1 thought on “How to apply for WeChat group number”

  1. 1. Open WeChat software to log in to your account, you will see that there is a " " number navigation, click.
    2. Click the " " to see the drop -down menu. The first item is "initiating group chat". This is the creation group. Click on it.
    3. After clicking, come to your WeChat address book. Here you can choose which friends to pull into the group, click on the box on the right side of the person, just check it, and click "OK" in the upper right corner after selecting.
    4. Just like building a QQ group, the members waiting for the invitation can confirm it. At this time, you can start talking about it.
    5, in the group chat interface, click on the avatar in the upper right corner to view the information of the current group, including group members, the number of groups, names, QR codes, and can also set backgrounds and so on. The upper limit of the default group is 40, and the number of members can choose to upgrade to a group of 100 people.
    6. Return to the main interface of WeChat, click "Address"> "Group Chat"> The symbol in the upper right corner of the right can also achieve the effect of building a group. Sometimes the group is not found after the group deletes the chat. You can choose to save the address book in the group chat settings, and you can see this group in the "group chat" in the future.

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