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  1. 1. Luohe Xing'an Cement Pipe Factory in Luhe County
    Strophic products: reinforced concrete sewage pipes, reinforced concrete drainage pipes, concrete pipes, cement pipes, cross -culverts, checked manhole cover, rainwater mules, road along the stone.
    This: Anling Village, Anling Community, Luohe Town, Luhe, Luohe, Rizhao City, Shandong Province.
    2, Tai'an Pipe Tong Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    M main product: cement pipe, HDPE high secret, sidewalk board, manhole cover.
    Nanku Village, Zhuang Town, Provincial, Tai'an City.
    3, Hebei Guotong Building Material Factory
    Main products: color tile machine, cement tile machine, color brick mold, plastic mold, slope protection mold, well cover mold, steel mold, pipeline control machine , Make incense machine, color tile lacquer.
    Address: Yanzhuang Industrial Zone, Beijing, Baoding City.
    4, Baoding Qingsong Mold Factory
    Main products: slope protection molds, high -speed special slope protection molds, groove cover, manhole cover mold, road stone mold, arched slope protection mold steel, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, various color brick mold boxes, Pingshi plastic model series.
    The: Hebei Province Baoding East Suburban Industrial Zone.
    5, Baoding Xingda Machinery Factory
    Main products: cement pipe machine; cement block machine; steel fiber machine; steel fiber; manhole cover mold; cement brick machine; color brick brick demolition mold.
    This: High -speed Diversion of July 1 East Road, Baoding, Hebei Province, Hebei Province, Hebei, China.

  2. Guangzhou Guangjian Cement Products Co., Ltd., Kunshan Basheng Town Forest Forest Factory.
    Gang Guangzhou Guangjian Cement Products Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in conventional cement products and non -standard cement components. It is headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou.
    The Forest Forest Factory in Bashan Town, Kunshan City, specializes in the production and processing of various types of steel fiber concrete cellar wells, road bricks, lawn bricks, road side stones, flat stone series, slope protection bricks. The manufacturer directly sells various specifications of ripples. This factory also provides manhole cover molds and production technology, and cement prefabricated septic tank molds.
    In materials:
    1, cast iron manhole cover:
    cast iron manhole covers are divided into two types: ball, ink cast iron and gray -mounted cast iron; the characteristics have certain carrying capacity, high material costs, large brittleness, easy to produce, easy to give birth to Rust, due to the material problem itself, has the value of recycling, making the cast iron well cover products vulnerable to stolen. Nowadays, many manufacturers have developed and designed many cast iron manhole covers with anti -theft locks, which increases the product cost a lot.
    2, cement manhole cover: It is filled with high labeling cement in a steel frame or a steel fiber is mixed in the cement. It has strong rigidity, large crispyness, is not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, is prone to aging, and has a normal carrying capacity, which is easy to cause another form of manhole cover.
    3, silicon plastic manhole cover: The main material of flour, coal ash, waste plastic, and waste rubber, using resin as a composite manhole cover made of adhesives, because the material determines its low strength, easy aging, crispy in winter, insufficient carrying capacity is enough Summer is soft, and it is difficult to turn on maintenance under high temperature conditions.
    4, high molecular mold pressure manhole cover: new polymer composite material mold pressure manhole cover, the load, anti -theft, economy, corrosion resistance, decorative nature of the manhole cover is well combined. The ability to detect more than 50 tons by the national authoritative testing department is the only composite manhole cover that can completely replace the ball and ink cast iron.

  3. Cement well cover manufacturers:
    1. Luoyuan Haiju Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fujian Province, the southeast coast of China. The main products are related to cement pipes. Fiberycuts, manhole covers, insulation layers and other series of cement products.
    2, Guangdong Kangkai Metal Sieve Network Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Zhongshan, Guangdong. The leading products include: steel grid, steel grille, grille plate, platform steel grid board, galvanized steel grid board, non -slip steel grid board, sawtooth steel grid board, tooth steel grid board, plugging steel grid board, pair pair insertion Steel grids, composite steel grids, steel ladder steps, ditch lids, steel grid installation clamps and other products.
    3, Shandong Julin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. main products are ball -ink cast iron manhole cover, ball ink cast iron pipe, rainwater grille, cast iron processing container, stainless steel manhole cover, stainless steel processing contribution, cast aluminum processing container, composite manhole cover, lid board Wait.
    4, Xiangshui County Flying Cement Products Co., Ltd. is a cement well, cellar manhole cover, ball ink cast iron manhole cover, road stone, flat stone, double wall ripple tube, logo pile, playground runway cover, cement pipe, road tiles, septic, septic, septic, septic, septic Companies produced and processed by products such as Chi and other products have a complete and scientific quality management system.
    5. Nan'an Zhensen Cement Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is located in Nan'an City, Fujian Province. It covers an area of ​​more than 21,000 square meters. Through years of development, the size of the enterprise has gradually expanded. , Cement inspection well, ditch cover, and water -transmitted bricks are companies that produce cement products and have a complete and scientific quality management system.

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