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  1. Logistics resources include transportation, warehousing, loading, unloading, transportation, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information platforms, etc., and transportation includes railway, highway, water transportation, aviation, pipelines, etc. These resource industrialization has formed the transportation industry, warehousing, loading and unloading industry, packaging industry, processing and distribution industry, and logistics information industry.
    This resources are scattered in multiple fields, including manufacturing, agriculture, and circulation. Integrating industrialized logistics resources has formed a new logistics service industry. This is a composite industry, which can also be called a polymerization industry, because the logistics resources of all industries are not simply superimposed, but through optimization and integration, it can achieve the effect of 1 1> 2.

    Extension information: 4 main factors of the logistics system:
    1. Quality refers to the quality of the material in the process of logistics.
    2, quantity refers to the number of economic quantity requirements and transportation loads in transportation activities as much as possible.
    3. Time refers to the rapid delivery of reasonable costs.
    4, the location refers to the selection of reasonable setting places and warehouses to avoid two invalid transportation and multiple transportation.

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