1 thought on “Why is the beauty salon not busy?”

  1. Time misunderstanding

    The beauty salon has no store's own target planning and overall planning throughout the year. Drag again, because they believe that the number of beauty scholars can still maintain the normal operation of the beauty salon. There is no need to spend time and energy to do it. It is too late to recruit again!
    . The number of misunderstandings

    The boss is worried that the beauty salon is not so high now. If there are too many cosmetologists who are recruited, they cannot support the normal operation of beauty salons? In the final analysis, the competition in the industry is the competition of talents, and the business of enterprises is the management of talents. As long as the salary system is reasonable and the store management is complete, the more people create more performance. Only if there are more employees, the more the employees are required. The clearer the employee's division of labor, the more clear the goal of the employee. When I came out, I dared to eliminate employees, so I was not afraid to affect customers and performance because of the loss of a certain employee. There are more people who have initiative in management because they can choose the best.
    . Recruitment misunderstanding

    The words of beauty salon owners do not realize that recruitment and Tuoke are practical as the same thinking, that is, marketing thinking, one is attracting employees, and the other is the other. It is attracting customers. Many beauty salon recruitment usually posted a recruitment poster in front of your store or send another circle of friends! Such recruitment methods and channels are too single. In the Internet era, this recruitment method is obviously incompatible. Beauty salons should use the advantages of the Internet, and can also use their strength to expand the spread of information. Interview misunderstandings

    The no reasonable recruitment process during the recruitment interview. For example, if you have not done a basic understanding and communication with your employees, you will start talking about salary, and your salary will not be negotiated. What kind of method of employees to get, what kind of base salary, how many guests can manage how much income, how much it can sell each month, how many commissions can be available, how many income do you have for each customer, you have to give beauty beauty, you have to give beauty beauty, you have to give beauty beauty, you have to give beauty beauty. At the beginning, the teacher calculated this account clearly, then you can instill a concept of the new employee: I can get it as much as I do. It is not through the words, according to the interviewer's introduction, it is easy to promise to pay a generous salary. How does human ability do not rely on speaking, but the misunderstanding of the job

    The boss lady thinks that the beautician only needs to be in place. In fact, this is a big mistake Special idea. I do n’t know the responsibilities and positioning of each position of the beauty salon, such as what kind of ability, the quality of the consultant, and the cosmetologist should, what kind of person can be competent for this job. And whether to set the corresponding promotion channel for each position to give each employee goal and life planning to help employees grow and progress, so as to stabilize employees and work enthusiasm.
    6. Misunderstanding of the selection

    The beauty salon recruitment beauty artists rely on the preferences and standards of the store manager to choose from. , But it cannot effectively create value for beauty salons. Whether it is language ability, the desire to make money, the attitude of service, the hard -working ability or cultural knowledge of communicating with people, and moral cultivation is essential for a beautician.

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