3 thoughts on “How to participate in car group purchase?”

  1. Participating in automotive group purchase is mainly to look at the qualifications of the platform first, such as car home, such as Guangxi Auto Group Buying Network.
    Net, there is also a way to participate in some civil organizations in the local city. They usually collect some registration, but some civil organizations will charge a certain registration fee.
    but no matter which group purchase participation, the group purchase organizer is just used by bridge. Your money is directly connected with the 4S shop, which has nothing to do with them. Then you have to keep your heart.

  2. First of all, you have to find a reliable group purchase. I used to introduce the group buying through the Yichea platform and bought the car that I liked to take you through the Yicha family. They will bring you without worrying.

  3. Hello car group purchase, it is not recommended to participate online, because the Internet is not reliable, it is recommended to go directly to the 4S shop to participate, and the discount is also relatively large.

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