1 thought on “2021 Tieba Group Function Where is the function?”

  1. The function of the post bar group was changed, and it was replaced to Baidu Tieba and found this column.
    First open the mobile phone Baidu post, click [Discover], click [Discover the Group], and then click [Find Group].
    It you can enter the group number you want to join the group.
    Click [Search], enter the interface, click [I want to join] to wait for the group to reply.
    The post, which is Baidu Tieba, is an independent brand of Baidu, the world's leading Chinese community. The creativity of Tieba comes from Baidu CEO Li Yanhong: Create an online communication platform in combination with search engines, so that those who are interested in the same topic gather together, and easily expand exchanges and help each other.

    The post bar is a keyword -based theme communication community. It is closely integrated with search, accurately grasped user needs, and born for interest.
    The summary is as follows:
    The mission of the post bar is to let like -minded people gather together. The establishment of the post bar depends on the search engine keywords. Whether it is a public topic or a niche topic, it can accurately gather a large number of fellow netizens, show self -style, conclude a conscience, and build a unique "interest theme" interactive platform.
    Thezettes Catalog covering all aspects of society, region, life, education, entertainment stars, games, sports, enterprises and other aspects. It is the world's leading Chinese exchange platform. This gathering like -minded netizens.

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