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  1. Excuse meter treatment engineer job search resume model
    three years of work experience | Men | 28 years old (May 25, 1988)
    Recently work [1 year, 6 months]
    Company: XX Co., Ltd.
    industry: environmental protection
    n The highest academic qualifications
    If degrees: undergraduate
    majors: marine biotechnology and environment
    school: Beijing Jiaotong University
    job search intention n to post time: within one month
    Nature: Full -time
    Is Hope Industry: Environmental Protection
    Target Location: Beijing
    In month salary: Negotiable/month
    Target functions: exhaust gas treatment engineer
    work experience n work experience n R n 2013/5-2014/11: XX Co., Ltd. [1 year, 6 months]
    The industry: Environmental protection
    After the data, choose the preliminary technical solution;
    2. Go to the customer's on -site investigation and management road direction and arrangement, come back according to the plane layout of the on -site and the customer given to the pipeline layout of the plan;
    3. Select reasonable parameters according to the design manual to calculate the total system resistance;
    2011/7 — 2013/2: XX Co., Ltd. [1 year 7 months]
    n The measurement engineer of the inspection department
    1. According to the process of the on -site process, conduct on -site work inspection
    2. Sample collection, on -site data collection, and office documents;
    . 3. The sampling, measurement, analysis of railway transportation oils includes learning natural gas measurement;
    . The chemical analysis of various mineral elements CU, PB, Zn, AU, AU in various mineral elements in the mines.
    Education experience
    2007/9-2011/6 Beijing Jiaotong University Marine Biotechnology and Environmental Undergraduate n Certificate
    2008/12 university English level 4
    language ability r r r r r r r
    English (good) I heard (good), read and write (good)
    Self -evaluation
    The people who love to learn, have a rigorous work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, and have good teamwork. Have good analysis and problem -solving thinking. The purpose of innovation, solving customer needs, and safeguarding the interests of the company. Come to accept challenges and greater development platforms.

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