it is impossible to have a share. If there are omissions, please contain a lot.

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