Ask for a brief film review of the movie "I am a passerby", about 800 words, don't copy and paste!

1 thought on “Ask for a brief film review of the movie "I am a passerby", about 800 words, don't copy and paste!”

  1. Since the launch of the movie "I'm Passenger A", the online call has a high voice but the box office has led to many netizens. The reason for the high voice is that most viewers believe that this film is an inspirational movie. It has successfully shaped a group of people who insisted on their dreams and struggled to work, and in order to realize the actors' dreams who have long insisted on the front line of the group. And some people think that this movie is muman, without acting skills, all group performances, and even a certain extent a warning film for mediocre people. Don't say aside these views, let's look at the content of the movie first!
    The three couples in this film. They all have their own actor dreams, but when they bind their actors' dreams with love, they present a thoughtful ending.
    The first pair is Lin Chen and Wei Xing. Lin Chen can play the little palace girl. In the film, she is a special part of the lines, and she is good at communication. She is pragmatic and insight into various humanities, and can help her boyfriend Wei Xing to play the show. And Wei Xing came to Hengdian for a long time and had certain acting skills. At the same time, the actor who had served as a micro -movie, at the same time, has changed greatly: he is not satisfied with passers -by or even special, and always hopes that he can quickly transform into a role and supporting role until the actor. Therefore In conflict, he also had a plan to transform to the North Film training class to quickly transform, but he did not practice.
    . Lin Chen has been maintaining his dream through his own efforts, constantly encouraging him, and enlightening him. He hopes that he can go out step by step. Until the final discovery, the man he loved was just a coward who had a dreamy, picky, ambitious but too lazy to practice: he picked the role, the drama of the lesson, and he was very high. Complained that his wife does not understand. In the play, Wei Xing is the actor representative of most masters. He has the possibility of becoming the pinnacle of the industry, including talent and luck, but he is anxious to make success, and he is narrow and arrogant to live in his own life. His ideal is big and unrealistic. He has the pride of celebrities before he becomes a star. He believes that his dreams are above everything, and eventually closed himself, disappointing his lover's kindness, and scattered.
    The second pair is Shen Kai and Xu Xiaoqin. Xu Xiaoqin is a special actor who can chat with Yuan Yongyi the most, and the highest level that passers -by actors can reach. But she did not come to Hengdian for herself, but for the dream of her husband Shen Kai. To this end, she also opened a restaurant for spending money for her husband to entertain fox friends and dog friends from all walks of life.
    Xu Xiaoqin is also using his own efforts to support her husband's star dream, without complaints and regrets until she conflicts in pregnancy. She felt that they should withdraw from the performing arts circle and bid farewell to such a life, and her husband thought she destroyed her dream. For some disputes, she just wanted her husband to dream that she never cared about the happiness of the family. After one shot, the husband failed to seize the only opportunity to appear in the first time. He also forgot his words many times with the help of directors and friends at the scene, and was eventually replaced. Therefore, he was mad, and wandered on the street with his own lines that he had been saying badly.
    The Shen Kai is mad artistic and artistic, because the drama is too deep and mixes life with the drama. Compared with Wei Xing, Shen Kai is smoother and more pragmatic, and more active. However, like Wei Xing, as for the supreme position of his dream so that his wife was pregnant, he thought it was a serious provocation of his career and thought that all his wife's dedication should be. It is impossible to let go of a rare opportunity, and finally abandoned his wife's family. After leaving these, he became a passive water.
    The third group is the main line of the movie, innocent and beautiful, reality and cruel. The Northeast boy Wan Guopeng went to Hengdian for a year, and then he met Wang Ting, who had been in Hengdian for more than a year and lost a relationship. The intersection of the trouble eventually achieved this relationship. Wan Guopeng, who is smart and easy to learn, is practical and willing, and seriously attitude, after a year of hard work in Hengdian, he was fancy by Mai Chaohui Zhuangwen, giving him a chance to become a role. When he was about to describe his dream to Wang Ting, Wang Ting raised his objections. She has already seen the essence of the crossball, and does not think how much such opportunities have. When this man was still immersed in his actor's dream, she asked a word, "Do you ask me again in your dream?"
    It's climax of this movie is in his answer, "You are mine Dream, just work hard for you and me! "The answer was simple to express the green but touching.
    The details in it. For example, they discuss the purpose of coming to Hengdian in the hotel and discuss their dreams; the person who digs the coal is kind and kind, and helps Wang Zhao three times and five times to use his own life experience and his objective and positive life attitude. "If you are not handsome, you have to play the show. If you do n’t read much, you have to do things well." Originally, a person who loves to sneaks and skids will change step by step in his drive; Wan Guopeng's attitude towards film and television and the pursuit of dreams can you see the figure of every once you dream?
    It's theme of the entire film, it is nothing more than chasing dreams of a new generation of cross -drifting youths, describing the experience of struggle, and portraying the bitterness and difficulty of every horizontal drifting person to dream, thereby revealing this society in real life The difficulty of the underlying class. On the other hand, it also profoundly reflects the group performances in real life and they are unable to chase their dreams. Most people are confused, sinking, and gradually falling from their own dreams in their dreams. Intersection
    The whole movie touched me a lot. No matter who he was, he had the right to dream, and anyone could and should work hard for his dreams. But life is life. If you mix it with the drama, how sad it will be! Just like Shen Kai in the play, he can't distinguish between the drama and reality. And he had to be crazy in his so -called dreams, and was always trapped in his dream. Such dreams are selfish, narrow, humane, and harmful to others. We don't want such a dream!

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