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  1. First, use challenges, discount marketing
    It in catering marketing methods, discount promotion is common and effective. The key is how you plan. If you are still simple and rude, you will often lose money to make money. If you play more, you will degrade yourself.
    , if you jump out of inertia and change the gameplay, it will often bring unexpected publicity effects to the restaurant.
    If open a hand shop, you can have ten hands, that is, after eating a bowl of dumplings within ten mouthfuls, you can discount or send a drink after success.
    Similarly, you can also make a minute of rice noodles across the bridge. People who can eat rice noodles are heroes, so they must be free! For lobster shops, there will be one minute of lobster peeling competition, and the lobster that the winner peels will be eaten for free.
    Secondly, use random events to guide customers to use them
    The most successful marketing is to make your customers feel that they have used it, but in fact, you have obtained things that are more important than a single business, such as such as a single business, such as something more important than a single business, such as something more important than a single business, such as a more important thing, such as a single business, such as Approve, reputation and retorters.
    In marketing, many games use the randomness of events to create selling points by establishing marketing nodes. The most important point is that these games must be innovative and constantly updated. Otherwise, they will soon be bored by consumers.
    third, use emoticons to market the hearts of young people
    The young people of this year. As the Internet of the Internet, their WeChat has not collected hundreds of emoji symbols. Relying on it to adjust the atmosphere and rely on it to express itself. They feel painful without emoji all day!
    Sometimes, although emoticons do not directly guide users to buy, it allows consumers to remember you, and may even deepen the brand's love for the brand because of the emoticon package. If the time is appropriate and the promotion is proper, it will be taken for granted to promote brand marketing.
    Except for tea, in fact, many brands use emoji marketing, such as Coca -Cola, Xiaoming, Uncle KFC, McDonald's, etc., all linked tens of thousands of loyal users with a set of emoticons.

  2. How can dining in winter make money? The weather slowly turned cold, and the temperature in various places began to decline sharply, especially in the north, which was cold and cold. Winter is here, and the product marketing and service details of the restaurant should be adjusted in a timely manner. If you can bring a good impression to consumers in the early stages of cooling, and leave a deep memory point, the business of the restaurant must be hot. In the following five directions, if you do not worry about the restaurant without business!
    First, winter dishes should be updated and iteration must follow three principles. The renewal iteration of the dishes is normal in the operation of the restaurant store, but it is necessary to pay attention to changing the direction. Do not add products and category, otherwise it will have a counterproductive effect. We Chinese, diet will change during autumn and winter, eat more, and taste will increase, so we need to follow the following principles: you can not be cold, you can not be born, don't be afraid of greasy, and you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin, you have to nourish yin. Nourishing the kidneys and health.
    The second, creating an atmosphere and making customers feel warm. Let consumers feel warm, and can be divided into two steps: visual temperature preservation and actual insulation. Visual insulation is to make customers feel that this store is very warm in appearance. For example, there are heavy snow outside. The stores in the store feel warm when watching the hot air. This feeling; actual thermal insulation is the experience of customers after entering the store. For example, you send some heating to the customer, send hot towels, send hot water and hot shawl, or give customers a cup of warm -stomach hot tea. very touched.
    Third, create an atmosphere to make customers feel warm. Some stores have been adjusted by dishes, and the rise in costs is inevitable because prices in winter will also rise. If you do n’t raise the price, your heart is dripping blood, so is there any way to not affect the customer experience when the price is lifted? Let's try the following two methods. The first is the price increase, while we can increase our discount, dilute the impact of price increases on consumers. For example, the launch of a new product or a combination package to achieve overall sales increase.
    Fourth, materials and words are also essential. In addition to the above preparations, before the activity starts, it can be exposed through multiple channels. You can expose it through the media platform, or the poster in the store must keep up. At the same time Benefit. For example, young people like new snacks or hot drinks can be used as prizes.
    Fifth, the basic operation is indispensable. Before the peak season is coming, the staffing is also a big problem, so it is necessary to add and train employees in advance. In addition, there are more clothes in autumn and winter. This tadpole that stores clothes must be prepared in advance. It is very clean, and customers can see the lively and warm pictures from the outside.
    In winter, how to make customers eat comfortably is the problem that each of our catering bosses need to work at this point. Other large catering brands, we all learn and imitate.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer how to attract customers in the catering industry? In general, there are several ways to say, one is to create reputation. For example, find a platform, one in your area is like a news network, what kind of food evaluation is, and then advertise it The home is delicious, how about it? The second is the recommendation of the old customers. For example, you are really delicious, and then people bring, people, and then more and more customers will be. Third, discount promotional activities, now people mean He will look at it. Even if you do n’t buy it, he will look at it. In short, how to attract customers in the catering industry, it mainly depends on whether the things you make are so attractive? And is there any in the golden location

  4. In our lives, we often find the hot catering area of ​​business, and the restaurant is densely distributed. Especially the restaurants in the mall, because the dining environment inside the mall is relatively elegant, many people choose to eat in the mall. The greater the flow of people, the more the business difference can be highlighted. For example, many stores have encountered this situation, and the waiters shouted to break their throats. Consumers still rushed to a restaurant. So, is there any way to attract customers into the store?
    . Store logos should be eye -catching
    The huge and eye -catching logo is the first step for the restaurant to attract customers to enter the store. It is best to put a representative cartoon image at the door, such as the beautiful frog restaurant You can put a cartoon frog at the door. Such a very recognizable item can make customers clear the main products of the restaurant at a glance, so as to make a choice of dining.
    . The light is bright
    For a restaurant, bright light is also a way to attract customers. You know, people are also a kind of light animal. If you pass through two restaurants with similar products at the same time, which one will choose which one will be dinner. If the lights are too dim and the first is not eye -catching, the second will give customers a feeling of suppressive meal. Therefore, bright lights are also a way to solicit customers.
    . The layout of the store is reasonable
    The store layout is also very important when recruiting dine customers. If the restaurant is facing the outside, the floor -to -ceiling window is adopted and the internal environment is elegant. It is best to bring the customers who enter the restaurant to dine in front of the window. This will give people a kind of people. People feel. If a restaurant shows mysteriousness in the external decoration, I believe that customers will have disgusting emotions in their hearts, and few people want to find out. After all, eating is a simple thing, and the transparent layout can give customers easy!
    . Activity marketing
    The is necessary to solicit customers into the store. Of course, marketing activities are essential. First of all, it is very necessary to place eye -catching promotion posters at the physical store road or elevator mouth. And it is best to configure a waiter who can talk about the way, and it is best to introduce a simple activity of customers who pass the dine! After all, the text on the poster is more eye -catching without language!
    of course, in addition to the promotion of offline store activities, online group purchase activities and self -media activities are not allowed. It is best to carry out self -media propaganda one month before the event, so as to ensure a certain activity effect!

  5. 1. The environment and atmosphere of the restaurant with unique storefronts are very important for the interior decoration of the air -conditioning store (clean and atmospheric creation of the atmosphere according to the type of dining according to the type of catering) 2. High -quality service attitude is also an attractive key 3. The price of catering must be the price of catering. Reasonable and regular discounts can attract new consumers and old customers to your store again
    4. Create your own catering characteristic taste
    5. You can set up some places for entertainment and rest. Attracting customers
    The above is my suggestion, I wish the business prosperous!

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