5 thoughts on “About 10,000 second -hand small trucks”

  1. There are about 10,000 second -hand micro -trucks:
    1, micro -trucks are a type of truck. According to the "miniature" defined by the Chinese motor vehicle specifications: the vehicle length is less than equal to 3.5m, and the total quality is less than equal to 1800kg. In addition, the trucks are divided into four types: heavy, medium, light, miniature;
    2, from the history of the development of trucks, micro -goods have the advantages of economy, comfort, and safety. Favorite. However, as the market segments of the truck market are increasingly leading the trend, the disadvantage of low load performance of micro -goods is becoming increasingly unable to meet the needs of users;
    3. Due to the small card market and the micro -goods market There are great similarities in the user group, and the emerging small cards have both economy, security, comfort and higher loadability. They can capture the light card market and can fight for micro -goods users. Therefore, this blue ocean area is getting more and more It has attracted the favor of major enterprises and has entered.

  2. There are several better recommendations for micro -used trucks:
    1, Futian dual -row small trucks.
    The price of a new car is about 50,000 yuan, so if it is a used car, the price is 20,000 yuan. The appearance of this car is very stable, but there are many small problems.
    2, Wuling Rongguang Double Volleyball.
    The annual production of autocratic refrigerators in China, there are many sales outlets, and the after -sales service is guaranteed. After all, the problem of second -hand cars will definitely increase.
    3, the spirit jade of the times.
    The output is small, but the second -hand price is good. Due to design reasons, the seats in the second row are uncomfortable.

    4, black leopard single row pickup card.
    We we must choose strong and good quality. But it is not big enough. But these parts are not easy to buy, and it is not cheap to sell. This is the biggest problem with used cars.

    5, Changan Star Brand single row pickup card.
    This new car is about 50,000 yuan. Buy a lengthened used car. It is relatively new, and parts can be replaced.

    The Note:
    1. Check the engine: Start the engine, listen to whether there are abnormal sounds, at the tail tanchen, and then loosen to observe whether there is vibration. If the engine can reach a high speed (or slow down to idle) in an instant, there is no abnormal sound, indicating that the engine performance is good.
    2. Check the body: Check the most hidden place of the vehicle, and see if the paint surface here is consistent with the external paint surface. If it is not unanimously proved that the car has been over -repaired or has been over -repaired or replaced due to excessive accidents.
    3. Observe whether there are collision marks on the chassis, especially whether there are deformation and repair traces on the horizontal tie rods, straight pull rods, steering knots, and beams (with beams).
    4. Check the shock absorption system of the vehicle: The vehicle can be forced to remove the external force of the front car. If the front car can bounce three or four times, it is good.

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